8 Beginner Carry Heroes in DOTA 2

DOTA 2 offers players a vast array of heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and playstyles. One of the essential roles in DOTA 2 is the Carry, responsible for dealing heavy damage and carrying the team to victory in the late game.

For beginners, mastering this role can be challenging, but starting with the right heroes can make the learning process smoother and more enjoyable. In this article, we will introduce eight beginner-friendly Carry heroes in DOTA 2 that can help you get a grasp on this crucial role.

Also, if you need to, here is a list of some of the easiest heroes you can play in DOTA 2!

1. Wraith King

Wraith King
Photo Credits: Valve

Wraith King is an excellent hero for beginners looking to play the Carry role. His straightforward abilities make him easy to understand and execute in matches. With a reliable stun and a passive critical strike he has all you need for a beginner carry.

Additionally, WK is a formidable presence in team fights. His ultimate ability, Reincarnation allows him to resurrect upon death, providing a second chance to continue dishing out damage.

2. Sniper

Sniper Dota 2 carry
Photo Credits: Valve

Sniper is a ranged Carry hero that excels in dealing damage from a safe distance. His abilities, Shrapnel, Headshot, and Take Aim, provide him with superior range and zoning capabilities. He is a very strong laner with his first skill and his base attack time is one of the quickest on the game. This means, that contesting last hits with him is a cakewalk because the bullet just flies too fast!

Beginners will appreciate Sniper’s simplicity and ability to remain at a distance during fights, making him less susceptible to being caught out of position.

3. Juggernaut

Juggernaut Dota 2 carry
Photo Credits: Valve

Juggernaut is another user-friendly Carry hero, boasting a well-rounded skill set. His Blade Fury ability grants magic immunity, protecting him from most crowd-control effects. Plus it can even serve as a decent killing tool during the laning stage. Juggernaut’s ultimate, Omnislash, unleashes a series of rapid attacks on a single target, making him a formidable force in one-on-one engagements, powered up greatly by attack speed items like Mjolnir and Moon Shard.

4. Drow Ranger

drow ranger dota 2 carry
Photo Credits: Valve

Drow Ranger is an agility-based Carry hero who excels in ranged attacks. Her passive-Ultimate ability, Marksmanship, provides a significant boost to her ranged attacks giving her chances to deal insane damage to even the tankiest of heroes.

With Frost Arrows to slow enemies and Gust for crowd control, Drow Ranger is a well-rounded and easy-to-learn Carry hero.

5. Sven

Sven Dota 2 carry
Photo Credits: Valve

Sven is a strength-based Carry hero known for his high burst damage and crowd control abilities. His Storm Hammer can stun multiple enemies in a cone, and Warcry grants a powerful armour and movement speed buff to himself and nearby allies.

Beginners will find Sven’s straightforward gameplay and early-game presence to be a great asset. His passive ability, Greater Cleave also allows him to farm extremely fast across the map. Give him a lifesteal and movement speed item and you’ll see him clear camps like a demon.

6. Luna

Luna dota 2 carry
Photo Credits: Valve

Luna is an agility-based Carry hero who has consistent damage while boasting a very powerful AOE Ultimate in Eclipse. Her Lucent Beam skill allows her to pick up last hits that might seem impossible to take in the lane and makes her an awesome laner for newbies as well.

With her passive ability, Moon Glaives, Luna can hit multiple enemies with each attack, making farming and pushing lanes easier. It’s like Sven but in ranged form.

7. Snapfire

Snapfire dota 2 carry
Photo Credits: Valve

Traditionally not played as a Carry, after the Universal change update, Snapfire and her Level 20 talent make her 3rd skill Lil’ Shredder uses her attack damage as damage is absurd. And given she is a Universal hero her damage scales extremely well into the late game.

Laning-wise, she is perhaps one of the best in the game. Her first skill Scatterblast can let her contest most ranged creep. In the long run, she will always gain gold and experience advantage through this.

8. Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin Dota 2 carry
Photo Credits: Valve

Phantom Assassin, often referred to as PA, is an agility-based Carry hero known for her high critical strike potential. With her Blur ability granting evasion and Phantom Strike closing the gap to her target, PA can quickly eliminate foes.

All in all, PA’s game plan is extremely simple. During team fights, all you need to do is snipe the weakest target like Supports and take them down in a flash. Now that her Blur is an active ability, giving you the effects of a Smoke, you can move around the map much safer, accelerating your farming speed for your core items.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the Carry role in DOTA 2 requires practice, game knowledge, and a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen heroes. These eight beginner-friendly Carry heroes provide a solid starting point for new players looking to hone their skills and contribute to their team’s success.

As you progress, explore other heroes and strategies to further develop your understanding of the Carry role and become a formidable force on the battlefield. Happy gaming!

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