A Beginner’s Guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem

Halloween is just around the corner and accompanying us is the latest horror game from Focus Entertainment; A Plague Tale: Requiem.

If we are being honest, horror games lose out in popularity compared to the likes of the action and RPG genres. However, A Plague Tale is something that even gamers outside of the horror circle are interested in.

Maybe it is due to the gorgeous visuals and enigmatic storyline that subconsciously draw people in. Either way, we’re hooked and it is not surprising that many people are playing it upon its release.

And like with every new game, players would want all the help they can get. As such, we’ve gathered some starter tips and tricks beginners can carry with them for their playthrough.

Let’s get started!

Treat this Game Like an Exploration


Treat the Game Like an Exploration


You would think that with a horror game like this, it would be much better to sprint through the map. If you think that, you couldn’t be more wrong!

A Plague Tale actually rewards its players if they take the effort into exploring subtle areas with ammunition and resources. These idle areas often contain collectables and valuable resources which you can use for your upgrades.

Therefore, be sure to take it slow and take your time into exploring these areas. It’s way more enjoyable to experience the game and its beauty than to sprint past it—heck you’ll even get rewarded for it!


Skills A Plague Tale


Knowing How to Approach Skills


Other than weapons, Amicia also has other secondary skills that will assist her on her journey. Knowing what these skills do and how to raise their levels is a wise option if you want to go far in this game.

The skills are:



Prudence is basically how well Amicia can perform when she is hidden. Prudence is needed to crouch and move quickly without raising much noise. This is perfect for silent gameplay.



To improve your Aggressiveness, you will need to take down enemies. By raising your Aggressiveness level, you will directly improve Amicia’s combat abilities. For instance, strangling and recovering from attacks will generally be improved.



Players will need to constantly craft potions to increase Amicia’s Opportunism skill level. With more levels, crafting will take less time and she will be able to craft better results with the same items.


Avoid Guards A Plague Tale


It Might Be Better to Leave Guards Alone


This tip is rather situational because sometimes it is actually better to eliminate the guard. An example of this is when you are found and have lost your element of surprise. If that’s the case, do what you can to bring down the guard.

However, there will be times—most times in fact—that you will be able to sneak past these guards. This is also the reason why the Prudence skill is emphasised upon. In the situation where you are able to get past them without alerting them, do so.

We understand that you might be tempted to bring down the guards, but if we were to look at the bigger picture, it’s not worth it. First, you would have to risk endangering yourself and also it is a waste of resources.


Weapons A Plague Tale


Try to Diversify Your Weapon Pool


If there is one thing that separates other horror games from A Plague Tale is that this game gives its players plenty of combat options.

We’re not talking about the aforementioned skills, but the weapons you are able to use in this game. Don’t worry, it won’t be just a camera you are equipped with. Hence, it is highly recommended that players get familiar with these weapons from the weapons wheel.

Plus, remember to always look to upgrade your weapons when possible. When you can confidently use all of the weapons in your arsenal, you will be able to comfortably fend off any challenges thrown at you in this game.


A Plague Tale Difficulty


Tweaking the Difficulty


Foremost, there are three difficulty options for you to choose from the start. The options are, Narrative, Normal and Hard.

Frankly, there isn’t a ‘definitive’ mode that one should play as you will play through a similar plot anyway. So, if you are a casual player and are only interested in the storyline of A Plague Tale, it is actually better for you to stick with the Narrative mode.

Also, if you are looking for a challenge, there is also an NG+ which you can try on a harder difficulty. On your first playthrough, enjoy the game as is and picking a harder challenge on the second run is our recommendation.

And there’s that! We do hope that you’ve enjoyed our beginner’s guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem. Haven’t purchased the game and want to do so? Be sure to get it on Steam using our Steam Wallet Codes here!