7 Most Overpowered Main Characters in Video Games

Video games are one of the easiest ways for us to escape into a different reality. It allows us to take on the role of a different character that makes fulfilling our desires much easier. In other words, video games are often seen as an alternate reality that we all wish to live in.

For most games, these main characters tend to be omnipotent with regard to their abilities, morality and speciality. Their the players’ desires manifested into a playable character. This also brings us to today’s topic where we will be looking at 7 overpowered main characters the video game industry has offered us so far.


Let’s begin!


Sekiro Wolf OP character


1. Wolf—Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


You might find it odd that soulslike game character could make it to this list as the genre usually make the enemies way stronger than the protagonist itself.

Well, there is still some truth in that where we don’t deny that Sekiro is still a hard game with unfair battles but you (also known as Wolf) are equally as powerful. Having a wide array of skills and a parry that can almost block anything in the universe makes you pretty unstoppable.

As such, when compared with the other soulslike protagonists, Wolf is arguably the best there is. He is quick, dexterous, and is basically a force of nature when it comes to both stealth and power.


Kratos God of War OP character


2. Kratos—God of War


There is only one being that can single-handedly destroy the entire Pantheon and its residents. Kratos is not only a commanding general but has also devastating combat skills to back his talk. With his abilities, no human, God or creature can stand in his way.

With the addition of his variety of godlike armoury—most notably the Blade of Chaos—Kratos is the definition of a living terror that even the Gods do not dare defy. We’ve seen him chop the legs of Hermes and even bashed the life out of Poseidon with no remorse. It’s a feat that demands raw power and unyielding aggression.

At the end of the day, you really do not want to cross Kratos because when you do cross him, a quick-time event will start and we all know how it ends.


Stardew Valley OP character


3. Yourself—Stardew Valley


This is another oddball of a choice as the main character of Stardew Valley isn’t lumped in the conventional OP category. Instead, when it comes to financial and social gains, the protagonist is impeccable.

Starting with a run-down farm, you can easily turn yourself into a multimillionaire in a few years by shipping insane amounts of precious crops and produce. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Besides selling corn and blueberries, in Stardew Valley, you can even mass-produce minerals like diamonds to further accelerate your wealth.

Consequently, you will be the king of Pelican Town and you can get any eligible partner to marry you with ease and even force out a greedy businessman who is looking to industrialise the town.


persona 3 main character OP


4. Minato Arisato/Makoto Yuki—Persona 3


If we’re being honest, any of the Persona protagonists are overpowered but for us, Persona 3’s main character takes the cake for being overly broken.

Being the first character in the franchise to utilise the Social Links mechanic, Minato/Makoto can also do Fusion Spells, even one that can deal maximum damage to all foes. This was probably deemed to be game-breaking and was thus removed in later instalments.

Without spoiling much, towards the end of the game, the main character even did something super incredible that will leave its players’ mouths wide open. And since the remaster is just around the corner, will let you experience this epic moment by yourself.


zagreus op character hades


5. Zagreus—Hades


Although Zagreus might have to go through death time and time again to gain power, at his peak, he can shake up both the Underworld and Olympus.

Harnessing powers from different Greek deities, Zagreus can also use multiple weapons that are known throughout history. Combined all of them together, Zagreus can take down his own father—Hades—in a matter of minutes.

All it takes is a couple of overpowered boons that complement your weapon, you will wipe the floor with most encounters. For a roguelike, Zagreus is possibly the strongest there is.


byleth fire emblem OP character


6. Byleth—Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Byleth being qualified as a teacher for some of Fodlan’s most promising students proves that he/she has outstanding abilities. And yes, Byleth is all that.

Capable of teaching and adapting to any combat class, Byleth is very diverse and is an expert in all the facets of war. Swordsmanship and the workings of magics are all within Byleth’s easy grasp.

Not to mention, Byleth’s unique ability, Divine Pulse, is able to rewind time to change an outcome of a battle. For a turn-based game, this is incredibly strong as you can undo your mistake and re-strategise your approach towards the battlefield.


laharl disgaea op character


7. Laharl—Disgaea


Some may see Laharl as a spoiled brat but there is no denying that he is the true heir to the throne and when it comes to royal presence and prestige, he has them all.

As the up-and-coming ruler of the Netherworld, Laharl is blessed with inhuman powers that make almost all creatures residing six-foot-under fear him. His outlandish strength and the ability to fight using different means are assets and core to the players’ Disgaea gameplay.

When he gets progressively stronger, Laharl becomes a true powerhouse and will gain access to several powerful skill attacks based on the weapon he is using. He is something like Byleth but wackier in a great way.

And there we have it! This finally concluded our list of the 7 most OP main characters available in video games. If you want to test them out yourself, be sure to get your video game needs from our OffGamers here!