7 Mistakes Beginners Make in Sons of the Forest

Going into a game like Sons of the Forest blindly is almost suicidal. It’s a pretty punishing game if you don’t know what you are doing and because of that, many people have quit this game.

Even when you think you understand the game, there are many times when new players subconsciously play the game “wrongly”. We’re not saying there is one surefire way to play this game but veterans know not to make these 7 mistakes that newbies love to do.

For today, we’ll be listing down 7 common mistakes that beginners tend to make when they get on an adventure in Sons of the Forest.

Let’s begin.

1. Going Head-to-Head Against Enemies With No Preparation

Fighting Cannibals Sons of the Forest

It is common thing for gamers to have a kill-on-sight mentality. Sadly, this type of gameplay will not do you well if you are not prepared in the Sons of the Forest.

The enemies—the cannibals—here are powerful; when they have the numbers, they can easily overwhelm you. So, if you don’t have the necessary equipment with you, you will need to avoid confrontation with them. Beginner players don’t do this often and they’ll end up dying against a horde of cannibals.

Also, as a reminder, Sons of the Forest is a survival game. Sure, it has combat elements to it but ultimately to reach the end, being alive is much more important.

2. Randomly Building Bases and Investing All Resources in Them

Base Sons of the Forest

Sometimes, you might think that a location is perfect as a base and players start expending all their resources into it, building everything they can. This is a really bad play and can really hamper your resources for the wrong reasons.

Experience players—at least from The Forest—will know that more often than not, you will need to move your base. As such, there is no such thing as a set base. While you can commit resources to a base, just remember that you will need to move eventually. Building priorities should be the first thing on your mind.

3. Lazy on the Loots

Lazy Loot Sons of the Forest

Resources are everywhere in the Sons of the Forest, all you need to do is keep an eye out. The problem is, even when they are spotted, many new players can’t be bothered to pick them up.

If this becomes a habit, you will find yourself in a pickle, biting you in the back. We have seen many cases where newbies fail to build an important tool just because they lack the resources. And the ones that they are missing are actually commonly found but there’s a good chance that because they think it is easily found, they just did not pick them up when seen.

Get rid of this habit and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches. It’s not hard to do but easily forgotten.

4. Not Saving Constantly

Saving Sons of the Forest

A thing of beauty about the Sons of the Forest is its unpredictability. The game throws things at you randomly and even the best players cannot 100% predict what is going to happen.

This is all good and dandy but sometimes, it can get extremely frustrating when the game tries to be unfair and catch their players off-guard. However, there is something we can do about it, save constantly and resetting when this happens is our get-out-off-jail-free card.

New players often get comfortable when things go their way and they might not remember to save often. In an unfortunate situation where they are attacked by an insane horde of cannibals, there’s a decent chance that they might perish, no saves mean all progress will be gone.

5. Not Preparing for Seasonal Change

Sons of the Forest Winter

No matter how powerful you are, you are nothing against nature. There are four cycles of seasons but the most deadly one is the harsh mistress of winter.

Many beginners underestimate how crippling winter can be in this game. During winter, your stamina depletes more rapidly than usual. Your luxury of farming resources is severely limited because you’ll see yourself running out of steam real quick.

To play around this, be sure to prepare the necessary resources beforehand, especially when it comes to food. Ensure that you have a good source of heat before you take on the cruel coldness of winter.

6. Not Building the Important Items

building important tools sons of the forest

Any player who has committed hours to this game will know that crafting is one of the most essential mechanics. Though there are so many things you can build, beginners often struggle to know which ones they should build first.

When they commit to the wrong items, they will not get the returns and when they really need the important items, they won’t have the resources to build it. Here are some items that newbies need to prioritise first:

– Storage

– Animal Trap

– A Weapon (at least something long-ranged)

– A Torch

These are but a few necessities that you need to have with you at all times. They will greatly help improve your survivability, determining whether you go far into the game or not.

7. Having a Lacklustre Defence

walls sons of the forest

When you have decided on a base, there is always a possibility that you will be raided by cannibals of the wild. Not having the proper defence will spell immense disaster. New players often face this issue when they find a really nice place and then throw it all away just because they have close to non-existent defence.

Make sure to have traps and walls surrounding your base. It might not completely stop the cannibals but they can really hinder them.

And with that, we’ve finally covered most mistakes beginners tend to make in the Sons of the Forest. Of course, getting better at the game comes with experience and with more playtime, you’ll understand the game more. Also, if you are interested in trying the game, you can purchase it on Steam with our Steam Wallet Codes here!