7 of The Best Video Game Moms!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and just like any other universe, video game moms deserve our wholehearted love as well.

While some game protagonists have all the spotlight and have unreal power, they wouldn’t be here without their moms. And in the spirit of this year’s Mother’s Day, we’ll be exploring 7 of the best moms to have appeared in video games!


1. Freya (God of War)

freya god of war

You might argue that Freya’s protection of Baldur is questionable but we must know that it was done out of pure love for her son.

Her magic made her son invulnerable to everything except for mistletoes because she heard from the runes that Baldur, her son, is prophesied to die a needless death.

Besides caring for her son, she has shown great affection and care for other children like Atreus. Healing him and teaching him various lessons throughout the game—almost like a mother figure for Atreus.

Combined with beauty, power and compassion, Freya is an amazing lady that is easily one of the most likeable characters in the God of War franchise.

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2. Joyce (Life is Strange)

Life is Strange has some of the best storytelling but some of its characters can be hard to bear due to their questionable decisions. This does not apply to Joyce though, who is a mother that any family would love to have—even in a broken one.

Despite having to deal with the loss of her husband, she took all the necessary measures to look after her daughter Chloe.

Plus, with all the troubles that Chloe has given Joyce, it is surprising that Joyce could endure it all. Guess family does come first, especially if you are as unconditionally loving as Joyce.


3. Pokemon Moms (Pokemon Games)

Setting off on a journey to be a Pokemon champion and bringing down criminal/terrorist organisations are certainly not easy tasks for a kid. Lucky for us, our Pokemon Moms will always have our back.

Whenever we return home to the starting town, your Mom will be home to greet and welcome you back. Providing you with some heartwarming rest that fully restores your health, telling you to move forward and for whatever circumstances, you can always return home to visit.


4. Toriel (Undertale)

A loving mom will care for you, wherever you are—even in an Underground world.

Although Toriel might not be a biological mother to the protagonist of Undertale, she certainly fulfils all the roles for one.

She is protective of you – another fallen child into the Underground world, and is content in caring for you. Although things are forced to take a turn, as you escape her house in order to eventually make it to the world above once more. Her intentions were in the right place, even if her execution was not.

Not only is she an awesome mother figure, but she is also an extremely kind soul that dreams to help other kids by being a teacher in her own school.

Truly an undying love for all within the depths of the Ruins.


5. Yennefer (The Witcher)

Arguably the most good-looking mother in all of the video games to date, Yennefer is the marriage of beauty and power for The Witcher games.

Having been a powerful sorceress herself, she trained Ciri—a Source—in the art of magic, the relationship developed into something deeper, it was more of a mother-daughter connection that surfaced.

This goes to show that despite being a supreme sorceress, Yennefer is capable of showing motherly love to one that isn’t even blood-related.

Bringing Ciri to Yennefer is definitely one of the best things that Geralt has done for the series.


6. Jun Kazama (Tekken)

If you think a fighting game like Tekken does not have a backstory, then you are severely mistaken.

The Mishima family has perhaps one of the most complex and interesting stories but let us just talk about how awesome Jun Kazama is.

Firstly, she’s an animal protection officer—which is already a plus point—and would go through many hurdles to get her son, Jin Kazama the best upbringing possible.

For those who don’t know, Jin’s dad and grandfather, Kazuya and Heihachi are your typical stereotype of a patriarchal figure which was in all honesty very toxic.

Having raised Jin on her own, Jun has always been a “good” conscience of Jin which has stopped him from killing his own family members. 

If you could have such an impact on your child, you are definitely doing your parenting right!


7. Lirum (Lost Odyssey)

Lirum might actually be the definition of motherly love as her unconditional love truly knows no bounds.

Having been through a hard life herself, she never wanted it for her two children—Mack and Cooke.

And during her dying moments, we were “treated” with a heart-wrenching scene where it shows closure to her character where she finally got to meet her father, Kaim.

Without receiving any parental love at all, Lirum was still able to love her children Mack and Cooke to the fullest and that is something we should really admire.


And that’s it! These are some of the best mothers in video games (we’re sure there are plenty more out there) and remember to always be appreciative of our moms as they will always be there for us during our hardest times.