7 Games to Get You In the Mood for Coachella

 7 Games to Get You In the Mood for Coachella

Coachella is easily one of the most anticipated events of every year. Plus, after missing out on 2020 and 2021, the return of Coachella has never been this hyped and needless to say, many are eager to relive and experience the musical vibe that can only be found in Coachella.

Unfortunately, there are also many of us who might not make it to the actual event as travel restrictions—although relaxed—are still preventing many music goers from attending this year’s Coachella.

No worries though. We’ve taken the initiative to compile a list of games you can immerse yourself in that is quite similar to Coachella in nature and stays true to its concept of music, diversity and fun.

Whether you are attending this year’s Coachella or not, we are confident that these games will get you groovin’ to the beat, be it from home or at the actual Coachella festival.


Rockband Games Coachella 2022


1. Rock Band Games


The Rock Band series has been a long-time cult classic that most video gamers have heard of, even those who might not enjoy music games would have at least come across Rock Band when they are browsing a gaming catalogue.

Well, the games are a cult classic for a reason—they have arguably all the elements for a perfect music game. The games are usually filled with some of the finest tracks from a variety of genres—pop, rock, metal and sometimes even niche types like indie and folk.

Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Rock Band games, what we recommend is that you pick the most recent one that is compatible with your current game console. Do note that if you were to play an older Rock Band instalment, the songs might not be as recent.

Why be in the audience while you can be the band performing right? Take that Coachella!


Fortnite Coachella 2022


2. Fortnite


You’d probably be wondering why would Fortnite—an FPS game—be included in a list dominated by music and rhythm games. To be honest, we were surprised as well when we heard Epic Games are dropping a Coachella update!

The Coachella update will feature exclusive Fortnite skins that will react to the sound and music being played as you tap enemy heads left and right. Pretty neat to be grooving while eliminating your enemies!

As this event will cost players some V-Bucks, you can purchase some Fortnite V-Bucks Cards from OffGamers here!


Coffee Talk Coachella 2022


3. Coffee Talk


We understand that Coffee Talk might not have exactly the same ‘vibe’ as Coachella but it celebrates the idea of diversity which Coachella is a strong endorser of.

Coffee Talk explores and highlights the intimacy of deep conversations with random strangers from all walks of life. Here, you are a coffee barista that serves coffee to customers with different problems.

The tunes played in Coffee Talk is melancholically beautiful with touches of sadness and sorrow—perfectly embodying the atmosphere of a lonely yet serene coffee house.

Music is a universal language. Sometimes it gets us happy and going about, but at the same time, it is therapeutic and calming.


Dance Dance Revolution Coachella 2022


4. Dance Dance Revolution


Like Rock Band, the Dance Dance Revolution franchise stood the test of time and is still enjoyed by families worldwide.

Enjoy dancing to some of the best tracks but would want to avoid the messy crowd? Dance Dance Revolution is definitely what you should go for!

Dance away at the comfort of your home with Dance Dance Revolution which is compatible with a lot of game consoles. And as mentioned, you can go with one that you can play on your current console, so that you would not need to buy a new console just to play DDR.


osu! Coachella 2022


5. osu!


osu! is perhaps the most popular free-to-play and updated online rhythm game currently. Although it is catered more towards anime enthusiasts, osu! has a decent collection of awesome tunes that are certified bops.

Combining timing, speed and precision, osu! can be extremely challenging for newcomers to the rhythm genre but once you’ve got the hang of things, the result is extremely satisfying.

osu! is essentially designed for people who do not want to move a lot and still want to immerse themselves in the music they love. All you need is a good keyboard and mouse and you are set!

Oh and to remind you—it is completely FREE! Once you’ve got the game running, you can also download your desired tracks and tunes to integrate them inside osu! for a more personalised experience.


Just Dance 2022 Coachella


6. Just Dance 2022


You’d probably be wondering why we included Just Dance 2022 and not its predecessors. Well, it is because Just Dance 2022 is the most recent version that supports its very own smartphone app as a motion controller.

This is very convenient for players as you would not need to splurge on said controllers for your console. With that being said, smartphones might not be the most enjoyable experience so we would still recommend getting a motion controller as it is much easier to hold and is designed for fitness/dancing games like Just Dance.

And if you were to get the 2022 version of Just Dance, you will also be getting the best hits from renowned artists like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo and The Weeknd.


Beat Saber Coachella 2022


7. Beat Saber


Beat Saber is one of the few games that spearheaded the VR experience. Its unique gameplay that involves slashing and dodging blocks based on music is very unique and distinct.

And like Coachella, Beat Saber really puts its players in a trance where they would be completely absorbed into a different universe and all you would want to do is live in the moment, breaking blocks alongside some of the best tracks out there.

If you have a VR set, it is needless to say that Beat Saber has got to make it on your game list.


There we have it, here are 7 games that will put you into the Coachella mood and is also perfect if you just want to have a good time back at home.


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