7 Best Video Game Universes to Live In

For many, video games are here to fuel the competitiveness inside us and watching our opponents fall in front of us is a satisfaction like no other. However, some of us mainly use video games as a form of escape, a medium where we are transported to a different universe.

This brings us to today’s topic where we will be discussing 7 of the best video game worlds that would be ideal to live in. These places are amazing aesthetically and is residents boast of the best community. If we were to retire to a place, these are definitely our top picks.

Let’s begin.

1. Mineral Town (Harvest Moon)

Mineral Town Harvest Moon

Old-school gamers will undoubtedly have heard of Mineral Town. It’s a place where people care for one another and the sense of community here is superbly strong.

The residents of Mineral Town are generally very simple and almost hold no malice or animosity. Aside from its amazing people, Mineral Town is also blessed with magical elements. It is guarded by a harvest goddess that ensures that the town is forever in prosperity.

Truly a great place to fall back into, especially during our retirement years.

2. Teyvat (Genshin Impact)

Teyvat Genshin Impact

A place rich with history, lore and culture, Teyvat is extremely immersive and a really good place to live and explore.

Separated into different regions that have their own people and culture, Teyvat is truly a universe that is filled with endless content to explore and learn. Not to mention its scenic environment and architecture which are both really aesthetic.

Sure, it might not be as “high-tech” as a cyberpunk-dystopian setting but sometimes the lush green atmosphere is just what we need to relax and chill. Plus, being able to witness elemental manipulation should be an amazing sight to see.

3. Maple World (MapleStory)

Maple World

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where there are cute animated mushrooms hopping around?

Still, the Maple World has some of the most bright and most beautiful aesthetics of any MMORPG. The characters in it are all uniquely designed and like with Mineral Town, almost all of them look out for one another, helping whenever possible.

Assuming that the Maple World keeps expanding, living here will surely be exciting. There are just so many places to visit, new towns, caverns and even places above the clouds. Each of these is uniquely designed with different cultures that are all super interesting to explore and learn.

4. Hoenn (Pokemon)


Honestly, any of the Pokemon regions could have made it to the list, but Hoenn just hits differently. Its amazing blend of sea and land is really remarkable and is gorgeous to live in.

Of course, we are also hoping that we are Pokemon Trainers ourselves and that we get to set off on our own Pokemon journey to be the very best. Truly, Hoenn is an amazing place to go on an adventure.

5. Azeroth (World of Warcraft)

Azeroth WOW

Sure, Azeroth might constantly be at war. Still, there’s a lot of hidden beauty lying within this awesome universe. Blizzard Entertainment has done an amazing job in developing and designing this high fantasy world that is brimming with culture and mystery.

It’s almost every facet and being in Azeroth has its own lore and story which will take years and years to learn. So if you are a fantasy nerd, transporting yourself here is a dream come true, it’s a place where you can explore endlessly with perpetual new things to discover.

6. Twilight Town (Kingdom Hearts)

Twilight Town Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts has many worlds and some of them are directly derived from Disney movies. While most of those are great, Twilight Town—a KH original world—sets the best tone with touches of nostalgia and magic.

If we’re being perfectly honest, Twilight Town does not have anything too grand or special but it is its quaint and simple atmosphere that captures our hearts. It is almost similar to the starting town of the Pokemon games, a place where you embark on a journey of a lifetime.

All in all, it’s a great place to start a journey and is also a brilliant place to end one.

7. Hogwarts (Hogwarts Legacy)

hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts is a place where most things can be solved with a wave of a wand. But more than that, it is a place where you discover yourself and how life is enhanced through magic.

In Hogwarts, you will get to attend different classes studying the basis and essence of magic. It’s a world filled with history that is all magnificently told. And if the universe stays true to the game and movies, you will also most likely make lifelong friends that will go through thick and thin with you.

It’s a place where help is always given to those that deserve it. Speaking of which, if you do need help purchasing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam, you can conveniently purchase the game with our Steam Wallet Codes here!

And with that, we have finally concluded our picks for the 7 best video game universes to live in. Then again, one can only dream and the closest thing we can do is play these games to experience their worlds.

Hence, if you are interested, be sure to pick these games up and immerse yourself in their worlds!