8 MMORPGs That Are Still Worth Playing in 2023

In the early 2000s, MMORPG ruled the video game world. It is a genre that connects gamers with one another—not in a competitive way—but as friends and more so as a community. Question is, are there still any MMORPGs worth playing in 2023?

You bet there is! And to confirm that, we will be taking a look at 8 MMORPGs that are worth your time and still has a very committed player base. They have an entire world of their own and their players are basically residents there. It’s an entire level of immersion.

Without further ado, let’s go!

1. Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok online mmorpg 2023

You would think that a game released back in 2002 would cease to exist. That is certainly not the case for Ragnarok Online. Sure, the concurrent players might not be as strong as before but the game is still receiving updates and additional content.

Its unique card system for upgrades is still here and one of the more original additions to an MMORPG back in the day. Plus, its PVP system also makes it a little more competitive compared to other MMORPGs.

2. MapleStory

MapleStory MMORPG 2023

Another bona fide MMORPG classic. The opening track to the MapleStory login screen still brings tears to many eyes due to nostalgia. Even so, the game is far from being history as the game has seen several changes and the amount of content to devour is virtually infinite.

The Maple community is also really developed as you can see from the abundance of guides and Discord servers dedicated to this game. Like with Ragnarok Online, this game is still played continuously and you will not be alone in venturing into the Maple World.

3. World of Warcraft

WOW mmorpg 2023

Some might even call World of Warcraft the godfather of MMORPG. It is a game that many old-school gamers hold dearly and even today, it has continued to attract younger gamers.

The amount of things you can do in World of Warcraft is just insane. Of course, its largest selling point is its crazy raid battles and guild mechanics which are a staple. But it is also important to not forget that World of Warcraft is also brilliant in its invention of culture within a game. It’s truly immersive and playing it would be as if you are transferred into a different world completely.

You do have to pay a subscription to play the game but trust us, it is totally worth the investment for the joy you are getting.

4. Black Desert

black desert mmorpg 2023

Back when Black Desert was released in 2018, we were sceptical as to how it would perform given how amazing the visuals looked. Most of the time, online games with such high-end graphics will suffer because the game needs to be optimised for all PCs.

Oh, we were so glad to be proven wrong as this game did pretty well until today. This is not to say the game is free from bugs but for what it is providing, we think it is pretty acceptable then. As they continue to improve, Black Desert has so many amazing features that every MMORPG fan would love. Grind-based gameplay and a rich variety of customisation for the player’s character.

5. Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy xiv mmorpg 2023

It was worrying when Square Enix decided to explore the online direction, more so with the beloved Final Fantasy franchise. But kudos to them because it worked a charm and they have successfully expanded the FF universe into a multiplayer system.

We also love the fact that FFXIV is continuously expanding, giving existing players more content to explore. Again, it is a game that requires you to pay a certain subscription fee but you are getting a lot of hours of fun for it. So, if you have the cash to spare, FFXIV is something you might want to consider putting your efforts into.

6. Elder Scrolls Online

elder scrolls online mmorpg 2023

We consider Elder Scrolls Online as one of the standard setters for an open-world MMORPG. This game takes immersion to a whole new level and once you are in it, you never really want to get out.

Unlike most MMORPGs, Elder Scrolls Online has really good storytelling—something you’d normally see in single-player games only. The plot is super intriguing and it’s rare to see a game from a genre that is multiplayer-based be so invested in a single-player aspect. This makes the game multidimensional.

7. RuneScape

runescape mmorpg 2023

Most MMORPGs are about killing mobs and levelling to reach those super-high numbers. While RuneScape has all that but it offers a lot more variety. It’s more interested in the world-building of its game, giving emphasis to aspects like fishing, farming and building.

Similar to WOW and MapleStory, RuneScape is one of the older MMORPGs but is still receiving improvements presently. One of the best things about RuneScape is its cross-platform feature. This means, whether you are on mobile or PC, you get to share the same account, allowing you to continue your journey even when you are away from home!

8. Blade and Soul

blade and soul 2023 mmorph

If you are all about fighting and seeing colourful skills flash before your eyes, Blade and Soul is the game for you.

It is set with a wuxia theme in mind so you can expect a healthy mixture of both ancient magic and traditional martial arts. The gameplay is very reminiscent of CABAL but is more rooted in oriental themes. You have about 15 classes to choose from all of which are uniquely different from one another.

As this game is still rather popular, it is also receiving consistent updates that add content and fix bugs. So, if you are looking to start a new MMORPG, Blade and Soul is a good entry game for you.

Well, that’s about it! These are 8 MMORPGs that are still going strong today and whether you are an experienced or a newcomer to the genre, these games are certainly worth the try. And if you need help topping up games from the list or any video game needs in general, be sure to visit OffGamers here!