7 Best Games Based Off Mythologies

7 Best Games Based Off Mythologies


Video games are another form of storytelling and in some instances, they recreate tales like existing mythologies. Plus, with the recent announcement of God of War Ragnarok, we’re extremely excited to see how Santa Monica Studio retells the Norse mythology.

That said, the God of War franchise isn’t the first video game that has used mythologies as its video game template. Today, we’ll be listing down some of the best games that we think have made perfect use of these ancient stories that are definitely worth exploring.

Let’s begin!


Valkyrie Profile Mythology Games


Valkyrie Profile


When we speak of Norse mythology, the characters that come to mind are usually either Thor, Loki or Odin. Fair enough, these characters are the central figures of the mythology but other minor characters are often overlooked.

Lucky for us, Valkyrie Profile is a game series based on Norse mythology that puts the limelight on the battle maidens Valkyries instead of the usual suspects. This also allows us to look at the Norse stories from a different perspective through the eyes of one of Odin’s most loyal servants.

As the central character of the series, Valkyrie is written to be more complex and conflicted compared to her origins. Her background and story are all tearjerkers which you will need to play the game to truly let it tug your heartstrings.

Therefore, if you are looking for a different spin on the Norse mythology, grabbing yourself a copy of the Valkyrie Profile games seems like a good option.


Hades Mythology Games




Greek mythology has never been more fashionable. There are so many Greek mythology interpretations by the media, but for us, Supergiant Games’ visual idea for the mythology is unmatched.

Each of the Greek deities available in the game is beautifully crafted. Their wardrobe choice is very unique and distinct based on their story. Plus, the architecture and design for different parts of the Underworld are sublime. From Tartarus to Elysium, the experience is truly immersive.

And when it comes to gameplay, we don’t think there’s much to say about it. It’s fast-paced, challenging and rewarding.

You can play Hades an infinite number of times and you still wouldn’t get bored of it.


Persona Mythology Games




For the Persona games, the plot themselves doesn’t follow any mythology as they are all originals. Question is, where are mythologies at play here?

It is actually the Personas themselves. The Personas that are summoned by the main characters are from different mythologies around the world. Yes, you can summon Thor from Norse and even Ares from Greek mythologies.

What we also appreciate is that in the Persona games, there is a compendium where you can read up on the lore of these Personas. Through this index, we will get to know more about the mythologies worldwide which are both informative and eye-opening.

If you have a dilemma over which mythology to explore, just play the Persona games!


Okami Mythology Games




The folklore/myth about Japan’s creation might be common knowledge to many, but Capcom has different ideas when it comes to portraying it. So instead of playing the actual deity, Amaterasu, you will be playing it in a dog form called Okami.

As Okami, you are tasked with purging the land from Orochi’s curse. Throughout its journey, Okami will meet different people and places that require its assistance.

Using his Celestial Brush, Okami can perform miracles for the needy and recultivate nature that will restore Japan back to its beautiful state.

Oh, and we also like to mention that Okami is a visual masterpiece. Its brush-like aesthetics is a treat for the eyes and it resonates so well with the storytelling of Japanese mythology.


God of War Mythology Games


God of War


Earlier, we’ve mentioned that Hades is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing Greek mythology interpretation there is. Well, God of War is arguably one of the most gruesome and violent depictions of mythology.

Besides its gory aesthetics, the writing for these Greek deities paints them as horrid characters. Most of them are vile and drenched in arrogance. Ironically, this is one of the game’s selling points because it’s an explicit take on the lore—brutal and savage.

And if you’re interested in the upcoming God of War game, we highly recommend that you play the previous instalments to know the full details of this game’s amazing legacy.


Valheim Mythology Games




When it comes to realism, Valheim has all the bases covered about Norse mythology. The idea of just surviving in this mythology is godly depicted in Valheim. From its survival gameplay to its immersive landscape, it really does feel like you are living the lore itself.

In Valheim, you will be playing as a Viking and your primary objective is to survive. And once you’ve prepped yourself well enough, you will need to take down enemy bosses originating from Norse mythology.

Storywise, we would give the point to God of War but when it comes to immersion and nuance, Valheim is easily the superior choice for us.


Black Myth Mythology


Black Myth: Wukong


Maybe it’s a little unfair for us to include Black Myth: Wukong on this list because it is still unreleased. However, from the gameplay trailer that we’ve seen, it sure promises us a hell lot!

Most of the time, Chinese mythology—especially Journey to the West—is depicted in a very family-friendly manner. Black Myth: Wukong is the complete opposite. The Chinese creatures dwelling in the game looked genuinely intimidating and hyperrealistic.

Many have even hailed the game as the “new” Dark Souls and if that were true, we are truly in for a treat! A dark, explicit and uncompromised take on Chinese folklore? Sign us up!


Well, that makes our list of the best games that have included mythological elements into their games! If you want to purchase these games, be sure to head over here to purchase all your video game needs!