7 Games to Have on your Nintendo Switch When Travelling

There is a stereotype that lurks around that says gamers tend to prefer staying indoors binging on their favourite video game all day. As gamers, we have to admit that there is some form of truth to that.

Sadly, when society calls, as humans, we are sometimes obliged to answer. Fortunately, portability for video games is now pretty advanced and consoles like the Switch are perfect for gamers on the go.

Today, we’ve dived into the Nintendo catalogue of games and have selected 7 titles which Switch owners can play that are perfect as a digital travel partner.

Let’s go!


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Switch Travel


1. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Despite having numerous glitches and performance issues, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a really good concept of what future Pokemon games should look like. It’s expansive, engaging and the open-world idea was pretty well put.

The entire Paldea region is huge and exploring all corners of it will take a huge amount of time. On your travels, having a game like Scarlet and Violet can really take up your idle time like when you are waiting for your transport to arrive. Essentially, it’s a great time killer.

Plus, bringing your Pokemon team with you while you travel feels like you are actually raising your team. It’s almost as if the Pokemons are your own digital children!


Persona 5 Royal Switch Travel


2. Persona 5 Royal


We all know that players will spend close to 100+ hours on any of the Persona games and Persona 5 Royal has easily the longest playtime. This is why being able to play P5R on the go is a blessing!

Fortunately for us, when ATLUS announced that they were going to port PR5 to other major platforms and consoles, we were glad that the Switch is part of it. At first, we are worried about the performance issue and whether the Switch hardware could take on the title. Well, are worries are squashed as the game runs perfectly on the Switch!

Like with Persona 3 Portable for the PSP and Persona 4 Golden for the PS VITA, Switch users will now get to enjoy the masterpiece that is Persona 5 Royal at the palm of their hand!


Stardew Valley Switch Travel


3. Stardew Valley


When it comes to farming simulation games, Stardew Valley has arguably the most content and depth. And if we’re being honest, there is almost no end to this game as you can continuously look to improve your farm—be it a different design or layout.

To revive your grandpa’s farm, you will need to spend a lot of hours working on it. Sometimes, the tasks are repetitive but necessary. This is great and perfect to do when you are travelling and the boredom starts kicking in.

As it arrives, you can turn on your Switch and hope into the Pelican Town to tend to your farm, living your alternate life as a farmer.


Two Point Hospital Switch Travel


4. Two Point Hospital


Growing a farm is a tough job and managing a hospital is equally as time-consuming. We’re not talking about just managing the hospital staff but also all the macro and micro stuff that goes in and out of the building.

In Two Point Hospital, you will need to figure out the most optimal way to ensure that your hospital is running seamlessly. Knowing what equipment and facilities to build first are important and to make the right decisions, you will need to play this game a lot.

This then makes Two Point Hospital a great game to bring on your travels. It’s a game that is not difficult on paper but one you would need time and effort to advance. A perfect game to unwind during your travels.


Legend of Zelda Switch Travel


5. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The kingdom of Hyrule is vast, rich and filled with mystery. Using the modern hardware of the Switch, this Zelda game takes the franchise to a new height with its open-world gameplay and visuals.

Being an open-world game, Breath of the Wild is naturally a game that requires a lot of exploration. This means players will spend a lot of time venturing into different areas of Hyrule, discovering secrets and new encounters.

Taking all of this into consideration, this game is best enjoyed slowly because if you rush it, you will miss out on the atmospheric elements it has to offer. Bringing this game along with you on your journey is great as it is so much fun to bring the entire Hyrule with you on your travels.


Octopath Traveler Switch Travel


6. Octopath Traveler


Imagine having to level up eight main characters and play through each of their individual stories. It’s fun but it would certainly also soak up a lot of time.

One of the most time-consuming parts of Octopath Traveler is its training segment. As you face stronger enemies, getting your characters to a decent level is almost imperative. Lucky for us though, despite the repetitiveness, the game’s visuals are gorgeous and make levelling less mundane.

To make it even less boring, levelling your characters during your travels could be a wise way to go about it. Just like with Pokemon, using your travelling downtime to amp up your levels seems like a brilliant plan.


My time at portia switch travel


7. My Time at Portia


My Time at Portia is another farming game like Stardew Valley that has a lot of mechanics and content in it. My Time at Portia focuses more on crafting and it is a game that fulfils many builders’ desires. While the focus might be on crafting, the game has also shown love to the farming, social and combat parts of the game.

To experience them all, players will surely need a whole lot of time. The gameplay is pretty routine-based and by committing to your daily tasks, only then would your time in Portia improve. This sets up for the perfect travel game partner as you can gather resources, attend to your crops and socialise with the residents of Portia while you are sitting on the bus or train.

With that, we finally bring a close to our list of the best Nintendo games to have on your Switch while you are travelling. If the games on the list have piqued your interest, be sure to get them on your Switch using our Nintendo eShop Gift Card here!


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