7 Games that Require the Best Micro Skills

It is not uncommon for some games to demand a certain skill set from their players. Games like Elden Ring, God of War, and Dark Souls require inhuman reflexes with only a select few able to fulfil that requirement.

However, there are some other games that request a different form of expertise. These games require a cumulation of management, strategy, and tactical skills. All in all, micromanagement skill is essential for these titles.

And while we’re at it, let’s take a look at 7 games that forces the best micro skills out of their players where decision-making and strategising are at their maximum.


starcraft 2 micro skills


1. StarCraft 2


StarCraft 2 is often regarded as the godfather of RTS games. It is the title that popularised and revolutionised the genre due to its insane learning curve, particularly with its demanding micro skill.

Not just its esports scene, even the single-player mode of StarCraft 2 is a killer for its player’s fingers. Constantly would you need to navigate and move your units, plus, each of them has its own tasks that you will need to micromanage meticulously.

Therefore, StarCraft 2 is not a game you can pick up and instantly be good at. You’ll need to spend quite a chunk of your time to understand the game. Only then would you be able to scratch the surface of this masterpiece.


warcraft micro skills


2. Warcraft


Here comes another Blizzard classic and just like StarCraft 2, the Warcraft series is just as punishing when it comes to mico skills.

Sure, the overall environment might not be as “complex” as Starcraft 2, but the game has a whole bunch of units that have different skills which you need to get accustomed to. For beginners, the skill and unit descriptions are like a tsunami of text, off-putting yet once mastered fulfilling.

Not to worry though, both Warcraft and StarCraft 2 are games that have been around for a long time which means that guides are aplenty. Use them and make your in-game experience your teacher and you’ll soon be an unstoppable conqueror in these games.


dota 2 micro skills


3. DOTA 2


DOTA 2 is one of the most difficult esports titles in the world. It is a neverending cycle of study that teaches you new things about the game each time you play. A large part of that study is actually polishing its player’s micro-skills.

If you want to play heroes like Meepo and Chen, your micro skills have to be top-tier. Essentially, you will need to keep an eye on all of your units and understand their capabilities to bring out these heroes’ full potential.

Of course, the micro skill needed for DOTA 2 isn’t just limited to the heroes alone. Many times, you will also need to properly and manually utilise your items during subtle moments of a match.


league of legends micro skill


4. League of Legends


Unlike DOTA 2, LOL does not demand micro-skills from its Champions as the skill stems from other factors like skill usage from each Champion.

This means micro knowledge of each Champion is very important in LOL and understanding their nuances play a large part in your skill level. To hone this, you will need to spend hours and hours, grinding matches to know how each character work and what are they weak against. It’s tough, but to get good, it is needed.

That said, this is not to say that LOL doesn’t have complex micro Champions to play. Orianna and Shaco do require some form of micro-skills but maybe just not as demanding as DOTA 2.


command and conquer red alert micro skills


5. Command and Conquer: Red Alert


This is another classic, finding its way to the list. Command and Conquer: Red Alert is a beloved RTS game that is adored for not only its storyline but also for its amazing micro gameplay.

Controlling a faction, you are required to build your military base strategically and manage your troops to destroy your opponents. While this sounds like any RTS game out there, trust us, it is not. Even deciding where to build your base and having the micro skill to move your camp is game-changing.

As for your units, each of them serves different purposes and has different training and building times. Timing all of this to ensure that your camp is as seamless as possible is a tough feat that only those with godlike micro-skills can achieve.


northgard micro skills


6. Northgard


Northgard is a severely underrated turn-based game and if given the chance, it has great potential to be up there with the very best. One factor that contributes to that is its easy-to-learn and hard-to-master mirco-skill gameplay.

The general premise of Northgard is that you are required to lead your clan toward survival and also to crush and form alliances with other neighbouring clans. Reaching that goal will squeeze the micro-skill out of you.

Being the leader of your clan, you will need to manage your clan’s supplies, armoury and troops. Plus, you will also need to do this under the mercy of harsh weather like winter. You need to micro-manage your units and buildings fast, or else, you will be easily overwhelmed.


total war three kingdoms micro


7. Total War: Three Kingdoms


Usually, when we talk about Three Kingdoms games, it is usually action-based like the Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi series. With Total War, it goes a little differently as it heavily focuses on the micro aspect of the gameplay.

In this game, you will actually need to command your troops properly. We’ve seen glimpses of this in the Empire modes of the Dynasty Warriors games, but this takes it to a whole new level. Now, you will act like a warlord and every fibre and inch of your army you will need to manage. 

Tough but it’s a hell lot of fun.

Well, we’ve made it to the end! Are any of these games right up your alley? If so, you can flex your micro-skills with these games which you can get from our store here!