A Beginner’s Guide to Gotham Knights

You’ve roamed the streets of Gotham as the Dark Knight and it is now time to play as Batman’s sidekicks in the much-anticipated Gotham Knights.

Previously, all the Batman games have been largely single-player and are quite linear in their plot and game direction. This time around, Gotham Knights focuses more on the multiplayer aspect with a non-linear approach through its open-world concept.

As such, even if you are very familiar with the Batman games, this game will be significantly different from those titles. No worries though as we will be bringing you some essential tips and tricks that you can use for your first Gotham Knights playthrough.

Let’s begin then!


Evading Gotham knights


Make Evading a Habit


For the past Batman games, one of Batman’s strongest assets is his ability to counterattack. In Gotham Knights, reactionary attacks work a little differently.

Rather than blocking or parrying, evading is actually your main source of defence. Therefore, timing is a core in the gameplay and if you successfully dodged an attack, you can then proceed to counterattack the opponent.

In some regards, this might sound harder than the past Batman titles, but it is all down to practice. Get used to the timing and with a good read of the enemy movements, you’ll be perfectly fine.


ranged enemies gotham knights


Try to Take Out Enemies with Ranged Attacks First


If you are familiar with action-heavy games like Dark Souls or Dynasty Warriors, you would know that ranged enemies are thorns in the flesh.

This is the same for Gotham Knights as ranged enemies tend to be very annoying as they dish out damage from afar. For example, when you are fighting an enemy and going for the finishing blow, there is a good chance that a ranged projectile will come flying your way.

Whenever possible, try to prioritise removing ranged enemies from the fray. Once you’ve taken out these enemies, your fights with the remaining foes will be way easier. To know whether an enemy has range attacks or not, look for a circular indicator on top of the enemy. If there is that indicator, this means that the enemy is capable of doing a ranged attack.


different characters gotham knights


Experiment with Different Characters


In Gotham Knights, you will be given the luxury to play using different characters, all of which are Batman’s prodigies.

What we also love about the game is that the creators actually made it viable for the player to use different characters in a single playthrough. How they managed to do this was through a streamlined levelling system. This means all characters will gain experience points even if they are not used in combat.

So, players will not need to be afraid of falling behind on certain characters. Even if you were to play as Robin more, Batgirl will still gain similar experience points. Try out all the characters available and find which suits your playstyle the most.


police gotham knights


The Police Might be Dangerous


As vigilantes, you are guaranteed to be working the grey with the police force. That said, the police in this game have their own individual traits and behave differently.

One way to determine whether they are dangerous or not is to utilise the AR tool which will show their specific quirk. When the AR picks up a red coloured reading, this shows that the police are hostile and will attack you on sight.

Also remember, experience points are not awarded for taking down cops. If possible, avoid direct confrontation with the police as you are not getting anything by beating them.


Mods gotham knights


Mods are Severely Underrated


Mods are items which you can use to significantly upgrade your gear. Of course, this is only applicable if your gear has a slot for mod chips.

To locate these chips, you need to look around the map very carefully as they are spread throughout the game. Hence, take your time to explore around and always be on the lookout for these chips.

Plus, these mod chips can also be combined together to yield greater results. Make sure to experiment with them and with a couple of trial-and-error runs, make your own judgement as to which fused mods work best for you.

Well, we don’t want to drown you with too many ideas for the game, so here, we will be concluding our beginner’s guide for Gotham Knights here! If you wish to purchase the game for the Xbox, be sure to do so with our Xbox Live Gift Card here