A Beginner’s Guide to Hogwarts Legacy

Our dream to finally visit Hogwarts is finally becoming a reality. It’s time to put on our wizard robes and wave our magic wands to start our wizarding journey.

Then again, we’ve seen how Harry Potter struggled throughout his years at Hogwarts and the same thing goes for us—surviving the world with magic is never easy. So, if you are new to Hogwarts Legacy, you might encounter several bumps along the road.

Not to worry though, we’re here to help! For today, we will be shedding some tips and tricks in this beginner’s guide to Hogwarts Legacy!

Let’s begin!


Choosing your House

Choosing Your House

Choosing which wizarding house you will spend your days in Hogwarts is certainly one of the most anticipated parts of the game. Just like in the movies/books, there are actually some nuances to each of the houses available.

Although choosing your house does not directly affect the overall game, there are still some minor differences. The biggest difference is perhaps the common room. The common room is a place where you chill and hang with your friends most of the time and this differs based on your house.

Other than that, the differences are mostly aesthetics where each house will receive a different style of robes. Also, the students in these houses all have ambitions akin to their house’s nature. For instance, the students in Slytherin flavour texts would be a little more ambitious and dark as opposed to the protagonist-like vibe of Gryffindor.


Know Which Talents to Abuse

Talents to Abuse

While learning about magic and witchcraft is all good and dandy, Hogwarts Legacy is still a video game and video games have some overpowered things you can make use of.

Prioritising the proper talents will definitely help you out in combat and outside of it. Inaccessible areas can be made accessible with certain talents. Some of the talents that new players can look to prioritise are:


Basic Cast Memory

Lowers the cooldown of your spells


Human Demiguise

You are able to sprint during Disillusionment


Spell Knowledge

Lets you gain an extra spell slot


Of course, the prioritisation of talents is not set in stone. However, if you are not a hardcore gamer or is at a crossroad of choices, the talents above are very safe choices.


Get a Flying Broom

Flying Broom

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will be doing a lot of exploring. To explore to the fullest, you will definitely need a flying broom. It’s a must for any wizard and witch.

Before getting access to flying brooms, the player will need to complete its main quests. Not to worry, these quests come naturally so, you wouldn’t need to be afraid of missing them. Once you’ve completed them, you will now be able to fly around Hogwarts.

Different types of brooms can be purchased so there are actually a lot of variations for them. Remember, brooms are also upgradeable equipment so, whenever possible, upgrade it from time to time.


Manage Your Funds

Selling items

Yes, you might be living in a magical world but money still applies. And no, you cannot just whip out your magic wand and conjure some money out of thin air.

One of the more feasible ways to gain money is through selling. Over time, your gear and equipment will outlive their usefulness. Once they are obsolete, you can sell them to merchants where you can gain some valuable cash for.

It is also important to note that money is pretty important in this game. Many beginners tend to make the mistake of overspending their cash on aesthetics. Be a little economical in your spending because you really never know when you need to purchase something to strengthen and enhance yourself.


Explore as Much as You Can


As we’ve mentioned, Hogwarts Legacy is a game that is largely explorative. Sure, it has its own story and plot but ultimately, you would want to live your life as a student to the fullest.

Take your time and venture through the game’s immaculate surroundings. Who knows? You might actually be able to unveil some hidden secrets and if you rush through the game, you can easily miss them!

Also, remember to frequently chat and gossip with your Hogwarts buddies. This will give you a lot of context about the game. Take your time and play at your own pace.


Changing the Game Settings

Game Settings

We’re expecting Hogwarts Legacy to be a pretty long game. Therefore, having the most comfortable setup is imperative.

Take around 10-15 minutes to tamper with the game’s settings where you can optimise the game that best suits your preferences. Setting the right key bindings is extremely important as you don’t want to be casting the wrong spell when fighting an enemy.

Aside from key bindings, tampering with accessibility options is also recommended. Here, you can change the brightness, contrast and text scaling of the game. Adjust them accordingly to your liking and you’ll have a much better time being a Hogwarts student.


Looks like you’ve reached the end of our beginner’s guide for Hogwarts Legacy! The game is now available on Steam which you can purchase using our Steam Wallet Codes here!