7 Best Games Made by RPG Maker

Games that are labours of love just hit differently. They are usually very well-written and consist of characters that touch their players’ souls—to put it simply, it is an experience. And ever since RPG Maker was introduced, there were many amazing games that were released it.

Sure, they might not have the most realistic visuals, but their homely and eccentric vibe is able to draw a lot of attraction. So, for today’s article, we will be checking out the 7 best games that are made using the RPG Maker program!

Let’s get started!




If you want emotions circling you in a game, OMORI is here for you. This game is a flood of emotions and in a good way. The story is as good as it gets for an indie game and its world-building is also spectacular.

We can really dive much deeper into the content of this game because almost everything we will reveal will be a spoiler. This game is best played with naked eyes and if we could, we would erase our memory just to play this game for the first time again.


2. Corpse Party

corpse party

Corpse Party is a pretty popular game, especially if you are a fan of indie-horror games. While it seems friendly due to its anime drawing, this game hits you psychologically.

While its strong point isn’t in its gameplay, Corpse Party prides itself on an amazing storytelling standpoint. It’s like watching an interactive horror movie but you are the ultimate decision-maker in all the things that will happen. It is a classic from the RPG Maker system and definitely a must-play for horror fans.


3. To The Moon

to the moon

This is another tearjerker game that has caused heavy raindrops of tears to its players. Similar to OMORI, To The Moon is a story-driven game that involves a lot of reading and with it comes a lot of tears and melancholy.

Also, the musical score here is tremendous. It rivals big games like Life is Strange and Persona where it fits the poignant mood of the game so well. It’s actually kind of amazing to see how even simple art design can evoke so many emotions out of its players.


4. Off

off game

There are a few RPG Maker-based games that come close to Off when it comes to originality. Sure, its gameplay might follow classic RPG elements but its theme is very fresh and new.

Themed around baseball, Off is super unique in its aesthetics and vibes. Here, you play as a batter that will take on fiendish creatures together with your party members. The game also has an interesting plot that drives the game with multiple endings the player can reach.

If you love baseball and have great taste in art, Off is truly an underrated game that you definitely should play! 


5. Finding Paradise

finding paradise

If you’ve liked To the Moon then Finding Paradise is surely the perfect pick-up game for you. It’s essentially the sequel to To the Moon and the story and characters are just as good.

And as you would suspect, Finding Paradise plays out similarly to its prequel. There isn’t any combat or heavy gameplay as this game’s main centre is its story. Every now and then, you’ll have to solve some puzzles but the high of this game is its immersive plot.

Don’t let the lack of “gameplay” discourage you from picking this game up though. The story truly takes you to another universe and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions.


6. Star Stealing Prince

star stealing prince

Beautiful, stellar and thrilling is what we would describe Star Stealing Prince as a game. Like many games on this list, Star Stealing Prince is a story-heavy game that shines with its plot. That said, Star Stealing Prince also has traditional RPG elements that make it really accessible for long-time RPG lovers.

Using a turn-based combat system, Star Stealing Prince is a pretty easy game to get into, even if you are not familiar with the JRPG genre. We suspect this is because the game’s bigger motive is to tell an awesome story rather than to have hardcore game mechanics. It’s a game that is here to tell a beautiful tale.


7. Misao


RPG Maker games have some of the best horror titles in the indie category. For us, Misao is one of the underrated ones and we really think it is deserving of more love and recognition.

Heavily themed around bullying and retribution, Misao tells a haunting tale about a student trying to appease a vengeful spirit via in-game puzzles. While the premise might seem overused or generic, the graphics and suspense certainly are not.

This game is definitely not for the faint of heart, if you are not prepared, this game can very easily unsettle you in an uneasy way. Of course, this is also why Misao is on this list because as a horror game, Misao really does hit the spot when it comes to spookiness and thrill.

Well, these are our picks for the best games made by RPG Maker. And if you are feeling creative yourself and want to try to design your own game, you can actually purchase the RPG Maker software on Steam using our Steam Wallet Codes here!