7 Horror Games for Non-Horror Fans

Admittingly, horror games are not for everyone. Like it is with horror movies, fear isn’t something many can handle. Horror games like Fatal Frame and Five Nights at Freddy can leave a scarring memory for those who are unaccustomed to the genre. Then again, many of us seek the thrills of horror, so we often look for entry-level horror games to begin with.

The good thing is that the video game industry has gifted us a lot of worthy horror titles that do not scare the living soul out of us. Today, we will be looking at these games where even if you are a scaredy cat, you would be able to handle them.

Let’s start!

1. Bloodborne

Photo Credits: Sony Computer Entertainment

If you love the gothic-horror theme, you’ll surely fall deep in love with Bloodborne. The game itself is more difficult than it is scary. Sure, the game has a lot of hideously well-designed enemies, but they are nothing too horrible which can make you roll up into a ball.

Honestly, the game will bring out the gamer’s soul in you rather than your courage. In time, you will notice yourself reading the enemy’s attack pattern rather than how scary-looking it is. So, it really isn’t as scary as most creepy gothic horror games out there.

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2. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares
Photo Credits: BNE Entertainment

We were debating whether to put Little Nightmares or Little Nightmares 2 on this list. To be frank, we can go with both but we think it is best that new players try out the first game before moving to the second instalment.

In Little Nightmares, the game uses its atmosphere as a medium to scare and unsettle the players. The creatures and beings of Little Nightmares’ universe aren’t particularly scary—grotesque sure—but nothing too over-the-top. Adding that with a very immersive story, Little Nightmares is a wonderful game that is worthy of its universal acclaim.

All in all, this is a great game to dip your toes into the horror genre which even non-gamers and casuals can look to enjoy.

3. Darkest Dungeon 2

Darkest Dungeon 2
Photo Credits: Red Hook Studios

Again, this is another argument to put either Darkest Dungeon or Darkest Dungeon 2. Gameplay-wise, we feel the first game is way harder as it has a lot of mechanics that the player needs to learn. Darkest Dungeon 2 introduces more roguelite elements which makes the game more RNG-centric.

Then again, this list is generally targeted at gamers with less experience, so Darkest Dungeon 2 will be. The game’s narrative and writing are top-notch, on par with indie juggernauts like Hades and Slay the Spire.

Also, don’t let us discourage you from picking the first Darkest Dungeon game. The first instalment is one of the best games out there but has a steeper learning curve. Pick whichever and we are confident that you’ll have a blast playing them.

4. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake
Photo Credits: Capcom

There is very little needed to be said about Resident Evil 4. It’s a certified classic in the video game sphere and almost anyone who has touched a controller would’ve heard of it.

Lucky for us, a remake of this gem of a game was released earlier this year. And as expected, they made the game even better with updated graphics, and gameplay while also retaining the spirit of the RE4 class. Labelled as a horror game, RE4 isn’t truly scary. Yes, there will be fiends and zombies out there to get you but as you are properly armed, you can fight back.

This is unlike many other horror games where you are left defenceless and without any weapons. Therefore, RE4 feels more like an action-horror game where you can kill zombies instead of fleeing from them. And if you want to see our difficulty ranking of Resident 4 Remake, you can check it out here!

5. Limbo

Photo Credits: Microsoft Game Studios

Like our earlier recommendation of Little Nightmares, Limbo prides itself on a chilly and unsettling atmosphere to carry its fear factor. So, the jumpscares aren’t the scariest, making it a great pick for players who can’t handle extreme horror games.

Boasting an amazing story and plot, Limbo is a wonderful game that has been a classic for many years. Often praised for its creative puzzles and ingenuity, Limbo is indeed a one-of-a-kind horror game that caters to all walks of life. As a casual gamer, you’ll love it and as an avid horror-game fan, you’ll appreciate it.

Plus, Limbo is very easy to pick up, unlike Bloodborne. So, if you do not want to break your fingers and just want to experience a hauntingly beautiful horror game, Limbo is the ideal choice for you.


Photo Credits: Team17

Some might say that it is a little bit far-fetched to label DREDGE as a horror game. We beg to differ as horror to us isn’t necessarily crazy jumpscares (which this game also has) and bloody demons flying around. They come in many forms and one of them is nervousness.

Truthfully, DREDGE makes you feel like you are in Hemingway’s novel, The Old Man and the Sea but a 100 times scarier. Venturing out alone into the ocean, the game is pretty innocent during the day where you’ll fish for fish and sell them in town. But the unsettling part comes when the sun sets.

During the night, the game takes a turn. Here, your environment changes drastically and you’ll feel like everything is against you. Essentially, you are fighting against unknown entities that can strike you anytime. It’s not the scariest but offers a good amount of horror vibes to satisfy any kind of player.

7. Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest
Photo Credits: Newnight

The Forest is already up there being one of the best survival-horror games. Sons of Forest is its sequel and despite its early access, the game is doing really well.

The gameplay and premise are largely similar to The Forest. All you need to do is survive in a forest surrounded by cannibals looking to gobble you up. While this might be scary at first, once you’ve got the hang of it, the cannibals aren’t at all horrendous as you’ll have a lot of options to deal with them.

We don’t really want to dive too deep into the story because this game is very sensitive to spoilers. What we can say is we give you our word that this game isn’t super scary that will make you jump off your seat. Though, we can’t guarantee that you won’t be sweating because of excitement and thrill because this game does pack a lot of those!

And there we have it! We’ve finally concluded our list of the 7 best horror games for non-horror fans. These games aren’t particularly scary but offer the same amount of thrill as the omega scary ones. So, take your pick and start your horror journey today!

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