7 Mobile Games to Make You Sleep Better

Video games are all about the thrill, excitement and adrenaline rush—is that really the case though? Not exactly. Sure, there are a lot of games that are like that but video games have come a long way and they now even serve as comforting tools. An application that allows us to sleep better.

Instead of the usual rodeo, this article will be a little bit special as we dive into 7 mobile games that can make us rest our eyes easier!

1. Dream Walker

Dream Walker
Photo Credits: Criss Cross Games

First things first, Dream Walker is a beautiful game. Its depiction of slumber is phenomenal and all you need to do is just run as you wander through the wonders of sleep.

Dream Walker should be right up your alley if you have enjoyed aesthetics from games like Child of Light. The soothing atmosphere and serene vibes gel insanely well together, making the perfect ingredients for you to fall asleep.

Also, we recommend turning on the night light on your phone if you want to maximise the comfort levels of this game.

2. Meditation Game

Meditation Game
Photo Credits: Being

Traditionally, meditation is often seen as a way for someone to get relaxed to sleep better. However, without a still mind and practice, doing proper meditation can be hard, making the whole process a failure.

This is where the Meditation Game app comes in handy. It’s simple and helps eases your mind as you navigate dots with calming music playing from the background. As you progress, the game will advise you to breathe slowly, making your whole body enter a relaxed state. There are no gimmicks and tricks to this and before you know it, you’ll have your eyelids closed automatically.

3. Tiles Hop

Tiles Hop

Rhythm games are often associated with rock music as you hit the right notes to every quick beat. Well, that’s not really useful if you are trying to fall asleep. Tiles Hop is a rhythm game that has the usual gameplay from the genre but focuses more on the peaceful side of things.

We also admire the colour and palette usage of Tiles Hop as they really know which ones to use to make the entire game extremely dreamy. They might be flashy but it doesn’t do too much to overwhelm you. The faint light that flashes are meant to make your eyes tired and ready for you to hit the hay.

4. Artbook Story

Artbook Story

Photo Credits: A SEED GAMES

Good digital puzzle games are hard to come by. Artbook Story is not only a good one but is also perfect for you to pave your way into slumberland. The game is filled with portraits of iconic fairy tale characters, all drawn to perfection and you’ll need to piece them together.

Doing these fun-mundane digital puzzles on your phone with the game’s serene music will surely help loosen both your body and mind. It’s a great way to unwind and ultimately fall asleep too.

5. Stack

Photo Credits: Ketchapp

A gameplay that features stacking block after block might sound boring. Nevertheless, Stack’s indie design and peaceful sound effects make everything so comforting.

There is just no real end to this game. You stack up as many tiles as you can until you reach the top—which is nonexistent. As you miss a perfect stack, the following tile will get smaller and continuous misses will mean the round is going to be over soon. Sure, it is repetitive but it is still a great way to get you drowsy for the night.

6. Sheep Sleep

Sheep Sleep
Photo Credits: Superpea LTD.

The art of counting sheep until you fall asleep might be a myth but a digital version of it might actually do the trick. The gameplay is simple. All you need to do is count the number of sheep on the screen and then you can get the kid to fall asleep.

You’ll notice that once you’ve played this game long enough, you’ll start to dim your own lights soon enough. And if you want to make sure of that, there is an endless mode called Sleep Mode that lets you play this game will not end, well until you yourself fall asleep of course.

7. Okay?

Photo Credits: Philipp Stollenmayer

Okay? is somewhat of a puzzle game that instead of stressing you out, gives you a chill and relaxing vibe, preparing you for your dreams.

The puzzles are all creatively and artistically invented so you’ll also get to enjoy their beautiful aesthetics as you ensure the ball touches every white object on the screen. You might need to crack your brain a little, but we consider it a light workout for your mind before going to sleep.

Don’t worry about the puzzles being finished though. There are a lot of puzzles for you to figure out so Okay? is a good investment to download and play through if you have trouble sleeping.

So that’s it! We’ve made it to the end and these mobile games are arguably the best ones for helping you get to bed. All of these games are available on the Google Play Store and if you want to enhance your experience with them, be sure to do so with our Google Play Gift Cards here!

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