A Beginner’s Guide to Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a game that stood the test of time. Released back in 2006, the game received numerous acclaim and is now an all-time classic in the simulation genre. And now that it is officially released on modern platforms like Steam, we are glad that the new generation of gamers will get to enjoy this work of art.

There is one thing though. Dwarf Fortress is by no means an easy game to play. Its mechanics are pretty challenging to learn and without guidance, you’ll often see players get lost. This also brings us to our topic of the day where we will be walking you through some beginner tips for Dwarf Fortress.

Well, let’s get started!


food and drink dwarf fortress


Manage your Food and Drink


Like with most colony-sim and management games, resources are your crew’s lifeline. This holds true even in Dwarf Fortress. So, properly managing your resources will ensure your colony’s survivability on a huge scale.

Try to make it a priority in building a farm within your colony. The farm does not have to be necessarily big as even a 4×4 farm is ample for reliable resources. Work on it and hopefully your dwarves will have empty stomachs.

As you progress, a kitchen may also be needed to further boost your colony’s productivity. The purpose of a kitchen is to further improve your dwarves’ meals in the form of Fine Meals. With an ample supply of premium meals, your dwarves will not only be well-fed but also happy at the same time.


noble and administrators dwarf fortress


Be the Leader of the Dwarves


As a leader, division of labour is a management art and it pays off really well in Dwarf Fortress to delegate tasks to Nobles and Administrators.

Assigning tasks to Nobles and Administrators meticulously will ensure that your colony is running on autopilot. If done right, your entire colony’s operation will progress seamlessly like a well-oiled machine.

Remember though, your workers need to have the right tools and place to work. Accessories like chairs and doors are needed. Needless to say, you will also eventually need to build an office for your hardworking underlings.



Look for Potential Allies


Building connections and forming alliances with different colonies can never do you wrong. As you traverse deeper, you will automatically encounter different characters and sometimes, they will seek residence inside your colony.

Decide whether you want to let them reside within your chambers. If you have the resources, why not. The more the merrier. Do note that only accept if you have the means to feed these inhabitants in exchange for working perks. Gauge whether you need them or not and make the final decision to leave or accept them.


cleanliness dwarf fortress


Maintain a Good Hygiene


Like it is with any place, even colonies need to be kept clean and hygienic. Without proper cleanliness, your dwarves will be upset and that is a domino of troubles.

One way to maintain cleanliness is having Soap around. Although getting soap can be a hassle, trust us, it really pays off in the long run. Not only can the soap keep your Dwarves clean when they shower, but soap is also used by Doctors as well. They use them to clean injuries which is also a plus point that you should have soaps lying around in abundance.

Besides getting Soap, taking out the trash is equally as important when it comes to hygiene. Leaving the trash for an extended period of time will cause a drop in morale among your dwarves. Make it a habit to assign some of your dwarves to take out the trash. It’s just a couple of clicks and it can really help to stabilise your colony’s morale. 


losing dwarf fortress


It’s Perfectly Normal to Lose


We’ve mentioned earlier that Dwarf Fortress is a rather complex game. It will take at least 100 hours for you to more or less grasp the mechanics of the game. And inside that timeframe, expect to lose frequently.

That said, losing is part of the game. It’s an arduous learning experience but once you’ve got the hang of things, this game becomes super addictive. Pace yourself and whenever you lose, try to recall and look back at the mistakes you’ve made. Often when we are playing, these errors are oblivious to us.

Take your time and don’t worry too much about losing as every defeat is actually a stepping stone for you to be a better leader in Dwarf Fortress

So that’s pretty much the end of our beginner’s guide for Dwarf Fortress! If you wish to get the game on Steam, be sure to do so with our Steam Wallet Codes here!