A Beginner’s Guide to MultiVersus

A Beginner’s Guide to MultiVersus


MultiVersus is a trip back to the past. It is an amazing crossover game that features some of our childhood cartoon characters in an all-out brawl.

Hence, it is currently the talk of the town when it comes to fighting games. Many gamers are eager to get good at the game and newbies will require all the help they can get.

Not to worry though, we’re here for you! In this article, you will find some of the most helpful beginner tips that will help ease your way through this game.

Hopefully, you will be able to comfortably knock out your opponents in no time with this guide!


Multiversus Tutorial


Play The Tutorial


We all got to start somewhere. In MultiVersus, your journey begins with the in-game tutorial.

Yes, we understand that sitting through the tutorial can be a drag. Trust us, playing through the tutorial will help you get a good grasp of the game’s core mechanics. Learn the basics or at least know the terms/lingos.

Plus, the tutorial will also give you insights on what are the different types of attacks available in MultiVersus. You’ll get to learn the perks and when to use either the advance attacks or the elemental attacks. All bread and butter in becoming a better MultiVersus player.

We highly recommend that you go through the entire tutorial without skipping any part. It really goes the distance.


Sitck with one Character Multiversus


Stick With One Character


This tip is perhaps universal for all fighting games. Generally, fighting games are complex and each character is unique on its own. Try focusing on one.

Try mastering one character at a time. Ensure that you know all of that character’s moveset and how you can properly chain their combos efficiently.

Besides that, knowing your main’s perks and weaknesses is also super important. This will greatly help to avoid any shortcomings from any matchups.

MultiVersus doesn’t particularly reward jacks of all trades so before moving on to a different character, it is best to completely master one first.


Beginner Friendly Character Multiversus


Pick Beginner-Friendly Characters


There are a lot of childhood cartoon characters we can choose from in MultiVersus. Although we might be tempted to pick our favourites, we believe that newcomers should stick with the easier ones.

Here are some easier characters to use that will require a lesser understanding of the mechanics and has more leeway for mistakes:



– Jake is a character that is very simple to understand. His moveset is designed for beginners as they are all pretty one-dimensional. The only thing to worry about is when to use his attacks as his transformation moves can be situational. Aside from that, his execution is pretty easy.



– The Dark Knight might not have the flashiest of moves but he makes up with its seamlessness. His normal attacks are easy to pull off and his grapple can close distance with ease. Essentially, Batman requires minimal effort to master and should be on the radar for beginners to use.


Harley Quinn

– It’s no surprise that arguably the best character in the game is also one of the easiest to use. Harley Quinn is lightning quick with her moves and can also deal significant damage with her charged attacks. Well-balanced and with little to no weakness, Harley Quinn is sought by both veterans and beginners alike.


Classes Multiversus


Different Classes Have Different Perks


We did mention that each character in MultiVersus has their own quirks and these specialities are usually bound within their respective classes. Therefore, it is vital that players know what each class generally do and what they offer to the table.



– Support characters are useful backups that have a decent arsenal of offensive and supportive moves. They usually play behind the main attacker and help them set up high-damage combos.


Examples of Support characters: Velma and Reindog



– Tanks are designed to soak up damage and are usually situated at the front of the battle. They can withstand high amounts of damage and act as a decoy for your main attacker to do damage.


Examples of Tank characters: Wonder Woman, Iron Giant



– Bruisers are all-rounded characters that are decent in everything but don’t particularly excel in one department. That said, they are more tank-based and are usually a safe pick for players who don’t know what to pick.


Examples of Bruiser characters: Batman and Taz



– Assassins are glass cannons. They are extremely fragile but can dish out huge chunks of damage. They are generally harder to use but they can change the outcome of the match in a flash.


Examples of Assassin characters: Harley Quinn and Finn



– Mages are disruptors of the battlefield. What they do is that they tend to set up traps and be an annoyance to the enemy. You can see Mages as wildcards in MultiVersus.


Examples of Mage characters: Tom and Jerry


2v2 Multiversus


2 vs. 2 Can Help You Understand The Game Better


If you want to learn the game’s mechanics even quicker, consistently playing 2 vs. 2 is the way to go. This is because this mode allows you to understand the character matchups and how each of them works with and against each other.

And if you’ve decided to make this your main mode, be sure to not pick characters that are of the same class. Doing so will make your team open to various counters and seasoned players will definitely capitalise on it.


Elemental moves multiversus


Try Abusing More Elemental Debuffs


Disables and debuffs are your allies in MultiVersus. Moves like Ice Breath from Superman are ideal for setting up combos and are really reliable.

Always remember to use a debuff or disable before attempting a huge combo. If you manage to crowd-control your opponent, landing your combo becomes significantly easier. Make this a habit and you’ll see yourself hitting most of your attacks in perfection.

Vice-versa, the enemy can also use this strategy against you. Be wary of your opponent’s disables and be attentive in dodging them. With enough practice, avoiding these hazards will become second nature to you.


Well, that pretty much sums up our starter’s guide to MultiVersus. Available now on the PlayStation consoles, be sure to pick it up using our PlayStation Store Gift Cards here!