7 Best Video Game Fathers

7 Best Video Game Fathers


Father’s Day is fast approaching and as much as we love all the dads out there, we would also want to shed some love on our virtual daddies that have been awesome father figures in their games.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the greatest dads video games have to offer!


Kratos 7 Best Dads Video Games


1. Kratos (God of War)


Generally, people tend to see Kratos as a bloodthirsty, vengeful and troubled character. Yes, he was betrayed by his own kind and after he got his revenge on Olympus, his character changed drastically.

After moving to Midgard, Kratos now has a son, Atreus. With his presence, Kratos has shown immense tough love for Atreus and given the climate and environment they were in, it was necessary.

Guiding him in almost all aspects of life, Kratos has always wanted Atreus to be better than him and the other Gods. Knowing Kratos as an egotistical character, his admission of his faults to make his son a better person is beautiful to see and is also a sign that Kratos is more than capable of loving someone, especially his family.


Joel Miller 7 Best Dad Video Games


2. Joel Miller (The Last of Us)


As The Last of Us is a story-driven game, do proceed with caution as there will be spoilers! Having already lost his biological daughter, Joel has been an extremely pessimistic person but it all changed after he met Ellie.

Throughout the game, Joel and Ellie’s father-daughter relationship evolved tremendously and it reached the point where Joel would make the choice of protecting Ellie in exchange for the world. Talk about fatherly love.


Lee Everett 7 Best Dad Video Games


3. Lee Everett (The Walking Dead)


Lee might have left the series way too early but his contribution to raising Clementine is severely underrated.

Having to survive the post-apocalyptic world, Clementine does not really have anyone she can rely on and fortunately, she met Lee. Lee then took on the father figure role and guided Clementine on how to traverse the horrid world and how she could survive independently.

Sadly, Lee was eventually bitten and met his end, his contribution to shaping Clementine’s character is huge and should be remembered by players.


Sojiro Sakura 7 Best Dad Video Games


4. Sojiro Sakura (Persona 5)


At first, Sojiro is extremely cold towards the protagonist as he carries a criminal record and finds it a hassle to provide shelter for him. Over time, their relationship strongly deepens and in fact, Sojiro is actually one of the Social Links that the player can develop.

Another sign that Sojiro is an awesome father is his treatment of Futaba Sakura. Despite not being blood-related to Futaba, Sojiro has shown unconditional love towards her. He provided her with what she needed to recover from the trauma of losing her mom.

Besides, Sojiro is also an awesome cook that makes great curry and coffee so that’s a huge plus in our book!


Jeralt Fire Emblem 7 Best Dad Video Games


5. Jeralt (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)


While Jeralt might appear to be a strong and strict general, he is actually the perfect balance between a caring father and a stern teacher.

Training Byleth to be one of the best fighters out there, Jeralt has also instilled emotional values in his son by advising him to care for his students and to take things less seriously.

It is indeed unfortunate that Jeralt had to meet an abrupt end, but his legacy—you as Byleth—will live on, and the coming generations will inherit his teachings.


Norman 7 Best Dad Video Games


6. Norman (Pokemon)


The Hoenn games are the first Pokemon games to include a father figure for the player and he was an impeccable one.

Having to run a Pokemon Gym is tough but Norman has always been there for his child, constantly calling him through the PokeNav, asking about their progress and congratulating them on their achievements.

After the player has conquered Norman’s Gym, Norman will express his admiration and how proud he is of how far his child has come. This is extremely sweet and nothing feels better than receiving genuine recognition from your own dad.


Hades 7 Best Dad Video Games


7. Hades (Hades)


Popular media would suggest that Hades is an evil being that runs the Underworld with an iron fist. Yes, he does run the Underworld with an iron fist but him being an evil persona is wildly misinterpreted, at least for the game Hades.

Although Hades does everything he can to stop Zagreus from escaping the Underworld, his “insults” are actually subtle encouragement for Zag to try harder and never give up.

Once you’ve reached the surface—albeit for a brief time—Hades will acknowledge your accomplishments and admits how powerful you have grown to overcome him.


And there we have it! We hope that this list of daddies will help you remind how awesome your Pops is and if you are interested in any of the games above, be sure to check out OffGamers here for the best digital gaming products!