7 Entry-Level JRPGs for Beginners

Whether you are a certified weeb or an edgy Dark Souls enjoyer, when it comes to JRPGs, all gamers will have a soft spot for the genre.

This is because JRPGs have been one of the main foundations of the video game industry. Games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda are all pillars of the genre that have helped establish or improve the exposure of video game culture worldwide.

Even so, if one is not familiar with the genre, getting yourself into a super tough JRPG like the SMT series can be disheartening. Yes, these are some really hard JRPGs and definitely not something beginner players should look at first.

So, the question is, what JRPGs are suitable for newcomers to the genre? Don’t worry about cracking your head about it because today, we’ll be walking you through 7 beginner-friendly JRPGs you can play with ease!

Let’s get started!

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Pokemon easy jrpg


1. Pokemon


When it comes to entry-level JRPGs, we would definitely not want to miss out on the Pokemon games. Honestly, if we can beat Pokemon Red and Blue when we were children, we are sure as adults we can breeze through it.

Throughout, the Pokemon games will hold your hand by giving you weak enough Trainers to let you beef up your Pokemon before any main challenges like Gym and Boss battles. Most of the time, your Pokemon team will be overleveled.

Once you get the type of matchup down, you would have more or less beaten the game. Consistently going for the enemy’s Pokemon weakness is your one-way ticket to becoming the Champion.


trials of mana easy jrpg


2. Trials of Mana


JRPGs are commonly known for their turn-based mechanics and their emphasis on strategy implementation. While Trials of Mana do have its own strategic elements, the game itself is rather straightforward.

Despite having a real-time combat system, Trials of Mana’s gameplay is very easy to learn from its simple combos to its predictable enemy movements. Essentially, Trials of Mana is a toddler version of Dark Souls.

Don’t get us wrong though. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because Trials of Mana is a game where the story and characters are the focal points. Sometimes, mindless hacking and slashing are way more fun than having to study the game like a college assignment.


persona 5 royal easy jrpg


3. Persona 5 Royal


On paper, Persona 5 Royal has a truckload of content to digest. It can be complicated at first but once you’ve got the basics, it’s almost like an adult version of the Pokemon games.

Like most turn-based RPG games, PR5 uses a strong-weakness combat system that players can abuse. As long as you know the enemy’s weakness, you are set. Plus, with the help of the Internet, knowing a Shadow’s weakness is just a couple of clicks away.

Then again, we did mention that PR5 is a huge game with a lot of content for its players to digest. If you require help, be sure to also check out our beginner’s guide to Persona 5 Royal for some nifty tips and tricks!


dragon quest easy jrpg


4. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age


The Dragon Quest games are some of the most iconic JRPG franchises out there. Some of them are pretty challenging, but some of the modern ones like XI are pretty welcoming.

Dragon Quest XI S takes the cake for us as being one of the most beginner-friendly DQ games as this remake gives you a lot of options to cruise past enemies. Plus, if you were to over-level your party, this game basically becomes a visual novel.

That said, if you are looking for a challenge within this game, you can consider going for Draconian mode—the hardest mode available for the game.


chrono trigger easy jrpg


5. Chrono Trigger


Most old-school gamers would have definitely heard of Chrono Trigger. It is a great game that is so refined that it is enjoyed across all ages.

We also trust that one of the reasons Chrono Trigger is so timeless is due to its classic approach to the genre. Its gameplay is very standardised with a level-up system that is very understandable for newcomers to the genre.

Its retro pixelated graphics have a certain allure and when you combine that with easy-to-learn gameplay; the game just gels with both enthusiasts and casuals.


brave story easy jrpg


6. Brave Story: New Traveler


For a PSP game, Brave Story: New Traveler has some of the most enchanting graphics out there. That is saying a lot, especially when one considers the amazing catalogue of games the PSP has.

However, Brave Story: New Traveler isn’t just all about aesthetics. The game itself is very easy to pick up and there are very few mechanics to learn. Added with a very lenient and generous levelling system, the game just becomes super easy during the later parts.

All in all, this game is ideal for casuals to dip their toes into the JRPG genre. Amazing game with a very accommodating gameplay system.


child of light easy jrpg


7. Child of Light


Child of Light is often praised for its ephemeral soundtrack and visuals that incorporate a water painting-like art style.

As such, we can already see that the developers were aiming for a more aesthetic-based game rather than a mechanic-centric one. Plot twist—we love it!

Child of Light tells an amazing tale of a young girl, Aurora, who is trying to reclaim the Sun, Moon and Stars. Throughout her adventure, Aurora will meet countless kindred characters that will assist her on her quest.

So, if you’re looking for a healthy mix of serious feelings and fun, Child of Light is the JRPG for you and on top of it, it is very easy to complete.


And with that, we finally close the curtains to our list of the easiest JRPGs casual players can get into. We hope that this list can inspire gamers to pick up the genre that has been a pillar of the video game industry!