8 Games That Won Us Over With Their Music

Music in Video Games


8 Games That Won Us Over With Their Music

One of the most underrated aspects of a video game is its music. It is also sometimes a core element of a game as the music resonates deeply with certain scenes or moments.

So today, we have gathered a few games that we feel are memorable for not only their gameplay but have also managed to captivate us with their fine tunes.


Persona Series

1. Persona Series

You would probably be wondering which Persona game we are referring to, we’ll save you the suspense, it is all of them!

And as most Persona fans out there would know, each Persona title has its own central idea with Shoji Meguro and his team doing a splendid job composing tracks that resonate with the said themes.

Take Persona 3 as an example. The core of the game revolves around death and a song like Kimi no Kioku is able to capture the happy-sad environment of the game.

On the other hand, Persona 4 which you can make a case of ATLUS’ first step in making its Persona franchise less ‘edgy’ has a much more vibrant take to their music which most likely had an influence on Persona 5’s music.

From this, you can already tell that ATLUS is very selective and careful about their music choices for their games, at least for the Persona series!



2. MapleStory

If you have been a gamer since young, this mushroom Korean MMORPG is probably up there as a timeless classic.

It’s really hard to choose a standout but it’s mostly the older ones that pack a nostalgic punch. The login screen music itself is like a wayback machine that kicks you back to when you were in primary school, stealthily turning on your parents’ PC to travel around Maple World.

OG places like Elinia has the enchanting When the Morning Comes track and Lith Harbor being the starting point of all gamers was made more iconic with the Above the Treetops music.

Most of these tracks have an evergreen vibe to their rhythm, which we guess play a role in amping up the nostalgic vibe.

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Tekken 7

3. Tekken 7

Many might find it odd that an arcade PVP game made it to the list for good music. Trust us, we’re not kidding. Tekken 7 made use of the trance genre insanely well for certain stages.

One of its best includes Infinite Azure that merges both serenity and excitement, equalling the beautiful sky-themed stage.

Plus, each character also has their own signature theme which we felt was a nice touch. It’s almost like BANDAI NAMCO is introducing an overpowered anime character every time they add a new character to its roster.

For a fighting game, Tekken 7 is definitely of the higher tier when it comes to music selection.


Kingdom Hearts

4. Kingdom Hearts series

The Kingdom Hearts series has been a long-time favourite for JRPG fans, and it definitely isn’t just because of the good looking Final Fantasy and Disney characters.

Boasting one of the best stories in JRPG, Kingdom Hearts also left a sweet aftertaste with its elegant soundtracks.

Dearly Beloved is, without doubt, a hall-of-fame worthy OST in the Square Enix rich music library catalogue. An honourable mention includes Simple and Clean by Hikaru Utada that even had different versions of the song to fit different moods of the games.

Aside from the main themes, the different stages of Kingdom Hearts’ world also have amazing music, especially the Disney themed ones, where it still manages to retain the magical element that Disney has with its music.


Life is Strange

5. Life is Strange

This might be a little bit off the rails as most of Life is Strange’s music isn’t original as they didn’t compose the music themselves, but we still want to give them props for having such an amazing playlist.

If you’ve ever felt like creating a personalized indie playlist, you can save yourself the hassle and look into Life is Strange’s indie choices.

Songs from Syd Matters, Message to Bears and Bright Eyes are only a few hidden gems from the game. Sure, Life is Strange might make you fully invested in its game plot, but the experience is truly enhanced with the music they have chosen.

And with the new Life is Strange: True Colors coming out later this year, we are more than excited to see what music it has in store for us!

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Pokemon Games

6. Pokemon Series

No, we aren’t just picking Pokemon just because it is nostalgic.

The Pokemon games, especially the player’s starting town that reflects the beginning of an adventure, all have exquisite BGMs.

Going back all the way to the classic Game Boy Color and up ‘till today’s Switch Pokemon games, Nintendo has seriously maintained their high standard when it comes to background and battle themes.



7. Transistor

Almost all Supergiant Games have great music and voice actors, heck, even Bastion made its way to Dota 2 and got its own voice pack!

For our pick, we have decided to go with Transistor. Darren Korb and Ashley Barett have consistently churned out ear-dropping music for Supergiant Games’ entries and can easily be used as ASMR.

The reason why we value Transistor’s playlist so much is because it again resonates deeply with its story—much like the Persona series.

For instance, the track We All Become carries a sad and futuristic tone which is synonymous with the central theme of the game. Also, take nothing away from Barett as she did a stellar job with the vocals.



8. Cuphead

Now, this is a fun one. It is indeed creative that Studio MDHR created a game that is based on the time period of the 1930s.

They definitely got the visuals spot on and their music is excellent. For those that do not know, Cuphead is known for its tremendous difficulty. It pushes your reaction and timing to the limits like the FromSoftware games.

To add salt to injury, the game’s somewhat humiliating tunes can be enjoyably infuriating. This is because the mocking tune is inserted to push the player into getting good at the game and for them to have an ‘in your face moment’ after clearing a stage.