7 Games with the Best Trailers

Whenever a game is about to get released, a trailer or a teaser will be shown to hype up the fans. If done correctly, it truly hits the spot and all of our video game vibes will be off the roof.

So, today we will be diving into some of the best trailers the video game industry has to offer. Do note that these games might not be that great as a whole but manage to strike us in awe with their trailers.

Let’s get started then!


assassins creed unity best trailers


1. Assassin’s Creed Unity


Honestly, we can also go with Revelations as that game’s trailer goes really hard as well. However, we’ve decided on Unity because of its representation of a revolution and how it is portrayed so well in the trailer.

The action and movements of the assassins were flawless and all of the flowed together in harmony which truly defines the term “unity” highlighted in the game. To top it off, merging it with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde is a fantastic decision. It gels with the atmosphere of the game so well that it is easily a match made in heaven.


hades 2 best trailers


2. Hades 2


Hades is without a doubt an awesome rogue-lite that has brought the genre to new heights. Now that we have a sequel, it is obvious expectations are sky-high. Luckily, it certainly does not disappoint with its announcement trailer.

In the trailer, we were teased with a few new characters and by the looks of it, all of them are gorgeously designed. The main focus of these characters is the two fighting/practising in a well-animated cutscene.

There are many online theories that are trying to piece the puzzle as to who these characters are. All we know is that they are looking to take down Cronus and save the female protagonist’s father. It doesn’t show a lot, but just enough to keep us excited for the game to launch in 2023.


pokemon go best trailers


3. Pokemon GO


It is always our dream as a kid to be the very best. To be the best Pokemon Trainer. When Pokemon GO’s trailer was released, it was as if our dreams are becoming a reality.

Our eyes were treated with a visualisation that what if Pokemon were to join us in our daily life? A simulation that allows us to be truly Pokemon Trainers where we get to catch Pokemons outside the confines of our room.

It is safe to say that the trailer and, in general, the concept of Pokemon GO is revolutionising. It is very different from other video game trailers and is certainly a memorable one.


final fantasy 7 remake best trailers


4. Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Final Fantasy 7 is a timeless classic that will forever live in the hall of fame of video games. When we first heard it is getting a remake, we were pleasantly shocked, even more so when we saw the trailer.

It was when the blonde-haired legend, Cloud, walking nonchalantly within the smoke, wielding his iconic Buster Blade got us all off our seats. It was a beautiful trip down memory lane and our nostalgia hunger was truly satiated then.


elden ring best trailers


5. Elden Ring


Before launch, Elden Ring was easily the most anticipated game of the year. Everyone was dying to know what Miyazaki has up his sleeve given his track record of awesome games.

And when we laid our eyes on the trailer, we were not exactly shell-shocked, instead, we were in awe of how beautiful and elegant this open world is going to be. Spoiler alert. The game was as good as the trailer.

The glimpses of the game’s characters and environment are just the tease we needed. They might come in small pieces but they don’t feel subdued at all.

An amazing trailer followed by an amazing game.


black myth wukong best trailers


6. Black Myth: Wukong


Despite not knowing when Black Myth is going to launch, if the actual game look half as good as the trailer, we’ll be moderately pleased. That is how high the bar has been set by the trailer.

Visually, it is drop-dead gorgeous. The depiction of ancient China has never been more gruesomely aesthetic and the characters are all spot-on when it comes to design. Everything looks perfect and is a serious contender for GOTY whenever year it is going to be released.

For the gameplay trailer, everything looks hyperrealistic and to be fair, almost too good to be true. Then again, we always give developers the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, the actual gameplay will be just as engaging and flawless, as shown in the trailer.


tekken 8 best trailers


7. Tekken 8


Tekken enthusiasts are on their knees, begging for a new Tekken game and they are finally getting the treatment of a lifetime, served with this jaw-dropping trailer.

The most noticeable thing about the Tekken 8 trailer is the huge graphical update. It is obvious to see that developers are taking next-generation technology into consideration. The images look crisp and the gameplay is buttery smooth.

Also, we are also shown that they will be expanding more on the Tekken lore with the reintroduction of Jun Kazama. This is a sign that the franchise is moving in the right direction, all portrayed in this amazing trailer.

There we have it! We’ve finally concluded our 7 games with the best trailers! If you wish to purchase (or prepare to purchase) any of these games, be sure to get them from our site here!


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