7 Easiest Gods to Use in SMITE

Welcome, fellow gamers, to our beginner’s guide on SMITE, the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. One of the best things about SMITE is that it offers a diverse range of characters to choose from and we’re often faced with the illusion of choice.

Plus, as a beginner, you really would want an easier character you can ease into the game because, like most competitive esports titles, you’ll suffer if you pick a hard one. 

This is where we come in into the fray! Whether you’re new to the game or just looking for some straightforward gods to master, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the 7 easiest gods to use in SMITE, making your journey into the battlegrounds a little less intimidating.

Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive into the juicy parts!

1. Ra

Ra smite
Photo Credits: Hi-Rez Studios

Ra, the Egyptian deity of the sun, is an excellent choice for beginners. His abilities are straightforward, and he excels at long-range combat. Ra’s first ability, Celestial Beam is a powerful line attack that deals significant damage.

And in the team fight department, Ra’s annoying Divine Light skill offers great crowd-control to disrupt the enemy’s tempo. Solar Blessing also provides healing for both you and your teammates giving you decent sustainability in both skirmishes and drawn-out fights.

With Ra’s simple mechanics, you can quickly grasp the basics of SMITE and contribute to your team’s success.

2. Neith

Neith smite
Photo Credits: Hi-Rez Studios

Weaving fate seems rather fun and using Neith the fate-weaver is both enjoyable and easy. As a ranged hunter who excels in crowd-controlling abilities, Neith is heavily favoured by both newbies and veterans.

Her basic attacks are easy to land, and she excels at harassing enemies from a distance making her very convenient to use for beginners. Neith’s ultimate, World Weaver,  is a long-range damaging ability that can secure kills or assist your teammates.

Her simplicity and versatility allow her to be picked up rather easily by SMITE newcomers. Of course, we do recommend interested players read up on her skills first before diving into battle with Neith.

3. Ymir

Ymir Smite
Photo Credits: Hi-Rez Studios

Hailing from unforgiving Norse mythology, Ymir is an absolute tank with easy-to-understand abilities. He is durable, has a large health pool, and excels at initiating fights which means you can afford to be ‘lazy’ with Ymir when it comes to decisive decisions.

His Glacial Strike skill deals area damage and slows enemies which is great against enemies who like to coop together. And for his final ultimate ability, Shards of Ice can devastate enemies caught within its radius making him an absolute team-fighting demon.

Essentially, Ymir’s gameplay and game plan revolve around absorbing damage for his team and also disrupting the enemy’s plans during team fights.

4. Guan Yu

Guan Yu Smite
Photo Credits: Hi-Rez Studios

This famed God of War from China is a versatile warrior with a skill kit that is generally designed for newbies. His versatility lies in his mix of damage, mobility, and supportive capabilities.

Guan Yu’s Conviction ability grants healing for both himself and nearby allies, making him an excellent asset during team fights. Cavalry Charge is also very annoying to play against as it deals damage and slows enemies simultaneously.

With these tools, Guan Yu can quite easily control the battlefield effectively. Whether you prefer to play defensively or aggressively, he has you covered.

5. Kukulkan

Kukulkan smite
Photo Credits: Hi-Rez Studios

Kukulkan, the Mesoamerican god of wind and storms, is a mage with powerful area-of-effect abilities. His primary damaging ability, Whirlwind can clear minion waves and deal significant damage to enemy gods.

Kukulkan’s Slipstream ability provides him with extra movement speed, ensuring easy positioning during engagements. With his straightforward abilities, Kukulkan allows beginners to focus on learning the mechanics of the game without sacrificing effectiveness.

6. Artemis

Artemis smite
Photo Credits: Hi-Rez Studios

Arguably the most famed hunter in Greek mythology, Artemis expertises at dealing sustained damage. Her abilities synergise well with one another, making her a potent threat on the battlefield.

Artemis’ iconic Suppress the Insolent ability is an amazing wave clear which allows her to farm very efficiently. Vengeful Assault can also buff her attack and movement speed making her extremely active for skirmishes.

Her final skill, Calydonian Boar, disables enemies while also dealing massive damage. Ultimately, Artemis is an excellent choice for beginners who enjoy a high-damage output playstyle.

7. Hercules

Hercules Smite
Photo Credits: Hi-Rez Studios

Half man, half god, Hercules is a classic hero who also makes an appearance in SMITE. Known for his incredible strength, is a warrior who thrives in close combat. With his high base health and self-healing ability, Mitigate Wounds, Hercules can sustain damage and stay in the fight.

His Driving Strike ability displaces enemies, making it easier to secure kills. Hercules’ ultimate, Excavate, deals damage and can initiate or disrupt fights. If you prefer a melee-focused playstyle, Hercules is an excellent choice to start with.

As you embark on your SMITE journey, these are some of the easiest gods that provide a solid foundation for beginners to learn the game mechanics and find their preferred playstyle. From ranged damage dealers to durable tanks, each god offers unique abilities and playstyles to explore.
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