7 Games You Should Get for Steam’s Winter Sale 2022

There are countless sales that Steam will host throughout the year and these sales are usually high time for gamers to purchase digital games for an insane price. The discounts are immaculate and if you’re a collector, these are the events you need to be aware of.

Even so, there are a few Steam sales that stand out. One of these significant sales would have to be its annual Winter Sale where we can expect many games going for a good discount. It’s a perfect sale going into the end of 2022 and also a great time for one to prep video game gifts!

Hence, this article will be talking about 7 games that you should definitely take a look at for this year’s Steam Winter Sale across different genres!

Let’s begin!


unrailed steam winter sale 2022


1. Unrailed


There are a lot of talks and praise for Overcooked and Fall Guys due to their amazing inclusion of casual and hardcore gamers. While both of these games deserve their merits, there is a far underrated title of the same genre called Unrailed.

Unrailed is perfect for players who want to enjoy elements of excitement and intelligence as they build railways for a moving train. It requires concise planning as you are faced with unseen obstacles like walls and rivers.

This game might not have the acclaim and accolades of Overcooked and Fall Guys but it certainly doesn’t pale in comparison in terms of quality and design.


Cult of the lamb winter sale steam


2. Cult of the Lamb


Honestly, Cult of the Lamb is perfect as a Halloween game but we think that it deserves a spot on the list because it is just so unique and original.

If you enjoy games like Hades and Bastion—or any of the Supergiant Games titles—then Cult of the Lamb is a must-try for you. It’s super charming and its replayability is off the roof. Also, unlike most roguelikes, Cult of the Lamb allows its players to choose their own difficulty level. As such, it is very accessible for beginners of the genre.

Another thing that we also love about the game is its unserious take on devilish cults and its dark humour is very refreshing. Ultimately, it’s a game that doesn’t try too hard and still manages to deliver a spectacular roguelike that is very unique from its counterparts.


Sims 4 steam winter sale 2022


3. The Sims 4


Currently, The Sims 4 is actually free on Steam. Do note that we’re talking about the base game and you would still have to pay for its expansion packs which basically are the juicy parts.

These expansions add a whole truckload of in-game content from new items, and accessories to different character paths. To enjoy the full “Sims” experience, getting these expansion packs are indispensable.

Therefore, we’re hoping that the Winter Sale will do us a solid and provide us with discounts for these expansions. And if they really do come online, be sure to grab them as they will surely be worth the buck.


tekken 7 steam winter sale


4. Tekken 7


It might sound illogical to get Tekken 7 as Tekken 8 is just around the corner. That could not be more wrong. It is no new fact that the Tekken series is one of the hardest fighting games in the industry. It requires a lot of practice to just get the fundamentals down.

Looking at how gorgeous the Tekken 8 trailer is, we’re confident that many fighting-game enthusiasts are licking their lips, waiting for the game to drop. While waiting, why not try out its near-perfect predecessor and get in some training?

Trust us, once you’ve taken a sip of how mechanically demanding Tekken is, you will be thanking us for recommending Tekken 7 where you can polish some of those complex combos.


persona 5 strikers steam winter sale 2022


5. Persona 5 Strikers


With the recent release of Persona 5 Royal on other major game consoles, it is safe to make the assumption that many have got a taste of the Persona franchise.

As a Persona fan, finishing one of its titles will surely leave you wanting more. To satiate this hunger, we highly recommend players try out its spin-off—Persona 5 Strikers. Reusing the core characters of Royal, the gameplay has been totally revamped to hack-and-slash. In a way, it is very reminiscent of the Warriors games by KOEI.

Rest assured, Strikers might be vastly different from the main Persona games in terms of gameplay yet it still retains its style and aesthetics. Expect the usual—if not better—charms of funk and jazz throughout the entire game!


triangle strategy steam winter sale


6. Triangle Strategy


Square Enix has an insane number of great games under its belt and it is only natural that some hidden gems go under the radar. Triangle Strategy is one of those gems that slipped away.

Initially designed for the Switch, Triangle Strategy has recently made its way to the Steam store and playing it with high FPS and higher fidelity is the stuff of dreams. Of course, this is not to forget that the gameplay is just equally as good.

Following the traditional tactics-like gameplay, Triangle Strategy at first glance looks like a carbon copy of Final Fantasy Tactics. Sure, they might have striking resemblances in terms of gameplay but when it comes to writing and plot, not so much.

The characters are all original and have their own stories with depth. Whether you are a long-time fan of the genre or just starting our JRPGs, Triangle Strategy has just about everything to keep you hooked with intrigue and curiosity.


fifa 23 steam winter sale 2022


7. FIFA 23


FIFA 23 definitely does not have the best of starts for their PC release. It was rocked with a bunch of problems and it was for sure not an ideal launch. That said, with some workarounds and patches, these issues were more or less resolved.

In terms of gameplay, FIFA 23 is completely different from past FIFA titles on the PC. Using a whole new engine, FIFA 23 is deemed to be more realistic with its in-game physics. Essentially, the entire experience is revamped and now it’ll be more like a sports game than it was arcade-ish.

Additionally, FIFA 23 has World Cup content in it that adds more uniqueness and exclusivity in content. This is only for a limited time though, so be sure to grab it as soon as you can if the game ever goes on sale.

Wow! Looks like we’ve managed to make it to the end of the list! We hope that this list has given you some ideas as to which titles to look at during the Winter Sale. To top up your Steam account, be sure to also use our Steam Wallet Codes here!