7 Games That Require a Lot of Farming and Levelling

A part of video games that we really enjoy is seeing our own character grow from a weak nobody into someone that is capable of conquering the world.

But reaching the top isn’t something you can do within an hour or two. It requires an insane amount of effort which will probably take players multiple months to get there. In many ways, grinding and farming to get stronger is an acquired taste. Hence, if you enjoy it, it doesn’t matter how mundane the task is—all you want to see is the growth in numbers.

This also brings us to today’s topic where we will be looking at some games that require the most farm and levelling. If these 2 game mechanics are to your liking, maybe you’ll find a new game here that you’ll fall in love with!

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Path of Exile Farming Game


1. Path of Exile


This game is almost specifically known for its grinding. With so many skills to level up and items to collect, your journey in hitting mobs is endless.

Levelling up in POE allows you to unlock various additional content like accessing other parts of the POE world and to a point, upgrading your current class.

Plus, you can even grind for cosmetics. By farming orbs, you can use these drops to purchase skins that you can uniquely customise your character with.

Fortunately, POE is a game that is being consistently updated, therefore, farming in this game is very rewarding. Essentially, players will always have a goal to grind towards and hopefully it stays that way.


Maple Story Farming Game


2. MapleStory


MapleStory has been around for the longest time. It is an old-school MMORPG that centres around a decent plot but players are free to do whatever they want.

Back in the day, gaining levels for your Maple character was insanely difficult. You will need to spend countless hours hitting snails to gain drips of experience. That said, things are looking way better now as levelling has become way easier than just hitting mobs.

Currently, MapleStory promotes boss raiding and content that require more team plays. Even so, the need to grind and farm is still there but they are way less tedious and more streamlined.


World of Warcraft Farm Dependent


3. World of Warcraft


WOW is like one of the godfathers of MMORPG—it also goes without saying that an old-school game from the genre will surely be farm-dependent.

On many occasions, you will find many players farming the same spot for the best spoils and drops they could find. Players who prefer boss raiding will also need to farm up their equipment and levels which they will farm in higher-level mobs.

Like with POE, WOW is a game that is always expanding. Newer versions and expansions are always in the making and thus the grinding will never end!


Genshin Impact Farming


4. Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is a game that takes immersion to the next level. In the world of Tevyat, you will play as an unnamed character trying to figure out more about this universe.

While having a plot of its own, Genshin Impact is an open-world game where players can do whatever they want at any moment. Although to access more content, players will need to increase their Adventure Rank and that is where the grinding kicks in.

As a rather recent game, Genshin Impact’s visuals are stunningly beautiful to look at. Therefore, hunting mobs wouldn’t be such a drag. Added to the fact that there are so many different characters with unique skills, we’re sure training will not be dull at all.


Monster Hunter Rise Farm


5. Monster Hunter World


Recently, we’ve mentioned that MHW has one of the best character creations, but we also fail to mention that it also has a pretty farm-dependent gameplay.

In MHW you will need to hunt for resources to gain stronger equipment and complete quests to gain the much-coveted gems to drastically improve your character’s strength. Hence, expect to spend more than a few hours of your time, killing hordes of monsters if you wish to get that much stronger.

What we recommend to improve this mundane process is asking your friends to join in on the fun. After all, MHW is a game that highly rewards multiplayer gameplay.


Octopath Traveler Farm Dependent


6. Octopath Traveler


Octopath Traveler has all the good stuff that most JRPGs have to offer—only that it times it by 8.

The game isn’t Dark Souls-difficult but if you are underleveled, you are toast. The bosses in Octopath Traveler show no mercy. Without a properly levelled character, he or she will probably die in just one hit from the boss.

Many players will need to run around the plains and hope to encounter a rare monster called Cait. This monster yields an insane amount of experience which will significantly speed up your levelling process.

And, it’s not only one character you need to train. To complete the game, you will need to ensure that all 8 characters are highly levelled and equipped with the best gear.


The Forest Farm


7. The Forest


It’s interesting to see that a survival game can make this list. The Forest is a game where you are stranded in an unknown habitat filled with zombies. To survive, you need to build yourself a proper shelter with all the necessities of survival.

The way you can craft and build these items is from the natural resources lying around. Hence, you will need to chop trees, hunt animals and pluck berries for starters. It’s a very grind-ish process and is best enjoyed with friends.

We’ve finally reached the bottom of the list! We hope that you had a great time going through our list. Also, if you require any video game needs or top-ups, be sure to check out our official OffGamers store here!