7 Best Video Game DLCs/Expansions That Are Worth Your Purchase

DLCs are a hit or miss. They are usually either really awful or they are worth every penny. This puts a lot of players in a conundrum in judging whether to purchase the DLCs or not.

In today’s video game environment, DLCs are around to stay. It is a good way for game developers and publishers to keep the game alive while also earning some revenue. Naturally, as consumers, we would also want updated games. But if we’re paying for it, we want to know whether it is worth it.

As such, in this article, we will be breaking down 7 of the best video game DLCs that you should definitely get that are surely a bang for your buck. So, let’s get started!


Dark Souls DLC artorias


1. Artorias of the Abyss (Dark Souls)


It is not exactly news that Dark Souls is a super difficult game to complete. Those who have managed to do so are certainly gamers equipped with skill.

The Artorias of the Abyss DLC pushes players even further by adding more challenging boss fights which will test even the most seasoned Dark Souls players.

Adding to the fact that this DLC has a really good story that dives deeper into the game’s lore and background is definitely a huge plus. It also manages to stay true to the game’s core of emotional darkness which makes the DLC very seamless when coming from the base game.


undead nightmare red dead redemption


2. Undead Nightmare (Red Dead Redemption)


Earlier we mentioned how the Atrorias DLC is in tune with the themes of the base game. Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC is the complete opposite of that.

Having grounded itself to be hyperrealistic and staying true to the Western-cowboy genre, inviting zombies into the game was a bold move and it paid off well!

The added fantasy to this serious world was like a breath of fresh air to the game. And to be honest, if you were to add zombie elements into a game, we figured a cowboy-themed is the perfect template for it.


monster hunter world iceborne


3. Iceborne (Monster Hunter World)


Even as a base game, Monster Hunter World is well-received by gamers worldwide. It has almost everything that an open-world game needs. Amazing multiplayer support, incredible world-building, immersive battle system—-all of these boxes are checked.

And when Iceborne was introduced we were all apprehensive as the price was rather hefty for a DLC. Needless to say, our worries were washed away as the DLC was an amazing experience.

The DLC expanded on the base game with a new different storyline that is basically a new game itself. Also, there is also a harder difficulty setting with added weaponry to improve the depth of the gameplay. Despite its pricey price, Capcom did justice for the DLC cost.


the old hunters bloodborne


4. The Old Hunters (Bloodborne)


Not only are FromSoftware adept at making amazing games, but they are also experts in producing top-quality qualities for their titles.

The Old Hunters introduces a brand new area called The Hunter’s Nightmare that hosts a number of new enemies that are as hard—if not harder—than the base game mobs. Not to worry though, as you will be going in with your existing save file.

That said, do not underestimate the enemies from The Old Hunter DLC as the developers know that you have beaten the game and they will not pull back on their punches. The bosses here are very brutal and even if you think you know the game inside out, it will still be a challenge.

Yes, we are looking at you Orphan of Kos.


blood and wine the witcher 3


5. Blood and Wine (The Witcher 3)


Like with Monster Hunter World, The Witcher 3 is often hailed as one of the best open-world games out there.

And with such an amazing base game, including a DLC can either be really good or really bad. Fortunately, it was extremely good and just what we need to experience the Witcher universe a little more.

In this DLC, you are invited to explore the gorgeous place called Toussaint which is home to uncovered secrets. With a truckload of new side-quests and equipment, exploring this brand-new place is like experiencing a new game itself.

The Toussaint saga is also very well-written and the quests themselves give a lot of context about the game’s lore and how deeply rooted it is. We won’t go further as this DLC is prone to spoilers and you have to play it through naked eyes for the best experience.


dragonborn elder scroll v


6. Dragonborn (The Elder Scrolls V)


When it comes to storytelling, there are few games that can match up to The Elder Scrolls games. Part of this is down to the amazing world and character building of the game which are fleshed out in DLCs such as Dragonborn.

The Dragonborn has always piqued our interest and we are blessed that this DLC explores more into this part of the game more, introducing new characters with exciting subplots.

Mainly, this DLC’s plot will centre around Miraek—the first Dragonborn to ever exist. It’s super immersive and from there, we will know how the Dragonborn expanded and come to be.

Made with 7 mainline quests and up to 28 side-quests, you can expect to spend a lot more hours in this Dragonborn DLC. When it comes to making your money worthwhile, this DLC is certainly up there.


the frozen throne warcraft


7. The Frozen Throne (Warcraft)


The Frozen Throne expansion for the Warcraft franchise is certainly one of the most memorable ones. It is a game that helped form DOTA 2 with its stellar cast of characters that have been icons of the video game industry.

This expansion boasts characters such as The Lich King, Jaina Proudmoore and Arthas with some of the best game story writing. The tale of how the Lich King came to be was a melancholic one and those who enjoy high fantasy should definitely experience it themselves.

Wow! We’ve finally made our way to the bottom of the list! So ends our take on what are the best DLCs/Expansions. Do remember that you will need to purchase the base game to enjoy these additional content which you can do so at OffGamers here!