7 Beginner Jobs for MapleStory Newbies in 2023

One of the many alluring things about MapleStory is its wide and rich choices of jobs. As such, every new character you make is essentially a new journey in the Maple World. The thing is, with so many options to choose from, dilemmas will start to occur—Which is better? Will I regret my decision?

To be honest, we don’t have definite answers to those questions and there shouldn’t be. While we might not be able to state which is the “best” job, we can list down a few easy-to-use ones. These jobs are geared towards beginner players, those who want an easier Mapling experience.

Let’s take a look at these 7 jobs that are simple with their gameplay and are very welcoming for beginners.

1. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Maplesea
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When the Demon Slayer class was first released, it was extremely OP. Part of its OP-ness is that the Demon Slayer playstyle is very low-maintenance when it comes to Mana management. Actually, it is safe to say that no Mana is needed to operate the Demon Slayer character.

So, Meso is being saved left right and center because players will never need to buy Mana potions. Plus, if they do loot Mana potions, they can sell them instead and turn it into a profit! Economically, Demon Slayers are just way too cheap. As such, resource management is almost at its minimal with them.

Gameplay-wise, Demon Slayer’s combos are really easy to use, especially compared to the Aran class. They deal extremely good damage with a very easy execution.

2. Explorer Classes

Explorer Maplesea
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Ahh, everyone loves the good old classics. The Explorers are the first classes that made the scene when MapleStory first launched. Ever since, they underwent massive changes but ultimately, they are still relatively simple to play.

Each class like Warrior, Bowman, Thief and Magician are very straightforward when it comes to playstyle. Plus, since they are one of the oldest classes MapleStory has to offer, there are a lot of guides and walkthroughs beginner players can capitalise on.

And as we’ve mentioned, these classes have been revamped and each change makes the classes stronger. Essentially, they are safe picks for any MapleStory newcomers.

3. Knight of Cygnus Classes

KOC classes maplesea
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Everything that is good about the Explorer classes can be applied to KOCs as well. Sure, they might not have so many branches of advanced jobs, KOCs pride themselves more on story. Plot-wise, they have very powerful writing and their relationship with Cygnus herself.

As for gameplay, the KOC classes are actually even easier than Explorers, and that says a lot! Their skills are very simple and effective. Most of them have great farming abilities which doesn’t require you to min-max a lot of elements in your gameplay.

4. Evan

Evan maplesea
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It’s How to Train Your Dragon in MapleStory. The Evan class is one of the more special classes because the characters themselves don’t do the work but their dragons. Commonly, gameplay that requires you to control another unit can be pretty difficult but that is not the case for Evan.

There’s actually very little micromanagement needed to control our dragon. The dragon automatically follows you so you don’t have to individually control it. Although, we would still recommend new players to look up a guide to see which skill you should prioritise for your companion dragon!

5. PathFinder

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The Archer class has never been cooler. PathFinder is almost like the Bowman class from the Explorer family but is a little bit different. It takes on a different story path and its design is vastly different from the classic Explorers.

Using a unique mechanic called the Relic Gauge, the PathFinder job has access to some really powerful types of attacks like Cardinal Burst and Cardinal Torrent. Don’t worry, these terms might look scary at first, but like Demon Slayers, it is very easy to understand them.

Operating a PathFinder is really not that hard especially when you consider other classes like Zero. With just a little investment, you can really score some absurd damage. All in all, PathFinder is a really fun and viable pick for newcomers!

6. Resistance Classes

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Just like with Explorers and KOCs, the Resistance classes are all very one-track. This is not to say they are bad, they are just very easy to pick up and due to their simplicity, they have become a fan-favourite for beginners.

Jobs like Mechanic and Wild Hunter are all extremely enjoyable to play. Their skills are all very satisfying to see in action. Additionally, you’ll also get to see a very intense and interesting plot unfold with the Resistance classes. Fighting as a rebel against the Black Wings, you’ll see countless action and plot twists which might not be as highlighted in other classes!

7. Mercedes

mercedes maplesea
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Mercedes is another job that is loved by many due to the sheer damage output she can dish out. Sure, she might be shadowed by other newer classes, but even today, she is many beginners’ favourite pick.

Damage-wise, she’s up there with the very best and her farming capabilities are off the roof. Due to her damage, Mercedes will always be a valuable pick, be it for farming purposes or for bossing. She is very versatile and a decent pick for both advanced and beginner players.

Final Thoughts

Looks like we’ve made it ‘to the end of our list of the 7 beginner-friendly MapleStory classes. But to be honest, as long as you put in the time, any job is viable, even if this is your first rodeo. There are countless guides out there dedicated to a single class so resources are aplenty.

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