8 Beginner Card Games for Everyone

Turn-based games are usually seen as a bread-and-butter concept for JRPGs, but other genres have also made brilliant use of this style of gameplay. Card games or better known as card battlers in the video game world are all in a sense, turn-based games.

While we’re on the topic, card games are often seen as challenging games. Most of them have in-depth mechanics that require players to have hours of experience to understand. Essentially, if you don’t know what you are doing, you’ll be crushed by veterans.

Then again, card battlers are such an enticing genre that sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves to play these games even when they are so darn punishing. Not to worry though, for this article, we’ve made the effort to gather 8 beginner-friendly card games that are very welcoming for newbies.

Well, let’s start!

1. Hearthstone

Photo Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Now, Hearthstone is not by all means an easy game. It is easy to learn but very hard to master, especially if you are eyeing the higher ranks. Still, the game’s explanation of how each mechanic works is very simple and the low range of numbers used to measure health helps. Honestly, Hearthstone is a game in that most non-card battler players start their card-battling journey.

We do recommend players who are completely new look up some constructed deck-building guides. Once you’ve got a set deck, play accordingly and you’ll do perfectly fine. Also, if you are looking to top up funds to your Hearthstone account, be sure to do so using our Battle.net Balance Gift Card here!

2. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire
Photo Credits: Mega Crit Games

If you are looking for a dungeon-crawling and card-battling system in a game, Slay the Spire is perfect for you. Sure, the game might get difficult over time but starting out, the game is actually pretty simple—especially compared to other insanely difficult card games.

Like with Hearthstone, we love the fact that the developers did not go crazy with the numbers. Hence, it is way simple to calculate the damage you are dealing with and taking. Also, the different variations in characters you get to play are very engaging for players unfamiliar with the genre.

Plus, the game gets better as you play more, or should we say, the more you play, the more nuances of the game will open up to you and by then, you’ll get better. With a couple of failures, you’ll understand the game more. Keep playing and you’ll get the full Slay the Spire experience.

3. Shadowverse

Photo Credits: Cygames

Okay, if we’re being honest, when we first set our sights on Shadowverse, it was overwhelming. The numbers are huge and the wide array of classes and information are pretty hard to take in. However, once we showed it a little bit of love and attention, the game isn’t as hard as it seems.

The game’s tutorial is very decent and if you pay proper attention, you will grasp the mechanics and terms fairly quickly. Of course, for your first couple of matches, you’ll most likely lose. Don’t take it too hardly. As you play more, you’ll win. And which each win and loss, you will gain in-game experience that will help you grow and be better.

4. Clash Royale

Clash Royale
Photo Credits: Supercell Games

Some might argue that Clash Royale is not truly a card game. Well, we do see it as one because it does have a lot of things in common with one. The emphasis on tempo and deck/card building are there so, we think it qualifies.

One of the reasons why Clash Royale is so welcoming for beginners is because its cards are very easy to understand. They are not overwhelmingly complicated and as long as you pay attention to the descriptions, you’ll do fine.

Sure, they might be some cheesy strategies that new players might fall victim to, but as they play, they’ll gain experience to either use or defend these strategies. Watch videos or read a guide because Clash Royale is here for a while so there are plenty of resources that can help you.

5. Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution

Yu Gi Oh
Photo Credits: Konami

Any fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime will know that they take card battling very seriously. Fortunately, for its video game, the game is relatively safe for beginners. It’s easy to get into and if you get a couple of friends who know how to play, you are in for a sweet ride.

Like with many games on this list, learning is required. So, it is best that you take the effort to learn the game’s terms and how each type of card works. This is where your friends come in handy. Assuming that they already know the game, this could shorten the time needed to learn these mechanics. Once you can successfully understand them, this game isn’t too hard.

Also, watching the anime might not necessarily help you get better at the game but having something to associate the game with is great for learning. So, while you are at it, why not binge-watch a new anime in the process?

6. Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

Pokemon TCG
Photo Credits: The Pokemon Company

Often seen and played physically, the Pokemon TCG can now be played online as well. It works differently than your usual Pokemon video games but the Pokemons remain a bit similar. So, if you have a base where you are familiar with the types of Pokemons, picking this game up isn’t difficult.

Again, Pokemon TCG—like with many games on this list—is better enjoyed with buddies around you. Even when all of your friends don’t know how this game works, learning together is better than traversing into the unknown alone.

Given how the rave and hype surrounding this game, we’re sure that sources are readily available for you if you want to learn the ropes. Hey, maybe the road to becoming the very best isn’t too harsh after all!


Photo Credits: CD Projekt RED

The Witcher game series is arguably one of the best high-fantasy games ever made. They are stunning and have set the standard for many AAA games after them. Their spin-off card game, GWENT is just as brilliant.

Reusing the characters and lores from this game is beautifully crafted and is pretty welcoming to newer players. The numbers aren’t sky-high so you technically don’t need a calculator lying around. Aesthetic-wise, the game reminds us a little bit of DOTA Underlords and Artifact. So, if you had a good time with the aforementioned games, you’ll certainly like GWENT as well.

8. Codename

Photo Credits: Czech Games Edition

All right, we know it is a little sneaky to include Codename into this list, but it is just so easy and so much fun. Codename is an amazing party game where it can be played virtually or physically. It is a game for everyone.

All you really need to have is a good guessing game and a decent vocabulary and you’ll be great at this game. Separated into two teams, all you need to do is guess the items/places from the clues given to you by the spymaster. This can get really hectic and crazy while testing the connection you have with your spymaster. It is super simple yet so chaotic. We love it!

And that’s it! We’ve finally concluded our article for the 8 beginner-friendly card games. If you have any other video game needs, be sure to click on the ‘SHOP NOW’ button below to visit our store to fulfil them!