7 Pokemon We Want to See Have Terastral Form

7 Pokemon We Want to See Have Terastral Form


Ever since the release of Pokemon X and Y, the newer Pokemon games have received a ‘special’ form that is unique to their version. As such, the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also get their own special form—Terastal Form.

Needless to say, we’re all very excited to see which Pokemon will be getting a Terastral Form that will completely change its design and typing. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official release on which Pokemon will have a Terastral Form.

As we wait, here are some Pokemon that we would really like to see be gifted a Terastral Form in the Paldea region.


Meganium Terastral Form


1. Meganium


Meganium is easily the most underrated starter of all time. It doesn’t get much love both inside and outside of the games. This is most likely due to the fact that Meganium isn’t an offensive-based Pokemon and it being a Grass-type certainly doesn’t help too.

That said, Meganium is adorable and its dinosaur-like design grants it the potential to shine even further. The green palette combined with the Terastral Form is already shown in the trailer with Sprigatito and it looked stunning.

With Meganium sharing the same colour scheme as Sprigatito, we suspect that giving Meganium a Terastral Form is certainly justified. So, let’s show Meganium some needed love and make it happen Game Freak!


Wobbufer Terastral Form


2. Wobuffet


Veterans of the Pokemon games will know that Wobuffet is an annoying Pokemon to deal with. Competitively, he is considered a “cheese” pick which many would see as a wildcard to throw someone off guard.

Honestly, Wobuffet’s design is rather lacklustre, to begin with. It doesn’t have much going on for it and that is why it is also the perfect template for it Terastallize. Instead of its usual poker face, perhaps we can have Wobuffet look a different expression when it’s in its Terastral Form.


Zangoose Terastral Form


3. Zangoose


Zangoose was a pretty hyped-up Pokemon when the Hoenn region was released. Sadly, the craze died down over time and there is almost zero effort put into revamping it.

Well, here’s your chance to remedy it Game Freak! Zangoose is an extremely cool-looking Pokemon that emanates swag and confidence. Do it a solid and make him even more of a bad boy/girl during its Terastral Form.

Plus, Game Freak can also consider changing his typing. Zangoose being a pure Normal-type can be a bit boring. We recommend slapping a Dark typing on it when it is Terastallized!


Weavile Terastral Form


4. Weavile


Similar to Zangoose, Weavile is adored by many when it was first released but was somewhat forgotten during the latter games.

Weavile is very unique. It’s pretty rare and getting a Weavile is almost impossible under normal circumstances. Still, it didn’t stop us from wanting it, as its design is just way too cool.

Its impish and mischievous nature makes it ironically likeable and we’re actually really interested to see how Game Freak can redesign a Pokemon that is already standing out. Will they make Weavile more sullen, or perhaps make it even more evil-looking than it already is?

This is a question that we really want to be answered in the Scarlet and Violet!


Jellicent Terastral Form


5. Jellicent


Jellicent is a Pokemon that has a different design based on its gender. That in itself is pretty unique. To make separate Terastral forms for each gender might be a challenging task for Game Freak. We would love to see them pull it off!

Jellicent’s Ghost/Water typing is already unusual and giving it a new Terastral design can be interesting. Just imagine, a crystallised jellyfish living in the depths of the ocean. Horrifying yet spectacular.


Mimikyu Terastral Form


6. Mimikyu


While we are on the topic of the horrid, Mimikyu should definitely be the main conversation here. The fact is, we know very little about Mimikyu, only that it is hiding behind the Pikachu cloak, something terrifying.

If our prayers were to come true and Game Freak decides to give Mimikyu a Terastral Form, we do hope that its regional form would reveal something more about Mimikyu. Perhaps, a little more lore about what Mimikyu is and how it came to be would be nice.


Wrydeer Terastral Form


7. Wyrdeer


Wrydeer is easily one of the coolest-looking Pokemon in the Legends: Arceus game. Its elegance and prestige make it a Pokemon we wish we could have at our party at all times.

Although it might seem that Wyrdeer might only be bounded within the realms of the Legends game, we do certainly hope that it makes an appearance in Scarlet and Violet. And if that were to happen, giving it a Terastral Form would be wonderful.


Well we’ve finally reached the end! We’re sure you have other Pokemon that you wished to that will gain Terastral Form. Honestly, we would just have to wait and see which Pokemon will get the treat when the game launches! So, pre-order Scarlet and Violet today using our Nintendo eShop cards here!