7 Indie-Horror Games You Should Be Playing

There are many AAA horror games that stand out in terms of pure quality and direction. Resident Evil, The Last of Us and Dead by Daylight are certainly up there immortalised.

Today we will be looking at the opposite side of things. Instead of AAA horror games, we will be diving into indie-horror titles that, although subtle, are amazing games in their own right.

These games might not have next-gen visuals but make up for their brilliant storytelling and unique gameplay. They have a quirky charm that draws players in despite working on a tiny budget.

So let’s discuss 7 indie-horror games that you should at least try once in your video game adventure!


Among the Sleep indie horror


1. Among the Sleep


Most horror games render you helpless. It’s either you are limited to a few weapons or you are not given any and you can only escape.

In Among the Sleep, they made it worse by having a literal child crawling around helplessly. Yes, a large portion of your gameplay would be escaping by crawling. You are always in a vulnerable spot, not knowing what might pounce on you at any given time.

Dive into your deepest and darkest nightmares and unveil secrets along the way. It’s very story-driven, one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A classic and a must-play for all horror lovers.


doki doki literature indie horror


2. Doki Doki Literature Club


Do you know how they say “never judge a book by its cover”?

Well, Doki Doki Literature Club is the epitome of that adage and we want to warn our readers that all the pinky-pinky fun vibes from the cover are just a calm before the storm. In reality, the game is horrifically brilliant and is one of the most iconic indie-horror games out there.

The game is harmless until you progress deeper into the story. It becomes darker and darker as things take a weird twist. We can’t really reveal much because of spoilers and for this game, you will need to play it from start to finish to have the full experience.


five nights at freddys indie horror


3. Five Nights at Freddy’s


You know a game is good when there are hundreds and thousands of fan theories and easter eggs lurking around the internet. 

FNAF started out as an underrated indie game but turned into a cult classic that had even the most hardcore gamers wondering about its lore and background. This is even more fascinating when you take into consideration that there isn’t really a plot per se in this game.

Surviving your job as a night security guard at a pizzeria with animated animatronics coming to get you is basically the premise of the game. And trust us, these animatronics are scary as heck and even in still-frame, these creatures a horrendously frightening.


IMSCARED indie horror




It’s really amazing when just pixels can make you wet your pants. IMSCARED is a game that does just that with its ghastly atmosphere and creepy-pixelated aesthetics.

The game dives into the human psyche and unveils its darkest horrors of it. And it is because the visuals aren’t vivid, it creates a lot of uncertainty which brings out fear in its players. The ambience, the feeling of your mental world caving in is well-designed in IMSCARED.

Ultimately, it’s creepy even without the detailed visuals of the abominations and apparitions like you have in Resident Evil or A Plague’s Tale.


OMORI indie horror




OMORI is another indie-horror masterpiece that hits us hard psychologically because it deals with the darker side of human emotions so well. It’s a well-written story added with some of the most original JRPG gameplay.

Playing as OMORI, you will venture into a dimension with your close friends and explore secrets that are heart-wrenching and soul-breaking. Like with Doki Doki Literature Club, we can only say so much about the plot because the game is very story-centric. Just a little spoiler will completely ruin the experience.

As for its art and visual direction, the game does a perfect juxtaposition of the cute and the dark. In one world you’ll see visuals that will make you feel crippling depression and in another, it’s bright and perky.

OMORI is a game where you finish and you would want to erase it from your memory so that you can play it all over again. It’s just that good.


little nightmare indie horror


6. Little Nightmares


If you have heart attack tendencies, we suggest that you skip Little Nightmares. This game is a heart-pounding journey throughout the entire game. Do not expect to breathe easy here as you are constantly on the run from fiendish characters that are trying to capture you.

What’s more, not only do you need to survive but you will also need to survive by consuming food that is scarce. It’s high-pressure but it’s so good and those who love an adrenaline rush will love this work of art.


blasphemous indie horror


7. Blasphemous


Blasphemous might not be your typical horror game with jump scares or sudden frights but it certainly does not lack suspense and the atmosphere of one.

The game’s take on religion and the unspoken horrors that come with it is breathtaking. From its gory elements to its enchanting storytelling and narrative, Blasphemous checks all the boxes. It’s not only an awesome indie-horror game but an astounding game in general.

Do take note though, Blasphemous isn’t an easy game to play as it is still a Metroidvania at its core. This game is built for hardcore gamers that also enjoy sprinkles of horror and darkness in their video game dish.

Whew! We’ve somehow managed to make it all the way to the bottom! Hopefully, these underrated gems will inspire you to pick up these games. All of these games are also available on Steam which you can purchase using our Steam Wallet Codes here!