A Beginner’s Guide to Diablo Immortal

A Beginner’s Guide to Diablo Immortal


The Diablo franchise is known to many gamers as the godfather of ARPGs due to its addictive gameplay, near-infinite replayability and originality.

Suffice to say, the Diablo games are the stuff of legends and its global acclaim is truly deserved. And as its fans wait for the release of Diablo IV, we are treated with Diablo Immortal, a mobile-focused version of the franchise that has a wide variety of content for us to savour and more importantly—it is completely free!

Naturally, we’re all super psyched to try out Diablo Immortal but jumping into a Diablo game blindly can be a little overwhelming for casual players. We would not say that the Diablo games are the most difficult but they are certainly not the easiest as well.

Fret not, as we have gathered some pointers dedicated to newcomers to the franchise which will surely help smoothen the early parts of the game.


Customise your controls Diablo Immortal


Optimise Your Settings for the Best Experience


Diablo Immortal is a game where you will need to be at your most comfortable. Sure, you will develop the muscle memory for certain key bindings but if your settings aren’t made for you, ultimately, you will still struggle.

We recommend players take the time in tinkering with the settings a little. Change the key bindings to your liking, tweak it to the point where you feel that you have been playing the game for your whole life.

Besides the control settings, altering the graphic settings can also help with the game’s overall performance. This is specifically true for players with lower-end devices. If you experience stutter or lag spikes during gameplay, lowering the resolution might help remedy the issue.

Yes, the visuals might not be as crisp but trust us, you do not want to go into combat with a horde of enemies with barely 15fps.


Health Mechanics Diablo Immortal Guide


Learn the Health Mechanics


It is no surprise that when your HP hits zero, you die. Therefore, having a virtual alarm bell on your health bar is a good habit to pick up. That said, instead of constantly looking at your HP bar, it is also important that players learn a thing or two about the health recovery mechanics as well.

Unlike most MMORPGs, Diablo Immortal’s health potions have a cooldown timer when used. This means that you cannot spam healing potions whenever you are in a pickle to save yourself. New players will need to be very aware of this as many will fall into a false sense of security, thinking they have protection from the healing pots they’ve brought.

Fortunately, Health Orbs do not have a cooldown timer on them and they also replenish the HP bar. These orbs are dropped by monsters upon death, so if you are out of potions or they are on cooldown, knock out some weaker enemies and consume the orbs to restore your health.


Beginner Class Diablo Immortal Guide


Pick Your Class Carefully


This might be a bit ironic because you can change your class later down the road but we still recommend players first choose a class that is beginner-friendly so that they can understand the game’s mechanics at a more comfortable pace.

Like in Lost Ark, players will be asked to choose a Class that they want to enter the game with. Normally, we would ask players to go with their gut and pick any class of their liking, but if this is your first attempt at an MMORPG game, you might want to pick these two classes as your starting class.

The first Class that we recommend is the Barbarian class. Barbarians are straightforward and easy to use. Its skills are easy to pick up and with their natural bulkiness, newcomers will have a little leeway in taking damage from monsters before hitting the floor.

If brute force isn’t your cup of tea, another beginner-friendly hero is the Necromancer class. This class relies on its summons to do its job and you will just need to sit and watch. Elden Ring players will know how broken this is as your main body will be safe from harm as your summons will be taking the damage while also kiting the enemy.

Again, later into the game, you will be able to switch classes but if you are unsure of which class to choose, we recommend either Barbarian or Necromancer as you will have a much better time picking up the game with them compared to the other classes.


Dailies Diablo Immortal Guide


Level Up Efficiently


MMORPGs are all about the numbers. The higher they are, the stronger you get. The annoying part about this is that you will need to grind a lot before you can hit those numbers. Then again, we’re signing up for it when we’ve decided to play a level-based game, but let’s work smart and not hard.

We understand that EXP grinding is part of the game but we want to do it in a way where it gives us the maximum result with the minimum amount of effort. One way to approach EXP grinding is through side quests. Side quests might not be as fleshed out as the main story but they provide a good amount of extra resources in terms of EXP and gold.

Daily bounties and repeatable dungeons are your friends as well. Many players tend to neglect them as they want to proceed with the main story. However, most of them will hit a wall when they realise that the monsters are getting stronger and without the proper levels, they are going to struggle a lot and you will need the extra EXP from these dailies and dungeons.


Upgrade Equipment Diablo Immortal Guide


Upgrade your Equipment


Upgrading your equipment might be a pain for those who are unfamiliar with the MMORPG genre. Unfortunately, we have to break it to you that it is essential if you want to progress further and be better at the game.

At certain times, you might notice that your character is high levelled yet you seem to struggle with certain enemies, finding it extremely difficult for you to take them down. In many cases, this is largely due to your weapon bottlenecking you as it might not be on the same par as your level.

This is when foraging and resource collecting come into the picture. Take the effort in picking up whatever is lying around, these forages can be used to upgrade your equipment, giving your character a significant power boost.

Of course, the Legendary equipment might be a little far-fetched for newcomers but working with Rare equipment to the best of their capabilities can go a long way.


That’s it! We’ve finally reached the end of this beginner’s guide. If you are new to the Diablo franchise and Diablo Immortal is your first game, you can get an edge through some upgrades with some Eternal Orbs using our Google Play Store Gift Card here!