7 Best Weapons for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

7 Best Weapons for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak


Honestly, we weren’t expecting any more significant updates from Monster Hunter Rise. However, the MH franchise is a gift that just keeps on giving. Being more than a year old, the game developers are still actively providing us with new awesome content!

Yes, we’re talking about the Sunbreak update. This expansion update will include brand new monsters, characters and quests, making it as if it is a brand new game itself!

There’s one problem though, with a new update like this, players will probably need to learn the game again. But no worries, we’ll keep you company! And if you need a hand getting to know the base game, here’s what to expect!

With that out of the way, let us break down what are some of the best weapons that players should focus on that will surely help ease your way in this Sunbreak update!


Switch Axe Sunbreak


1. Switch Axe


Switch Axe is one of the more underrated weapons before the Sunbreak update. As more people get accustomed to the game, many noticed that the Switch Axe weapon is actually really fun and efficient to use.

When we say efficient, it is actually because the Switch Axe is extremely beginner-friendly. Its combination moves are easy to pick up and require less time to master. All there is to understand about the Switch Axe is that there are two modes—axe mode and sword mode.

Plus, its huge damage range gives newer players a lot of leeway when it comes to attacking. Usually, new players tend to whiff their attacks because they can’t gauge their weapon range. If you always find yourself in this pickle, picking up the Switch Axe weapon can be good for you.


Light bowgun sunbreak


2. Light Bowgun


Range weapons are always recommended for players who want to play it safe. With a Light Bowgun, players can safely deal damage from a distance with minimal risk. That said, the Light Bowgun offers a lot more than just safe execution.

If used correctly, the Light Bowgun has a lot of utility uses. For instance, the Wyvern Counter is a great evasive move to dodge incoming attacks. If players are able to properly gauge the retreat distance correctly, they can avoid taking a lot of unnecessary damage.

Master this and you will see yourself last longer in fights as you are reducing your damage intake tremendously.


Great Sword Sunbreak


3. Great Sword


The Great Sword is a classic weapon in many video games. It’s big, huge and bulky but makes up for its high damage number.

Using the Great Sword requires the player to be an opportunist as players will have a short time frame to land a hit with it. They will need to constantly move around and search for openings where they can safely strike with the Great Sword.

When it comes to building towards the Great Sword, players should just focus on raw damage. The Great Sword is specifically designed to deal enormous damage, so it is recommended to build around its damage potential.

If you want to see high and mindless damage numbers, the Great Sword is definitely your weapon of choice.


Bow Sunbreak


4. Bow


Like the Light Bowgun, one of the Bow’s perks is granting its users a safe distance between them and the monster. The Bow however is much harder to use but is way more rewarding.

For a ranged weapon, the Bow can deal insanely high damage numbers, especially if you can successfully hit the enemy’s weak spot. Hence, if your character is equipped with the Bow, it is advised to always search for the enemies’ vulnerable spots.

Besides abusing enemy weak areas, the Bow also has the Coating mechanic which can come in clutch. These coatings are buffs that can inflict status conditions or outright increase your damage.

Play around with these different coatings and change them accordingly for which type of monsters you are facing.


Dual Blades sunbreak


5. Dual Blades


Dual Blades are the complete opposite of Great Sword—it boasts amazing speed at the cost of damage output.

With that being said, this is not to say that Dual Blades wielders cannot deal good damage. In Demon Mode, a Dual Blades user can deal significant damage and also be immune to knockbacks. Be careful though, as the Demon Mode will drain your stamina and if it’s depleted, the mode ends with it.

While the Dual Blades aren’t difficult to master, they will still require their users to know the fundamentals. Similar to the Switch Axe, one of the essentials is that there are two modes to learn. Once you’ve mastered both the Demon Mode and the Archdemon Mode, you are all set to be a master Dual Blades wielder.


Long Sword Sunbreak


6. Long Sword


The Long Sword has a special mechanic that revolves around its users’ Spirit Gauge. Once the gauge is filled, the Long Sword’s damage will increase while enabling certain special moves.

And as the name suggests, the Long Sword has a great range and when combined with combo moves, players can hit enemies from quite a distance. Having a good attack range on the Long Sword is also a plus point because landing hits are important to fill your Spirit Gauge. As long as you land your hits, your Spirit Gauge will always be at an optimal level.

Just make sure that you manage your Spirit Gauge correctly and if you can do that, the Long Sword is a very fearsome weapon to use.


hammer sunbreak


7. Hammer


The Hammer weapon is like the brother to the Great Sword. It can dish out a huge chunk of damage but is restricted by its reach.

Don’t let this “restriction” fool you though. Yes, the Hammer might have a limited reach, but it offsets this disadvantage with its stunning capabilities. Once the enemy is stunned, the reach won’t matter as you will have time to close the distance for more follow-up damage.

The Hammer is actually very easy to use and offers a lot of leeway for beginners like stuns and mobility. The only thing that players need to be wary of is the Stamina gauge which the Hammer is heavily dependent on.


So these are all the weapons that you really should explore in this Sunbreak expansion. Of course, once you’ve got the hang of things, there’s no one stopping you from trying out the other weapons! And if you haven’t got the expansion yet, be sure to purchase it with our Steam Wallet Codes here!


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