7 Ways to Improve Your FIFA 23 Gameplay

With the FIFA World Cup underway and a great discount for FIFA 23 on Steam during the Autumn Sale, we figure that there will be a whole lot of new FIFA players.

As an esports title itself, FIFA 23 can be a little intimidating for newcomers as the skill ceiling is considerably high. There are quite a lot of mechanics to adapt and you might be in trouble if you don’t know what you are doing.

No worries though, we’re here to help. Today, we’ll be focusing on 7 things you should take into consideration that will no doubt help you generally improve your FIFA 23 gameplay.

Well, let’s get the ball rolling!

fifa 23 fundamentals

1. Focus on Fundamentals

FIFA 23 is a game that follows the cliche of “easy to learn and hard to master”. Before getting to the mastering, it’s important that new players get their fundamentals heavily rooted into their system.

Try working on core mechanics like passing, tackling and shooting. These are moves that you will be using the most and getting them down, it’ll improve your overall gameplay. Sure, flashy moves like elasticos are fun, but before that, get the basics right.

Gauge the strength needed to unleash a proper pass for different situations and what type of shots to use depending on the goalkeeper’s positioning are all core fundamentals. Securing them will see you rise up the divisions and make you a better FIFA player.

fifa 23 formations

2. Try Out Different Formations

Every formation has its own strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out which formation to use can be brain-wracking and we suggest players use the formation that will bring out their best player.

When it comes to choosing a formation, be sure to look at the positions that you utilise the most. Are you a player that likes to spread the play with fullbacks and wingbacks? If so, then a 4-5 at the back is the perfect choice for you.

Flooding the midfield with CMs and CDMs can also be an aggressive formation to utilise. 4-5 players in the middle of the park are also very viable, especially if you have spatial awareness. These sorts of formations are more press-driven or possession-based; your cup of tea? Try them out!

ball roll fifa 23

3. Learn Simple Skill Moves

This brings us back to our earlier point about not fixating on flashy skill moves. Instead, focus your attention on practical movements that are simple and subtle moves like ball rolls and fake shots.

These are the moves that are highly efficient and with little effort, you can easily get into a good position for a shot or even beat an opposing player in tight areas. That said, these skill moves will still need practice and you will need to test them for yourself to get a good feel for how the frames work.

settings fifa 23

4. Tinker Around the Settings

Getting yourself comfortable in FIFA 23 is very important because, without it, you’ll find certain moments in-game rather awkward.

To remedy this, you can actually mess around with the settings from the main menu. This way, you can make your gameplay more optimised that is catered to your play style. It can be confusing at first but here are a couple of settings that you could change to make a difference.

The settings that you should experiment around are; the camera, timed finishing and pass receiver lock. Once you’ve made sure these settings are to your liking, your FIFA matches will be much more seamless.

career mode and squad battle fifa 23

5. Practice Using Career Mode or Squad Battles

Squad Battles or Career Mode matches are actually the best way to get practice in. For starters, we recommend Professional difficulty. This difficulty will give you a good sense of the game while not being overwhelmingly easy.

For Career Mode, you will get the pleasure of a more simulated football experience where you organise a club while playing without juiced-up players. This is much more realistic and less competitive.

As for Squad Battles, while you’re still playing against an AI, the environment is pretty competitive and you will be using your Ultimate Team to play. This is a little mundane but if you play enough games, you can gain weekly rewards which contain packs with players.

Use these modes to brush up on your skills and fundamentals. Get accustomed to scoring and defending situations and you’ll see yourself having feet of steel against real-life opponents.

objectives milestones fifa 23

6. Finishing Objectives/Milestones

This tip is only applicable to Ultimate Team players. Sadly, there is so far you can go with “weaker” players as UT is ultimately a fantasy mode and without the players, you will hit a ceiling.

And if you are not going to spend money or be a whale in this game, farming rewards given from Objectives and Milestones are a necessity. Fortunately, EA is actually pretty generous with these rewards. Completing them will usually land you player packs and a promo player which can carry your team to a certain extent.

watch real life football fifa 23

7. Watch Real Life Football

This tip is more of a wild card as it requires going outside the virtual world to watch football. The reason we’re mentioning this is that real-life professional football will give you a sense of the game and how a football game progresses.

Plus, this is a great time to get started because the FIFA World Cup is currently happening and watching these teams play will make you understand football better. It might not be exactly the same but it will give you ideas for your FIFA approaches when it comes to defending and attacking.

And brings a close to our FIFA 23 guide, hopefully, you’ll be able to pick up a thing or two and with them, improve your FIFA gameplay! To purchase the game, be sure to use our Steam Wallet Codes here!