8 Games that You Didn’t Know Were from Chinese Developers

There are many Chinese inventions that are still used today like paper and the mechanical clock but little do we know that there are actually a lot of games that the Chinese have developed.

So, in the spirit of the Chinese New Year, we will be listing down 8 video games that were developed by Chinese studios that you probably did not expect!

Let’s get started!


Genshin Impact China


1. Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is not an unknown game. It is one of the most popular games at the moment but it is actually developed by the same studio that created Honkai Impact.

miHoYo is the studio we are referring to. This studio has made this wonderful open-world game a treat for both hardcore and casual gamers. The gameplay is very addictive and its world is super immersive.

Also, the game has a really good community that helps one another with builds and guides and it also stretches to the developers where they listen and give what the players want. The game is still going strong and we do hope it remains that way.


game of thrones winter is coming china


2. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming


Available on Steam, web browsers and mobile devices, this Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is a subtle game based on the famous GOT TV series and books. Surprisingly, this game is actually developed by a Chinese studio called Yoozoo Games.

Like in the original franchise, the game will also focus on warfare where the player will need to micromanage an entire army internally and externally. This means players will be in charge of resources, recruitment and forming of alliances with different armies.

It’s a decent game to build your own army in the GOT universe where it uses its lore and setting as a template. Do note that there are microtransactions in this game but even so, this game is free-to-play at an entry-level.


final fantasy awakening china


3. Final Fantasy Awakening


One would think that all Final Fantasy games are probably developed by Square Enix themselves. This is not really the case for Final Fantasy Awakening as this game is co-developed by a Chinese studio, Perfect World Games.

Perfect World is a pretty well-known studio from China and their joining hands with Square Enix on their beloved franchise can only mean good things. Available for mobile devices, the game resembles a lot of the Type-0 Final Fantasy title with action-RPG elements with a touch of hack-and-slash.

The game also uses a multiplayer mode where friends can play with one another to form teams and compete against other online squadrons. The game is free-to-play and has in-game purchases that players can buy using real money to bolster their performance.


beowulf the game china


4. Beowulf: The Game


Beowulf is a work of art that has seen many adaptations. The more notable one would be the 2007 film directed by Robert Zemeckis and the video game based on that movie is actually from a Chinese studio.

The studio in charge of this game is Ubisoft Shanghai. The game design is really well made for a 2000s game and can be still considered beautiful by today’s standards. It’s very similar to another medieval book/movie adaptations of games like Eragon.

We recommend potential players first watch the original 2007 film beforehand and play the game after. That way, you will have some form of association with the game, making certain nuances of the game much easier to understand.


pubg mobile china


5. PUBG Mobile


When PUBG was released on the PC years ago, the hype around it was huge. Unfortunately, the game’s required specs were very high and many players didn’t have their own PCs then. Even today, there are many gamers who do not own a high-end rig.

It was then that PUBGM came into the fray. PUBGM is a mobile port of the game where it has attracted a larger player base as the game is now more accessible to the poorer parts of the world. And the Tencent Games from China had a substantial role in making this game a success.

Still widely played today, PUBGM is still consistently receiving updates from its developers from bug fixes to new content. So, if you are looking to experience all of its content to its fullest potential, you can top-up UC here with us.


pokemon unite china


6. Pokemon UNITE


It’s rare enough to see Pokemon straying away from its usual RPG genre and doing a MOBA game but it’s even more bizarre when a Chinese studio is behind it.

Yes, Pokemon UNITE is actually made by a Chinese studio called TiMi Studio and to be fair, it is pretty decent for a first Pokemon MOBA game. The game might not have very in-depth mechanics to other major MOBA titles but this also makes it very easy for newcomers.

The game uses a specific set of Pokemon and each of them is designed to play certain traditional roles of the MOBA genre. The game is free-to-play for Switch and mobile users and it also has in-game purchases to enhance its experience.


mobile legends bang bang china


7. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


MLBB is one of the major titles in the mobile video game space. It is quick, fun and snappy compared to the older MOBA titles, which means it requires less time and investment.

This hit of a game is developed by Moonton where it uses the same concept as games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Unlike the other 2, the game is much quicker and less demanding, be it skill or device requirement.

In turn, this makes the game really attractive towards casual gamers that want a twinge of competitiveness in their video game adventures.


ftl faster than light china


8. FTL: Faster Than Light


FTL is a very unique game that has a very special take on the roguelite genre. Its gameplay revolves around managing a spaceship and venturing through sectors of the spaceship that are randomly generated.

Developed by an indie group, Subset Games from China, this game has received great acclaim for its fresh take and interesting premise. Its simple art style and complex gameplay allow the game to exude a quirky charm that sucks in players, making them come back to play it again.

FTL is basically a game that sucks you in once you get the hang of things and after a couple of runs, you’d noticed that you would’ve spent hundreds of hours on it.


Did we catch you off guard with these games that were made by Chinese studios? With this array of great games, we certainly hope that these Chinese studios would continue churning out more of these great games!