A Beginner’s Guide to High on Life

Recently, High on Life has been making unexpected waves in the video game scene as more and more streamers pick it up. Honestly, we love it! The game is a whole lot of fun and like with most new games, many of us are pretty clueless about what is going on in-game.

Not to worry though! Today, we’ve gathered some beginner tips that you can put in your back pocket so you won’t feel completely lost when you first attempt High on Life.

Well, let’s begin!


stabbing melee high on life


Melee Attacks Matter


On paper, High on Life is an FPS game but besides shooting, there are other means of attack. For one, melee attacks like stabbing are surprisingly efficient.

As such, never feel shy to resort to melee attacks when you are in close proximity to the enemy. If you can gauge that a melee attack is a much more time efficient in taking down an enemy, always go for it.

Besides that, your trusty Knifey can also be used to deflect attacks. For an FPS game, High on Life is pretty generous when it comes to both melees and ranged options.


weapons high on life


Diversify Your Attacks


In High on Life, the player is blessed with a rich variety of guns. Use this to your advantage. Sticking to one gun is not a smart move as you might face enemies who are strong against the type of gun you are using.

Change and experiment on different guns. Sure, you might have a favourite, but if you want to get good, you’ll need to know which gun is best suited for which situation. Having a good grasp of that concept and there will be few enemies capable of stopping you.


upgrades high on life


Upgrade Whenever You Have the Chance


Do not get carried away whenever you comfortably clear or beat enemies. Progressively, they get tougher and you will need to be stronger yourself.

To achieve this, never slack on upgrades. Whenever you are in the city, head over to the shop to see whether there are any worthy upgrades for you to enhance yourself. Having decent upgrades will save you a lot of headaches as it makes your gameplay way more convenient.

Also, remember to stock up on consumables. Consumables serve as a fail-safe where you can use them during panicky situations. They are essentially your get-out-of-jail-free card.


weak points high on life


Spot Enemies’ Weak Spots


While we are also a fan of shooting barrages of shots at the enemy aimlessly, High on Life actually has an interesting mechanic where enemies have weak points.

If the player were to target these points, enemies would take significantly more damage. This is a great perk the game has given you, make the best of it. Once you’ve found out the enemies’ weak point, abuse the living hell out of it and take it out as fast as possible.

Of course, this takes a little aiming but if this becomes second nature to you, many fights and encounters will become a cakewalk.


controller settings high on life


Personalise Your Settings


Like with many of our game guides, we always stress that getting comfortable with your game settings is one of the easiest ways you could improve your gameplay.

This is the same for High on Life. Take 10-15 minutes to play around with the settings, especially the Controller settings to ensure all the mapping is to your liking. Correctly adjusting them to your preference will guarantee a more enjoyable experience.

As for the graphic settings, if you don’t have a high-end machine or you are experiencing framerate drops, lowering the visual quality can perhaps improve the situation.



Alter the Difficulty


There are 3 different difficulty levels in High on Life; Story Mode, Normal Mode and Hunter Mode. The differences between these levels are:


Story Mode

Enemies have less beefy with lower health pools. They also deal lower damage. This mode is perfect for casual gamers who just want to enjoy the game and its story.


Normal Mode

This is the most balanced mode in the game. The enemies’ health and damage are at average levels. If you are a video game enthusiast that has dabbled with many video games then this is the mode for you.


Hunter Mode

Enemies in this mode are way tougher with high health points and they hit like a truck. This mode is a challenge designed for FPS gamers. Choose at your own risk.


Even so, High on Life allows its players to change the difficulty in-game. Hence, you don’t have to worry too much about the difficulty level you are picking. If you ever feel uncomfortable, just alter the difficulty.

Wow! Looks like you’ve made it to the end of the guide. We hope that you will also make it to the end of High on Life, and if you are looking to purchase it for the Xbox console, be sure to use our Xbox Gift Card here!