7 Tips and Tricks To Get You Started with Pokemon Legends: Arceus

7 Tips and Tricks To Get You Started with Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Pokemon games are usually a breeze. Most players can get by and finish the mainline games by just over-levelling their Pokemon and stomping past the Elite Four in the late game.

In short, the mainline Pokemon games so far has a specific formula to it where you travel around the game’s region, defeat the Gym Leaders, collect badges and declare yourself Champion as you conquer Victory Road and the Elite Four.

But we have seen Nintendo switch things up a little when they removed Gym Leaders in the Sun and Moon games and replaced them with Kahunas.

That said, the general flow of the game still remains loyal to the original games where you conquer several ‘mini-bosses’ as you make your way to the regional champion.

However, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is where the game gets flipped from its usual routine. No longer will you travel from town to town beating leaders, instead you will be a simple researcher, learning about Pokemon.

And if you have watched the gameplay trailer, you would have known that the gameplay is vastly different from its predecessors and now appears to be more of a mixture of the traditional Pokemon games and Monster Hunter.

Therefore, both seasoned and new players will need all the help they can get, so here are 7 tips you should take note of before stepping into the Hisui region.


Catching Pokemon from the back Arceus


1. Aim for the Back


If you’ve played Persona 5 before, this should come easy for you. Essentially, stealth is very important if you want to significantly improve your chances of catching the wild Pokemon.

By throwing a PokeBall to the wild Pokemons’ behind, you will gain advantages like a free attack. In Persona 5, you are given hidden spots where you get to stay hidden and wait for an opportunity for you to strike, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has other ideas.

In the Hisuian region, you can throw berries that will attract wild Pokemon. This will help distract Pokemons from noticing you while you sneak behind them and gain a positional advantage over them.

This method of engaging combat might not be familiar to many at first, but with practice, we’re confident most players will get the hang of it.


Cancelling Animation Pokemon Legends Arceus


2. Cancelling Animation


This is more of a niche tip. Cancelling animation is a basic technique used in most MOBA games. However this action is completely foreign to turn-based games, but Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn’t turn-based is it?

So why do we stress about cancelling animation? Resources are scarce and sometimes saving one extra PokeBall can make a huge difference.

Therefore, whenever you feel like you have a bad chance at taking a shot, you can cancel your PokeBall throwing animation by doing a roll or the cancel button. This will save you a PokeBall while you search for a better opportunity to tackle your targeted wild Pokemon.


Be Careful Pokemon Legends Arceus


3. Always Be Cautious


In older games, it is perfectly normal for players to waltz on patches of grass and fight wild Pokemon as if they are nothing, but ever since the introduction of the Wild Area from Sword and Shield, strong wild Pokemon are a common sight now. Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes it up a notch.

This time around, we recommend players to approach every wild battle with caution. Make sure that you are equipped with healing items and your Pokemon are strong enough to take on these monsters, even if they are low-levelled.

Make sure that your Pokemon are fully healed and if you are not confident in beating the wild Pokemon, there is no shame in running.


Crafting Items Pokemon Legends Arceus


4. Crafting Items


Previous Pokemon games do not allow us to craft items as they are either bought or given. But during historical times of Pokemon, we do things the hard way by making our own equipment.

PokeBalls, Battle Items and Recovery Items can all be crafted if you have the recipe in hand. Therefore, if you have the resources to craft an item, do it.

This will not only help you reduce your space storage but will also provide you with the means to get out of tight situations. For instance, that one Potion can be the difference when you are stuck in a do-or-die situation with a strong wild Pokemon.


Different Syles Pokemon Legends Arceus


5. Understanding Battle Mechanics


One of the core mechanics of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is its introduction to two brand new styles.

First, you need to know what Agile and Strong styles are. In short, the Agile Style moves are moves that help you gain a turn advantage which you can act on sooner after using that move. Of course, compared to the Strong Style, the Agile Style moves provide lesser damage and serve more as a utility tool in battle.

On the other hand, Strong Style techniques are damage-focused moves that inflict heavy damage at a cost. The recoil from the move will cause your Pokemon’s next move to be delayed so make sure to use it with caution!


Survey Corps Rank Pokemon Legends Arceus


6. Don’t Neglect Your Survey Corps Rank


As you progress through your game, be sure to always make your Survey Corps Rank one of your priorities.

By raising your Survey Corps Rank, you will be provided with more incentives as you complete requests.

Having a higher Survey Corps Rank means that you will have access to more recipes which will be extremely helpful when you want to go on extensive excursions.

High-levelled Pokemon will also be more obedient and more gold will also be rewarded when you complete quests, so remember to always work on your Survey Corps Rank when you have the chance!


Enjoy the Game Pokemon Legends Arceus


7. Enjoy the Game


This last tip isn’t really going to get you any game advantage but it is still mightily important. What is the reason that you’ve purchased this game?

10 out of 10 players would tell you that it is due to their curiosity and that should also be the mentality you should play this game with.

Don’t think about the technical stuff and open yourself to a brand new game and experience the game without expecting anything. That is the best way to fully enjoy the game.


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