A Beginner’s Guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney is best known for its amazing animated films that have basically set the standard for everyone in the industry. That said, a lesser-known fact about Disney is that they have a good number of video games in their arsenal as well.

Their latest release, Disney Dreamlight Valley, is perhaps their boldest attempt yet at a video game. Released as a life-sim genre, the game has caught many eyeballs and expectations were sky high.

Whether the game manages to live up to its expectations or not, we’ll leave it up to you. For now, we’ll be assisting new players in the game with some handy tips and tricks as always.

Let’s begin!


Inventory Management


Inventory Management


If there is something that we’ve learned from games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon is that being resourceful with your inventory space is game-changing.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, resources are very important for progression and early on, players will most likely find themselves stuck with limited inventory space. Whenever you have the opportunity, be sure to upgrade your backpack using your accumulated Star Coins. This should be one of your priorities.

Aside from your backpack, your house can also be used as storage for your resources. To expand your home, you will need to seek the assistance of one Scrooge McDuck.

That said, you won’t have to worry about this early into the game. Focus more on upgrading your backpack, and then you can move on to enlarge your home.


Royal Tools


Prioritise Getting Royal Tools


Royal Tools are basically the gateways to your resources. You will need the help of this equipment to obtain most of the basic resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t available in the beginning, and you will need to find them on your own.

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the locations for each Royal Tools and how to get them.



The Pickaxe can be found stuck inside a stone from the Plaza. You will need to clear some Night Thorns to reach it though.



The Shovel is located near the run-down building near the Wishing Well.


Watering Can

The Watering Can is situated right beside your home. Similar to the Pickaxe, you will need to clear tendrils of Night Thorns to access it.


Fishing Rod

To obtain the Fishing Rod, you will first need access to the Pickaxe. The Fishing Rod can be found nearby the pond. You will need to use the Pickaxe to clear the obstacle surrounding it. Note that the Fishing Rod is broken when you first get it and you will need to bring it over to Goofy to fix it.


Strengthening Relationships


Build Good Relationships with the Characters


Like every Disney content, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game that emphasises the spirit of togetherness. Building good relationships with the Disney characters in the game will yield you rewards and other in-game content.

One great and efficient way to build strong bridges with these characters is to ask them to do activities with you like gardening or mining. This way, not only can you strengthen your relationship with the character in question but also increase your output for resources! It’s a win-win scenario.

Besides asking them to work with you, you can also increase your friendship levels through the gifting of items or spending time with the characters. It’s super easy to do and the rewards you are getting are definitely worth it.

Work on it and you can see your friendship level with a character can be seen via the stars icon above them increase steadily!




Dealing with Fatigue


Well, even princes and princesses get tired in their realm. Fatigue and exhaustion are present in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you’ve depleted your Stamina bar, you won’t be able to do anything.

This is especially common during the early parts of the game. In the beginning, your character will have a relatively low Stamina bar where you’ll tire yourself out easily. Work around this by prepping meals and storing them inside your backpack. When you are in need of Stamina, consume the meal to regain some stamina.

For a more permanent solution, completing quests and raising your friendship levels can allow you to upgrade your personal stats which include your stamina bar. This requires more effort but as long as you keep completing quests and progressing, it’ll come naturally.


Dreamlight Duties


Unlocking New Areas


Disney Dreamlight Valley is actually a game that has a huge setting. At first, you’ll be confined within a rather small area, but you can actually unlock these areas using Magic Source.

To get these, you will need to complete Dreamlight Duties. Admittingly, some of these duties might seem to be a tall order for some and are more suited for the late game.

Therefore, try focusing on the easier duties. There are some Dreamlight Duties that task you with foraging or snapping photos which could be easily done at any point of the game. Finish these first to gain some valuable Magic Source.

And there we have it! We’ve made it to the end! We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful to your magical journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And if you are looking to purchase this game for your Xbox consoles, be sure to do so with our Xbox Live Gift Cards here!