7 Games with the Best Boss Battles

There are many elements that make a video game fun and exciting. It could be the games’ aesthetics, gameplay or even their soundtracks. However, the one factor that we will always take into consideration in whether a game is good or not is its boss battles.

And for today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at some video games that have provided us with some of the most memorable boss battles in terms of uniqueness and difficulty.

So without further delay, let’s get started!



bayonetta 3 best boss battle

1. Bayonetta 3


Nintendo sure has a fair share of games that have amazing boss battles. For instance, the final battle against Nemesis was a pretty iconic battle when it comes to design and buildup.

With that being said, the one that stood out for us in Nintendo’s arsenal is none other than Bayonetta 3. Of course, we can make a case for the other Bayonetta games but the recent one really takes the cake for us.

Many of the boss fights were extremely scenic and every moment of these battles was heart-poundingly exciting. Not spoiling much, the fight against Baal was some of the best boss battles the Bayonetta franchise has offered ‘till today.

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cuphead boss battles


2. Cuphead


To many, Cuphead is a game that is known for its difficulty and its old-school-retro aesthetics. While these are all specifics to be proud of, one should really also take a moment to admire the sheer quality of Cuphead’s boss design.

Nearly all Cuphead’s bosses are labours of love. Their stages are very distinct and despite their repetitive gameplay, every touch of it feels original. Although many might’ve broken our controllers due to the unfairness of these battles, we still can’t help to admire the quality of each of these boss battles.


god of war 3boss battles


3. God of War 3


When it comes to visual quality and gameplay, GOW 3 truly pushes the limit of the PS3 and PS4 hardware. In other words, it was a triple-A title that delivered on its promise.

Fortunately, with such a high budget, the studio managed to churn out some of the best-quality boss battles at the time. Understanding that the GOW  franchise is known for its boss battles, GOW 3 stood out from the bunch due to its uncompromising brutality to the Greek gods.

The main plot basically centres around Kratos having to slay every Olympian deities that stood in his way. These battles were very thematic and we love that the developers stayed true to the deities’ origins when it comes to their powers and moves.

Needless to say, GOW 3 was a job well done in the boss battle category. Chopping off the ever-annoying Hermes’ legs was truly satisfying.


Sekiro best boss battles


4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


To be honest, we could have included any of the FromSoftware titles in this list. However, if we were to choose a standout, Sekiro has to be a frontrunner.

Personally, we really loved the feudal Japan theme of Sekiro as we felt that it was handled very well by combining both Eastern and Western elements. Perhaps, this might also be the reason why the boss battles in Sekiro are so well-designed.

Examples of boss battles that managed to strike our chords are Isshin and Genichiro. These battles were extremely high-pressured and the atmosphere was surreal.

At any moment, you’ll feel like losing your life even when you have the upper hand—-you are always at the edge in both of these fights.


undertale boss battles


5. Undertale


Sure, Undertale might not have the realism of boss fights when compared to the likes of God of War or Assassin’s Creed games. What Undertale has on these huge-budget games though is its eccentric originality and unexpectedness.

With Undertale, almost every boss battle has its own personality. Each boss battle is made with passion and is sprinkled with sparkles of cynicism and super-good writing. One of the more memorable ones has to be Flowey. When we first met Flowey, we are sure that most players were happy to have an ally from the get-go but lo and behold were we fooled.

Despite the mischief, we have to give the creators kudos for introducing the game’s nature in such an original way. It’s evil yet so we can’t fault it as it is so beautifully done.


Sifu boss battles


6. Sifu


The very core of Sifu’s gameplay and the plot revolves around boss fights. As such, it is only natural that the bosses here are done with care and effort.

All of Sifu’s boss battles are very honestly crafted. There are no gimmicks to these fights like Metal Slug or Cuphead. The battles are fought with pure martial arts and the developers actually made integrated real-life martial arts really well into these battles.

Of course, when we say that there aren’t any gimmicks, it is not to say that the battles are easy because Sifu is challenging when it comes to game-reading. Each of the boss fights has its own unique set of moves which you will need to adapt to beat.


pokemon black and white boss battles


7. Pokemon Black and White


This is kind of a wild card on the list. Pokemon games are widely known for their easiness as after all, they are targeted towards children. However, Black and White had something else in mind.

Generally, Black and White are seen as the tougher titles of the franchise but the final boss with Ghetsis rivals even the infamous Cynthia of the Sinnoh games. Ghetsis’ team is very versatile and is packed with super-powerful Pokemons.

His Hydreigon and Eelektross are killer machines. Without proper planning or prior knowledge about his team, even veteran players can be in for a whole lot of pain!


Whew! We’ve finally made our way to the end! Hopefully, these boss battles can inspire you to pick up these games and give these bosses a run for their money!