7 Most Difficult Esports Titles

We’re living in a world where we are blessed enough to experience esports at its peak. Many gamers have made a lucrative career out of video games and deservingly so. This is because most esports games are very hard to master and have a steep learning curve.

At the highest level, these titles are very sweaty when it comes to gameplay and without 1,000 or more hours into it, you’ll never reach the top. Today, we’ll be listing down 7 esports games that are the most difficult to get good at.

They’re tough but worth the effort! Let’s get started!

Tekken 7 Hardest Esports Titles


1. Tekken 7


Tekken 7 is seen by many fighting game enthusiasts as one of the most complex titles of the genre. Its wide variety of characters which are all intrinsically unique makes character mastery a living hell for players.

The execution to perform certain moves in Tekken 7 like the infamous Electric Wind God Fist is notoriously difficult. For a single move, you would need to press and navigate your controller in a simultaneous manner perfectly, something that does not sit well with new players.

Adding to that, to be good at Tekken 7 you need to know the frames of every character’s moves and their matchups. It requires a lot of researching and a lot of losses for you to even get out of the trenches of the Tekken 7 rankings.

Warcraft Hardest Esports Titles


2. Warcraft


Don’t be mistaken. We’re not talking about the MMORPG World of Warcraft but its RTS version, Warcraft. It is often hailed as the best RTS out there and we’re pretty confident that its difficulty plays a role in that accolade.

The essence of Warcraft is not only limited to having a high APM but also insanely good strategising and micro skills. In many ways, you will need to learn how to min-max your resources and what buildings and units you should prioritise.

In other words, Warcraft isn’t a game that you can just read a walkthrough or guide to be good at. It requires a lot of practice and if you want to play competitively, you will need almost know what each unit and building’s potential are.

CSGO Esports Titles


3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


CS:GO is possibly the first FPS game that blew up in the esports scene. Since then, the FPS genre has been more appreciated not only for its fast-intense gameplay but also for its intricacies.

To the unknown, CS:GO might seem to be a game where players shoot and kill one another without thought. They couldn’t be further from the truth. In truth, CS:GO requires a lot of mechanical skills like positioning, aiming and movement. A single misplay can easily cost your team a round.

CS:GO is all in all a very high-pressured game that requires insane reflexes and godly aim. And yes, it is not your typical ‘shoot-to-kill’ game. As a well-known esports title, it still requires a substantial amount of planning and strategising.

Starcraft 2 Hardest Esports Titles


4. Starcraft 2


If you do not have micromanagement when it comes to video games, Starcraft 2 is out of the picture for you. Starcraft 2 lives and breathes micro and without it, you would barely make it through the first few hours of the game.

Commonly regarded as one of the most difficult RTS to learn, Starcraft 2 is a gem that is very hard to polish. Its gameplay is very complex and you would need to make use of every second when you are in a match. If you fall behind, it’s basically a GG.

Therefore, to be an adept Starcraft 2 player, you will require super quick fingers and also a brain that can multitask seamlessly. Trust us, it’s way easier said than done.

League of Legends Hardest Esports Titles


5. League of Legends


One of the leading titles of competitive MOBAs, LOL has stood the test of time and its learning curve hasn’t gotten easier.

With so many different types of Champion combinations and itemisation, LOL is a game that you will need to spend at least a couple thousand hours to be good at. Besides having good fundamentals, LOL will require you to be decisive in many instances.

Should you go for the kill or safely farm instead? These questions can only be answered through experience. Play more and you’ll understand the game’s nuances which will also drastically improve your decision-making skills.

VALORANT Hardest Esports Titles




VALORANT is one of the more modern games on this list and that does not mean that it is easy to master. Sure, its visuals might indicate a friendly nature, but during the heat of battle, all smiles are gone.

Like with CS:GO, VALORANT has all the difficulties of any FPS genre when it comes to mechanical skills. Not only that, VALORANT has many different Agents who have their own quirks and specialities.

This also translates to character matchups and counter-picks where you can’t just stick to one playstyle and hope to be a pro in VALORANT. Every time you face a different Agent, your game plan will have to be different depending on the Agent you are using. And since there are a lot of them, this can get very overwhelming.

If there’s one saving grace, VALORANT is a game that has a lot of online guides about its characters. Therefore, we recommend looking into some beginner guides before starting your VALORANT journey.

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DOTA 2 Hardest Esports Titles


7. DOTA 2


Being a host of the biggest prize pool in esports history will surely mean that the game is ultra difficult to be the best at. Honestly, to even start DOTA 2 is a challenge in itself.

As far as the learning curve is concerned, DOTA 2 is very punishing and many new players might even feel disheartened to learn the game. It’s a game that has the most mechanics out of any MOBAs and without the required knowledge, you’ll always be lagging behind.

Even so, the satisfaction in destroying your enemies’ Ancients is as pure as it gets. If you’re looking to get into DOTA 2, we seriously recommend getting another 4 friends to join your conquest. It’s a bumpy ride and it’s better to take some trustworthy comrades with you!


And that marks the end of our coverage of the most complex and difficult esports titles out there. We’re sure that there are other esports games that fit the bill as well but we trust with practice, you’ll make it!

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