7 Players to Look Out For When Starting Your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

As FIFA 22 closes its curtains, players will open its doors to what is said to be the last FIFA instalment—-FIFA 23.

From what we’ve gathered, FIFA 23 will introduce a new chemistry system that is more ‘realistic’ and representative of the actual sport. But today, we won’t be discussing the mechanics as we will look at the players instead.

Before the overpowered promo players are released, this is the time when FIFA players get to enjoy a more watered-down version of the players. That said, some players will still be ‘meta’ and perform much better than the rest of the crew.

Let’s take a look at 7 players you should be aware of in the market which you can fit into your early game squad.


Allan Saint Maximin FIFA 23


1. Allan Saint-Maximin (81-rated)

Nationality: France

Club: Newcastle United (English Premier League)


Allan Saint-Maximin had an awesome season and he is truly deserving of this card that boasts the Pace and Dribbling stats.

One plus point about ASM is that he is of France nationality, which means he has decent links to many top-tier players like perhaps Ben Yedder and Mbappe from different leagues.

Playing at the LM position, ASM can blitz and dazzle past defenders with relative ease. Use him correctly and you’ll see ASM setting up sweaty goals for your poacher-striker to bring it home.


Gravenberch FIFA 23 meta players


2. Gravenberch (79-rated)

Nationality: Netherlands

Club: Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)


On paper, Gravenberch might not be as stellar as let’s say Kimmich or Muller but he is a jack of all trades. At the heart of the midfield, 4/4 weak foot and skill moves, Gravenberch will be rather easy to use and in good hands, his 83 dribbling stat can also be abused.

Hailing from Bayern Munich, his links to his other overpowered teammates like Mane and Sane are also great. Not to mention, Bundesliga has a rich number of players Bellingham and Timo Werner.


Theo Hernandez FIFA 23 meta players


3. Theo Hernandez (85-rated)

Nationality: France

Club: AC Milan (Serie A)


Arguably the best LB in FIFA 22, we suspect that the trend will continue in FIFA 23 as well. This is because there are close to no flaws with Theo Hernandez.

In the speed department, he is absolutely top-tier and the fact that he is from France makes it even better. The only real downside we see in this is that the Serie A league doesn’t have many French players so getting the best links from other Serie A clubs might be difficult.

Other than that, Theo will surely be up there as one of the most meta players for a while. Unfortunately, we expect that this card will be super expensive, but if you do get it, make sure you do find some way to slot him in your squad.


Ousmane Dembele FIFA 23 meta players


4. Ousmane Dembele (83-rated)

Nationality: France

Club: FC Barcelona (La Liga)


Ousmane Dembele is another speedster that is fun to use and an annoyance to defend against. If this guy gets going with his sprint, there are actually very few defenders in the early game capable of stopping him.

What’s more, Dembele has a 5/5 weak foot and skill moves, which means that he is going to be threatening at almost every offensive position. This makes double pressing or marking him almost a priority.

As you would’ve guessed by now, Dembele is also from France which means building a squad around him is easy if you are going for a superhuman team from the start. Honestly, the problem is getting him as he is going to be so rare and expensive.


Renato Sanches FIFA 23 meta players


5. Renato Sanches (80-rated)

Nationality: Portugal

Club: PSG (Ligue 1)


Renato Sanches is overall just a very stable card, and for an 80-rated player, Sanches’ stats are very good in the metagame.

One of the main highlights for Renato Sanches is his 84 Physical stat added with his high offensive and defensive work rates. Combined, this card will definitely not perform like an 80-rated but more like an 85+ player.

A thing to note is also the fact that Portugal has many top-tier players in FIFA. With good links to players like Joao Felix, Cancelo and Gelson Martins, this Portuguese midfielder is certainly one to look out for.


Ben Yedder FIFA 23 meta players


6. Wissam Ben Yedder (84-rated)

Nationality: France

Club: AS Monaco (Ligue 1)


Ben Yedder is easily one of the most underrated cards in the game. As French strikers go, there are only a few that can compare with Mbappe but Ben Yedder is a strong contender in that category.

His uniquely lean body type allows him to glide past players with ease and his attacking sense is top-notch. Adding the fact that he has a 5-star weak foot, Ben Yedder is basically a shoot-to-kill monster.


Antony FIFA 23 meta players


7. Antony (82-rated)

Nationality: Brazil

Club: Manchester United (English Premier League)


It is sad to say that most Manchester United players have received nerfs in FIFA 23. However, one saving grace is that they have recruited a potential star in the name of Antony.

Possessing 93 Pace and 86 Dribbling, Antony is quite a handful for defenders. And if you are a skill-er, you can definitely make use of his 5-star Skill Foot to bedazzle your stoppers. We can almost see Antony always leading the charge during a quick break!

Plus, the EPL, has many top Brazilian players like Gabriel Jesus and Fabinho which will surely add some considerable juice to your team’s chemistry.

Wow! We’ve finally made it to the end of the list! Of course, this list is not set in stone as the meta is often defined by the player themselves. Therefore, do take this list lightly as it is purely opinion based. And if you’re looking to purchase FIFA 23, be sure to get on Origin using our Xbox Live Gift Cards here!


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