8 Animes That Should Have an Open World Game

After experiencing Hogwarts Legacy, we are convinced that motion pictures can do exceedingly well in an open-world format. They take game immersion to the next level and let us feel that we are living in their universes.

For us, a handful of animes can do this really well but have yet to fulfil that potential. While the animes we will be listing down are video games of their own, we still feel that they can really explode if they were of the open-world genre.

So, here are 8 animes that we think are best suited for an open-world game!

1. Naruto


The Naruto franchise has a good number of games, all of which are decently done with classics like the Ultimate Ninja series. The combat is really great and being able to use the many characters from the Naruto world is exhilarating. Even so, sometimes, we do get tired of the same old format.

What we want to see in an open-world Naruto game is us being a shinobi from scratch. Let us enrol in the academy and perhaps make our way to the Hokage level. Sure, you can put a storyline into the game, but living our lives as a shinobi day by day is something yet to be done.

2. Pokemon


Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the current Pokemon gameplay. It is fun and is catered to all ages. That said, we are still hoping for Nintendo to take it up a notch where we can battle against other real-life opponents in Pokemon combat—no Pokemon GO doesn’t count.

And if they need evidence to wonder whether an open-world Pokemon game might work, there are actually fan-made open-world Pokemon games like PokeWilds out there receiving great reception. Just imagine how awesome it would be if Nintendo were to take it upon itself to create such a game; the results would be stellar!

3. Vagabond


Although Vagabond doesn’t have an anime per se, it is still a classic manga that tells a tale of a complex samurai in a torn land. To put things into perspective, it’s like Sekiro but way more gritty and graphic.

Of course, since it is an open-world game, we’re not expecting to be playing either Musashi Miyatomo or Kojiro Sasaki. We want to be our own samurai while also getting to experience the Vagabond lore ourselves.

The gameplay could be about meeting different samurais from different towns and challenging them to duels. The battle mechanics could follow the likes of Sekiro while other elements from MMORPGs can be infused inside like levelling and skill trees. Hopefully, some studio out there would take on this project and we for one, will definitely give it a go.

4. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Currently one of the most famous animes out there, Demon Slayer has a very strong following and it’s about time some studio created an open-world environment for this game.

Let us choose whether we want to be a Demon Slayer or a Demon and yes, we want to have our own personalised character where get to learn our own choices of Breathing style. Building your own character to either be the best slayer or a demon general is pretty exciting, to say the least.

Of course, there are more that could be explored in an open-world Demon Slayer game. Being able to freely roam around feudal Japan ridden with Demons and godly slayers is truly the stuff of dreams.

5. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Magic and guilds are fun, it is even better if it is an open-world game. We’ve already seen how fun and wholesome the Fairy Tail anime is. Its world-building is incredible and to live in it as a wizard could be excitingly fun.

Hopefully, if this game were to be released, we will be able to form our own guild with our friends and start some guild wars of our own. Aside from that, there could also be PVE elements like raiding against boss enemies like how they do it in World of Warcraft.

6. Black Clover

Black Clover

To be fair, anything that we’ve said about Fairy Tail being a potentially great open-world game can be similarly said for Black Clover. Both of them deal with magic and are set in a truly immersive universe.

The major difference between these two animes is they are set in different settings. Black Cover is rooted in an academy-based environment which means it could be a fusion between Naruto and Fairy Tail.

7. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Ok, in the anime, living in the world of Aincrad doesn’t seem all that rosy, if you die, you will actually meet your maker in real life. Luckily, that’s not the case.

In Aincrad’s world, everything is magical. The food is pretty, the scenery is gorgeous and the NPCs are every weebs’ dreams. It’s like your typical MMORPG but could potentially be the best out there, given games like MapleStory and New World a run for their money.

8. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Want to play GTA but in a Japanese setting? Maybe an open-world Tokyo Revengers game can answer the call. Like in the GTA games—at least the modern ones—we want to be able to create our own character and venture into what it is like to be in a Japanese gang.

In a way, an open-world Tokyo Revengers game would be like an offspring of GTA and Bully, taking the best from both worlds. One thing we want for certain is the BGM though. The anime has some of the best action background music and we need to see it included in the game!

And that’s it! We’ve finally made it to the end of the list. If you stayed up till the end, you are a true champ! Also, if you are looking to satiate your video game needs, be sure to check out OffGamers’ official store here!