A Beginner’s Guide to Overwatch 2

As the door closes on Overwatch, its sequel, Overwatch 2 has been expected by many FPS enthusiasts, especially since the Overwatch franchise is one of the pioneers of the FPS-battle royale genre.

That said, Overwatch 2 isn’t necessarily a beginner-friendly game. As an esports title, there is bound to be a skill ceiling that separates the novices from the pros. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find your first couple of matches being losses. You will need time and practice to get into your groove for a game like Overwatch 2.

Not to worry though, we’re here to help you wherever we can. Here, you’ll find some beginner tips that will help pave an easier path for your first couple of Overwatch 2 hours.

Let’s get started!


Different Modes Overwatch 2


The Different Types of Modes


If you are completely clueless about Overwatch 2, you’ll probably not know which game mode you should start with. Honestly, there isn’t a mode that is dedicated to beginners as most of these modes are just different ways to play Overwatch 2.

So let us first break down the modes Overwatch 2 has to offer.



This mode uses the classic ‘King of the Hill’ concept of standing in a specific location will help you progress and if you can maintain your position long enough—you win!

For Overwatch 2, the designated location is the central point of the map and your team will gain victory once your team progress reaches 100%.



This is one of the more popular modes where you need to capture your enemy’s capture point while defending your own. This mode requires a decent amount of teamwork but is also a great way to get a feel of the Overwatch vibe.



As the name suggests, this mode’s goal is to escort the cart to the delivery point while the opposing team will try to prevent that. There is a time limit in this mode and once the time runs out, the escort team loses.



The Hybrid mode is a combination of both Assault and Escort modes. The first objective in this mode is to conquer the enemy’s capture point like in Assault mode. After that, the mode will then change to an Escort mission, where you need to guard the payload cart until it reaches the endpoint.



The goal of this mode is to make a robot reach the enemy’s base. To put the robot in motion, all you need to do is stand near the robot, if there are no enemies in around it, it will move towards the enemy’s base.


The modes mentioned above are all the most played in Overwatch 2 and are also the best way for you to learn the game. There’s no definite mode that you should definitely play, just go with what you enjoy best and you’ll get better at the game over time.


Reindhardt Overwatch 2


Master Beginner-Friendly Characters


Overwatch 2 hosts a bunch of amazing characters, but as a beginner, we usually recommend sticking with a few to avoid confusion. This is because many characters have their own quirks and specialities and playing all of them simultaneously can be daunting.

So, if you are scratching your head over what characters to main, here are some characters that we think are best suited for newcomers!



Reinhardt’s greatest asset is his ability to tank many hits in battle. This means beginners will have a better time using him without going down after a few attacks. Plus, his high-damaging attacks and knockback resistance are all extremely beginner friendly with many leeways for error.


Soldier: 76

Overall, Solider: 76 is a very safe character and his very easy-to-learn set is perfect for newbies. Essentially, Solider: 76 can do a lot of things but doesn’t particularly excel in any. Don’t get us wrong, this is by no means that the character is bad as in the right hands, Solider: 76 is a serious asset!



Beginner players that prefer supporting than going on the offensive can opt to main Moira. Her set of simplistic healing skills is ideal for novices. Additionally, she also has a lot of escapes and get-out-of-jail skills that newer players can abuse when they are in a pickle.


Of course, there is no wrong with trying other characters in Overwatch 2. However, the 3 characters above are actually very accommodating and are perfect if you want to understand more about the game mechanics and gameplay.


Different Roles Overwatch 2


Understanding The Roles


Similar to many esports titles, Overwatch 2 is a team game and with it comes team roles and compositions. As such, it is vital that new players understand the concept of each role and how they operate to provide value to the team.

Commonly, these roles are:



Often regarded as the Carry or the Nuker of the team. This is usually the most sought-after role as these characters usually deliver the most kills. Even so, we don’t think beginners should start with this role because characters designed for this role are usually very squishy. This role requires good positioning and sound decision-making, if you have both, by all means, go ahead.



The Tank role is very suitable for beginners albeit the mundaneness. Your main role is to soak up as much damage as possible for your team. Despite its straightforward gameplay, Tanks are indispensable and play a huge role in your team’s road to success.



Compared with most esports games, Overwatch 2’s Support playstyle is pretty extreme. Their role here is not only limited to providing sustainability but also causing havoc. The important thing to master in the Support role is timing and awareness. If you want to work on both of these, playing Support is the way to go.


Practice Makes Perfect Overwatch 2


Practice Makes Perfect


It is natural to be apprehensive and nervous about queuing into public matches—especially when you are playing alone.

While we always recommend going into any online-multiplayer games with friends, if you are truly flying solo, polishing your skills in the practice range might not be a bad idea.

In the practice range, you will be able to freely test out each character without enemy pressure. This also allows you to experiment with a lot of things like character combos and matchups.

Plus, the practice range is also the ideal place for you to warm up your fingers when you first boot into the game. Getting a couple of shots in and getting into the zone can be hugely beneficial for your online matches.


Losing Overwatch 2


Losing At The Start Is Normal


We’ve covered the fact that Overwatch 2 is a very difficult game to play. It is a game that requires a lot of conditioning and getting used to especially if you are new to the genre.

Frankly, it is not surprising that many new players might lose their first few matches due to the sheer amount of knowledge required to get good at this game. Even so, it is still a game you can get good at if you put your heart and soul into it.

With experience through longer playtimes, we’re confident that anyone will be great at this game. Losing is just a part of success!

That’s it! We’ve finally reached the end of our guide! We hope you’ve found it useful for your Overwatch 2 journey! Also, if you are looking to enhance your Overwatch 2 experience, be sure to check out our Xbox Live Gift Cards here!