8 Most Annoying VALORANT Agents To Beat

8 Most Annoying VALORANT Agents to Play Against
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Valorant agents are – annoying. Some agents will test your patience and skill, even if you’re a skilled player. A little challenge is good because these vexing adversaries will help you refine your skills and allow you to become a better player.

Plus, “annoying” agents are exploited by smurfs or have abilities that no one appreciates being on the receiving end of.

We’re going to outline the top 8 most annoying Valorant agents in no particular order that you’ll come across in the game.

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8 Most Annoying VALORANT Agents to Play Against

Remember: These characters are in no specific order, and they’re all annoying in their own right. We’re going to begin with one of the more challenging characters to play against: Yoru.

1. Yoru

Valorant Agent Yoru
Photo Credits: Riot Games

If you’ve been playing Valorant for a while, you know that Yoru was a forgettable agent. No one really played him because he was underwhelming. Well, the developer wanted to change things up in one of the most recent patches and decided to make Yoru a lot stronger.

Now, the duelist is a pest and is confusing because he can summon a clone.

The clone even moves around, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be fighting against the clone while Yoru lines up some major damage for you. But that’s just the start of why we chose Yoru as one of the game’s most annoying characters. He can also annoy you with:

  • Fakeout, which is the clone’s ability that, if you destroy it, will blind its enemies and put you into a very risky situation.
  • Blindside, which will flash when it hits something, making Yoru a “slippery” character.
  • Teleport, which can be faked and allow Yoru to get out of dangerous situations.

And if all of these abilities weren’t annoying enough, Yoru also has a mask that makes him go invisible or “stealth.” If you’re playing him, you can walk in the shadows and gain intel on your foes, but when you play against him, it’s an overpowered ability that can be a game-changer.

Yoru has gone from a forgettable character to one that is simply “annoying” and a real challenge to play against.

2. KAY/O

Valorant Agent KAY/O
Photo Credits: Riot Games

KAY/O should be no surprise to anyone who plays Valorant because he’s an agent that has all of the tools to be annoying in competitions and games. However, a fair bit of skill is necessary to leverage KAY/O’s abilities to really annoy the competition.

Why is this agent annoying?

  • He’s a suppression specialist.
  • FLASH/DRIVE grenade temporarily blinds other characters.
  • FRAG/ment will continue to explode and stick to the floor, causing massive damage if you get stuck in the middle of it.
  • Sticky blade is one of the worst abilities that KAY/O has because it will prevent you from using your skills for a few seconds.

Sticky Blade is one of the abilities that can be timed just right to take down agents. Locking multiple agents out of their abilities for a few seconds at a time will allow KAY/O to get the upper hand in situations and recover faster than other players.

KAY/O can also be revived for a few seconds after he’s killed, so you’ll need to be on your game to stop him from coming back and causing serious mayhem.

Oh, and on top of Sticky Blade, he also has NULL/cmd. The NULL/cmd ability suppresses enemies and he will gain combat stim until the ability wears off. KAY/O’s abilities are an annoyance that you’ll need to work through from time to time, but we have a lot of other agents that you’re going to cringe about.

3. Jett

Valorant Agent Jett
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Jett could be more annoying, but in the hands of a smurf, she will land a bunch of kills. She is one of the main agents that smurfs choose and is a threat to the meta forever. What’s interesting is that Jett either:

  • Ends with 0/10.
  • Kills everyone with a high score.

Dash used to be the one ability that really put her over the edge because it allowed her to get out of danger and turn the tide of a game. However, after the ability was nerfed, people found that an Operator allows her to land long-distance kills at will if played properly.

Jett is a duelist who is best played by someone who is very aggressive because she does have a very evasive style to her that can make her boring to play unless you’re willing to go on the offensive.

She is also very mobile for an agent because she can use Updraft and Tailwind to either propel herself into the air or forward on the map, respectively. Blade Storm, her ultimate ability, allows her to throw knives to land lethal blows from afar.

While Jett may not be the most exciting agent in Valorant, her skills can be leveraged by skilled players to land massive kills while evading damage as efficiently as anyone in Valorant.

4. Skye

Valorant Agent Skye
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Skye’s progression throughout the years has gone from “meh” to a top choice because she was buffed. The main annoyance she poses is that she can get out of any tight situation that she wants, thanks to her utility abilities.

She’s also someone who will scout the area for her team and blind enemies along the way.

Her abilities include:

  • Regrowth allows her to heal teammates within range.
  • Trailblazer allows her to enter sites quickly and damage/concuss enemies when she flees.
  • Guiding Light will blind enemies by turning their screen green, which is an extremely annoying ability.
  • SEEKERS will damage three of her enemies at a time, putting additional pressure on teams and allowing her to cause decent damage.

As a Valorant support agent, Skye’s abilities can keep her teammates standing and can make a well-played team overpowered and almost impossible to kill. Skye’s an “Initiator,” but her ability to add support and rush in to help her team is one of the strengths that make her a beast in the right player’s hands.

She’s the perfect agent for anyone who loves to strategize and plan their attacks to take down unprepared enemies.

Next up, we’re going to talk about one of the iconic agents that everyone can agree is annoying: Fade.

5. Fade

Valorant Agent Fade
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Fade is, in 99% of cases, going to be the most annoying agent in Valorant, but since she’s newer, maybe that will fade as players get more accustomed to playing her. With that said, she’s known for thriving on your fears and is certainly one of the agents that is overpowered thanks to her “maphack.”

Maphack is built-in for Fade, so she’ll always know where you are on the map, giving her and her teammates a significant advantage.

And if that wasn’t annoying enough, she comes with a plethora of other abilities that will put pressure on you and your teammates.

  • Q-SEIZE will keep enemies in place and allow Fade to unload on them.
  • E-HAUNT reveals enemies that are in the orb’s line of sight.
  • C-PROWLER is a pet of sorts that will chase enemies and can attack them.
  • X – NIGHTFALL is another fun ability that allows Fade to throw an orb that causes deafen and decay as it goes through walls.

Fade has the crowd-control and maphack abilities that make her a very problematic foe to go up against in Valorant. If she has a strong team around her, you’ll find yourself having to be at the top of your game if you want to win.

Her tethering ability is one of the best crowd-control options in the game and one that really sets her apart from the other annoying Valorant agents that you’ll come across. There was even a time when players argued that she was too strong and should be barred from competitive matches because the right team could make the opposition inferior.

6. Breach

Valorant Agent Breach
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Breach! If you’ve been playing Valorant for any length of time, you know that he can disrupt gameplay and make any match a nightmare. He’s almost as annoying as Fade, and if he is in the right player’s hands, he’s going to be even more of a nuisance.


He has the keen ability to create offensive plays that very few other agents can set up. The mixture of abilities includes:

  • Aftershock, which will go through walls and cause a massive amount of damage.
  • Flashpoint will blind any enemies that are facing the light, allowing Breach and his team to go on the offensive or escape unscathed.
  • Fault Line is a large radius blast that will cause all of the enemies in its radius to become dazed.
  • Rolling Thunder will both daze and knock enemies in its radius back.

A lot of players will rage quit the game when they’re up against a team that has a skilled player playing Breach. The ability to daze and blind players is to the point of being overpowered and overwhelming.

One thing that we do want to point out is that Breach demands a very aggressive playstyle and is one of the agents that will force you into playing on their terms. Even beginners will find that he’s easy to use with decent effectiveness, but you do need to have some experience in the game or sense to really leverage his abilities.

7. Raze

Valorant Agent Raze
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Raze is a Brazilian duelist that is “cheesy,” but she can take out agents in the blink of an eye and be the deciding factor in the game. We’ve seen a lot of smurfs control the entire game with Raze because she’s strong enough to be the deciding factor in most games.


She’s awesome at clearing out tight spaces and can go in the trenches for her team to make sure that threats are quickly equalized. Her abilities include:

  • BLAST PACK, which will stick to the floor and cause enemies that enter it to become damaged.
  • PAINT SHELLS, which is a pesky grenade that will explode and damage people in its range while also creating sub-munitions in the process.
  • C – BOOM BOT can be deployed and will go in a straight line, bouncing off walls and waiting to find an enemy. The bot will chase enemies and explode if they enter its detection range.
  • X – SHOWSTOPPER makes Raze even more of a nuisance because it’s a high-powered rocket that will cause massive damage to any enemy it comes in contact with.

Raze is a Valorant agent that you either love or hate. She’s certainly one of the agents that can turn the tide of a match, and her damage will annoy even the most patient of players.

8. Chamber

Valorant Agent Chamber
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Chamber likes to dazzle players with his hipster look, and even though he’s been nerfed in the past, he’s still an annoying agent to play against. If you come across someone who has been playing for a while and is skilled, they’ll use the abilities in Chamber’s arsenal to:

  • Deal a ton of damage.
  • Decide a game.

HEADHUNTER is a heavy pistol that allows for high-end accuracy and does a ton of damage when shots land. If that wasn’t bad enough, RENDEZVOUS can be placed on the ground and allows Chamber to teleport to the anchor point whenever he wishes.

If you think you’re putting pressure on him, he’ll teleport and surprise you with heaps of damage or a well-planned escape.

TRADEMARK may be placed on the ground as a trap, which, when you trigger it, will cause you to slow down thanks to the terrain around you being impacted. And to top it all off, TOUR DE FORCE is a sniper rifle that will kill enemies in a single, well-placed hit.

8 Most Annoying VALORANT Agents to Play Against
Photo Credits: Riot Games

Whether you play Valorant support, duelist or Valorant tracker, all of these agents will be an annoyance that you need to deal with in the game. If you’re still struggling to play against these agents, be sure to check out streams on Twitch and YouTube.

Someone is always showing off their time playing Valorant and how to beat the smurfs at their own game.

And if you’re just starting in the game, be sure to read our Beginner’s Guide to Valorant and the 7 Agents that Beginners Should Play.