8 Games Just Like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was a trip. It is a game that attempts to impress in a genre that is filled with hardcore gamers—and to that, we salute it. While it might have its problem, Wo Long is actually a pretty well-rounded game. It took the Three Kingdoms mythology and spin it with edgy dark themes, combining it also with a soul-like gameplay. All in all, it did the job.

Even so, all good things come to an end. And like with many great games, players might find themselves in an emotional ditch after completing Wo Long—they just need more. This then brings us to today’s topic where we will show you 8 games that might just fill that void!

Let’s start!

1. Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors Wo Long

The DW franchise has been a fan favourite in the KOEI family. Their games have stood the test of time and are consistently still played, even today.

If we were to compare difficulty levels, DW and Wo Long are poles apart. The DW games are significantly easier as they lean toward the hack-and-slash genre. It’s one of those games where you can mash your buttons and win. That said, we’re recommending the DW games because of the mythology behind them.

The games also follow the Three Kingdoms story, focusing more on the lore and its characters. Therefore, if you want an interactive experience to know more about the Three Kingdoms’ history, Dynasty Warriors should be your pick.

2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Wo Long

One is set in ancient China and the other in feudal Japan; both are equally amazing games though. Plus, if you feel like Wo Long didn’t give you a proper challenge, maybe Sekiro will get your gaming body tingling.

Do note that Sekiro may not have the customisation of Wo Long but it definitely shares the same range of difficulty gameplay-wise. Focusing more on parrying, Sekiro is like a timing-based game and if you get them right, it is just so satisfying.

Visually, they both ground themselves pretty well in Asian culture. So, if you like traditional Asian beasts and samurais merged with gruesome aesthetics, this one’s for you.

3. Nioh

Nioh Wo Long

Readers would have to see this coming. It’s almost impossible to not put the Nioh games on the list, especially when Wo Long is considered by many to be their spiritual successor.

That said, if you do want to get into the Nioh franchise now, we recommend the second instalment of the game. This is because the game’s mechanics and gameplay are more refined there and you’ll generally have a better time playing it.

As for difficulty, it is really down to personal preference. Nioh has insane difficulty for its niche Yokai mechanics. On the other hand, Wo Long plays out more like a traditional war game where some battles can be won easily by just having a high enough morale.


Code Vein Wo Long

Earlier, we talked about the amazing customisation that Wo Long has. If you were to go and search any stream of video of Wo Long’s playthrough, you’ll notice that each player will have a different playstyle. They are essentially unique on their own.

This is the same for CODE VEIN. Here, players are given the freedom to express their combat. In many ways, you can change up your battle approach where can opt for speed and precision or even strength and durability. Nothing is fixed in CODE VEIN.

Not to mention, CODE VEIN also has some of the best character customisations out there. So, if you want to build your own superhero of a character, CODE VEIN allows you to do just that,

5. Elden Ring

Elden Ring Wo Long

There are actually very few things that need to be said about the awesomeness of Elden Ring. Being able to claim the Game of the Year award means it is genuinely a good game and Wo Long actually shares some qualities with the best.

For one, the difficulty. We won’t argue which is harder but just know that both are equally as punishing and have a steep learning curve. In the customisation department, Wo Long might have the edge but Elden Ring isn’t too far behind.

Story-wise, Elden Ring is a little more immersive and has a longer playtime. Trust us, once you are in the Elden Ring rabbit hole, you can safely assume that your 100+ hours are gone.

6. Bloodborne

Bloodborne Wo Long

Many Wo Long enjoyers have a similar taste of loving the darker side of things, like how they prefer the gruesome origins of fairy tales, rather than the watered-down Disney versions. Bloodborne is exactly that where it portrays the already dark gothic theme to be even darker than usual.

The bosses in Bloodborne are, in a good way, extremely hideous. Bosses like Ludwig, Vicar Amelia and Gascoigne are all top-tier for us in the genre. As for its difficulty, Bloodborne is no walk in the park. Don’t think that you’ll have it easy even when you have conquered Wo Long. Bloodborne will still provide a decent challenge and if you are not on your toes, you will still be in for a rough time.

7. Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts might not be as well-received as some of the titles on the list but we still think it deserves a shout. The monster designs here are very well done and although it might not have the edgy cosmetics of the FromSoftware games, they still did a pretty insane job of making them unique to their own franchise. The Kemono is a pretty nice addition to the genre.

Honestly, we also really enjoyed the Kakuri system, it is a fresh mechanic and opens up a lot of innovation to the game’s gameplay. The game also has a wonderful multiplayer system where you get to gang up with your group of friends to take on these Kemonos. It’s best played with friends and we always love a game that emphasises teamwork.

8. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Wo Long

Anything good and great that we have mentioned for Wild Hearts can basically be applied for Monster Hunter Rise. Being a long-standing franchise, many praises have been sung for the MH games, especially for Monster Hunter Rise.

Just like Wild Hearts, Monster Hunter Rise prides itself on its multiplayer system. It’s a game in which you and your gamer friends can spend hours and hours raiding a beast. Think of it like World of Warcraft but with higher-end graphics and perhaps a little less grindy.

Additionally, the DLCs for Monster Hunter Rise are one of the very few that we would recommend getting. They are great expansions and add a whole lot of content to an already content-filled game. So, if you are thinking of purchasing the DLCs, be sure to do so with our Steam Wallet Codes here!

Well, that’s it! We’ve finally concluded our list of 8 games that might help you with your Wo Long hangover. Hopefully, these games will keep you entertained and challenged until the next souls like drops!