A Beginner’s Guide to Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Guide with OffGamers
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Star Wars Jedi Survivor opens the door to a new galaxy to explore, insights into hope against darkness and an unforgettable adventure. You’ll have a ton of fun with the combat portion of the game, but there are a lot of hidden goodies that are just too easy to miss.

If you want to be a healthy Jedi and make the most of the game, you’ll want to brush up on the Fallen Order story because it comes about five years before Survivor. You’ll enter Cal Kestis’ next chapter with fun combat elements, sleek parry and defensive moves and a game that expands on everything that players loved about Fallen Order and makes it arguably better.

We’re going to share a few tips to help you get started with Star Wars Jedi Survivor like a pro – without any spoilers.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Beginner’s Guide Without the Spoilers 

Focus on Vitality and Survivability

Health Essence Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

I love going all out in combat and trying to increase my attacks at the start of a game. Star Wars is an exception because you lack the survivability during the first few hours of the game to go in lightsabers blazing.

Instead, you’ll need to:

  • Focus on vitality
  • Try to survive

When you level up, you’re rewarded with skill points that you can assign to increase Cal’s health. Higher health means that you can be hit more and die less.

Pro Tips

Start putting points into your resilience skills, primarily your survival skills, which increase your maximum health. Throughout the game, you’ll find 13 Health Essences, which increase your maximum health and take more hits before using a Stim.

And if you find the game is just too difficult and you’re not having fun, you can switch through a variety of difficulty options. For example, if you want a really easy mode, swap to Story Mode. You can obliterate your enemies in this mode and won’t die nearly as much.

You can also up the difficulty and go into Jedi Grandmaster mode.

On the hardest difficulty, you’ll need to master combat and be at the top of your game to win. You can change the difficulty setting at any time during your gameplay, which is a great option if you reach a boss that you can’t kill. 

Block With Your Lightsaber

Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Block
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

It’s easy to forget to block, especially if you’re in the zone and trying to finish off an enemy. However, survival means that you’ll need to block and try to keep yourself alive as much as possible before you can start smashing buttons.

One of my biggest flaws as a gamer is that I ignore the block button.

Don’t ignore a well-timed lightsaber block. You’ll auto-block most attacks if you have a portion of your block meter remaining. If you see that an enemy glows red before an attack, you’ll want to dodge because you cannot dodge red attacks.

A trick that I found while watching someone on Twitch was to double-jump away from a red attack. If you are struggling to dodge properly, the double jump will create distance between you and the enemy.

Knowing Where to Go with Navigation Assist

Navigation Assist Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is an awesome adventure game, but you have a lot of places to explore, which can quickly become overwhelming. If you find that you can’t figure out where to go or just don’t have the free time to explore as much as you would like, you can:

  • Go to the Settings page 
  • Turn on Navigation Assist

Toggling Navigation Assist on will add icons to your mini-map that show you where to go on your next adventure. You’ll also want to pay close attention to the environment around you because there are hints about where to go next in your journey.

Hidden paths are scattered across the galaxy, along with ledges that you can climb.

Climbing routes start at those white ledges that you see, so keep this in mind when traversing the world. 

Saving Skill Points

Skill Points Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Initially, you’ll want to make Cal resilient and fill up skill points in this tree, but you’ll then hit a point in the game where you feel comfortable with your resilience. You’re dying less and now want to unlock stances or other fun skill points.

There’s a dilemma, though:

  • You can only equip two stances at a time.
  • Stances often unlock later in the game.

Investing in stances is best later in the game, so don’t be afraid to hold onto your skill points. You also have the option of putting your points in Force if you have the itch to use the points you’ve earned.

And you can always respec or reskill if you want.

You can reskill by:

  • Interacting with a Meditation Point.
  • Go to your Skill options.
  • Reset them.

But there’s one catch: your first reskill is free. Your next will cost one skill point. There is no level cap in the game, so you can rest easy knowing that you can obtain every skill in the game if you wish.

Don’t Give Up on Lost XP

Losing XP Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Losing a skill point isn’t the only thing that you can lose in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You can also lose your XP, which is a hard pill to swallow if you are just about to level. But there’s good news: you can get the XP back.


Go back to the location where you died and find the enemy that killed you. The foe will glow yellow or gold and all you need to do is hit them once to get your XP back.

If the enemy is clearly too hard to beat, hit them with a blaster and begin your escape. Bosses will leave a pillar of light with your health that you can run into to get the XP back. The problem is that some bosses can’t be escaped.

You might be the hero, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t flee to regain your strength, level up and then come back to a boss. Lowering the difficulty is another option to explore.

Unlocking Shortcuts

Unlocking Shortcuts Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Exploring the galaxy is one of the most enthralling things for new players because they want to see the world around them. You’ll come across a lot of oddities, and one of them is those greyish, petrol-strand things.

What are they?

They’re a shortcut that allows you to travel. If you don’t have Navigation Assist on and find yourself getting lost, you can also go back to one of these checkpoints. It’s a fast and easy way to get back to your starting point and rediscover where you’re going.

Shortcuts also allow you to get back to meditation spots that restore health, which is certainly a nice perk.

Most shortcuts involve zip lines that you’ll use to get from your current location to another one. Depending on the platform that you’re playing on, you can tap a button to turn back and go in the opposite direction, too. 

Sound and Audio Matters

Sound and Audio Settings Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Survival is not only visual in Jedi Survivor. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your environment, but when there’s something hiding in the shadows, the sound is what will alert you to the imminent threat.

Enemies can camouflage themselves.

So, what can you do?

Crank up the volume. If you have the volume on high, you’ll hear a noise right before you’re attacked. A well-timed tap of the block button will help you soften the blow and get the upper hand against your attacker. 

Explore, Explore and Explore

Exploration Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

I know: you said to turn on Navigation Assist, but it’s still worth exploring. Your environment is filled with surprises, and you must spend time exploring if you want to reap the rewards. In fact, some of the best side quests in the game are only found when you explore.

And they offer amazing rewards, too.

If you’re the type of player who likes to stick to the main story, you’re going to:

  • Miss a lot of great quests
  • Make the main story more difficult

Plus, the game feels so much more immersive when you play side quests and get powerful rewards, too. 

Pro Tips

Scanning a room is going to be a lot of work, but BD-1 makes it easier on you. BD-1 will spend time wanting to scan things, and you don’t want to sleep on these scans. Rooms often have hidden goodies that are too easy to overlook and miss.

Some items don’t stand out and don’t even look like anything until they’re scanned.

So, what can you do?

Listen to BD-1

Listen for a beep or boop. If you don’t want to miss something, do a full perimeter look to find hidden secrets in the room. It’s a lot of work, but getting 100% is not easy.

BD-1 Isn’t the Best Flashlight

BD-1 Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

BD-1 has a major impact on your gameplay, but he often isn’t the only option to reach your goals. For example, when I was in a dark room and he turned into a headlamp, I couldn’t see anything.

He offered just enough dim lighting for me to assume that I was going blind, and I went into the settings menu to change the lighting.

Then I thought: what about my lightsaber?

And it worked so much better than BD-1 as a lamp. The lightsaber has a strong lighting effect for objects that are close to you. You can even rock two lightsabers for even better visibility, but if that’s not the gameplay that you like, don’t force into dual wield if it makes the game less fun for you.

Allies Are Very Powerful – Use Them

Allies Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

You have allies who will join you during the game, and in an effort to avoid spoilers, we won’t mention anyone specifically. However, you have to control these allies by activating their special abilities.

When you activate these abilities, it will do two things that can change the pace of a fight:

  • Stun your enemy.
  • Allow you to unload on the enemy.

You can also take this time to heal up or to finish off a fight. Anyone coming from Fallen Order will remember that Cal spent most of his time alone. You didn’t have many options to use someone else to gain an advantage in a fight.

Jedi Survivor is different because you can lean heavily on your allies, which adds a nice perk to the game and will make gameplay more immersive.

Tinker Around Settings

Settings Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Setting pages are a lot more fun than they were in the past. You’ll find that developers are putting more control in the hands of gamers than ever before. It’s easy for you to go into the settings and:

  • Change the game difficulty setting at any time.
  • Shut off the Fall Damage to allow you to traverse the terrain without fear of dying.

Dialogue line skipping is available, which allows you to go rapidly through different interactions

You can also make some fun adjustments, such as turning on Arachnophobia mode (seriously, if you’re scared of spiders, this is a cool feature) and even tone down the dismemberment with the Human Dismemberment option.

Note: Star Wars is filled with a ton of terrain variety and the ability to fall into the abyss, too. If you do fall into one of these holes, you’ll still “die,” but you’ll come back with your full health. You won’t be stuck falling for the rest of the game. 

Cal Kestis Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Photo Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a lot of fun and a great addition to the series. You’ll find most people will beat the game in 20 – 30 hours. If you want to reach 100% completion, you’ll need to play somewhere around 40-50+ hours to reach your goal.

A lot of people are streaming on YouTube and Twitch to show how they hit platinum in Jedi Survivor. Be sure to watch their streams for updates and playthroughs of the entire game.

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