A Beginner’s Guide to Steelrising

Steelrising is a souls-like game where you get to play as an edgy Iron Man during the French Revolution. Don’t get us wrong, we mean that as a compliment. The gothic theme for souls-like might have been done before but mixing it up with a mecha vibe sounds really refreshing!

That said, it is common knowledge that souls-like games are generally very difficult to play. Many of which would require quick reflexes and a good understanding of the enemies’ movements. Sure, it can be overwhelming, but with a little helping hand, it is actually very doable!

Today, we’ll be walking you through some of the most useful tips and tricks you can have in your back pocket to make your Steelrising playthrough more buttery smooth.

Let’s get started!

Steelrising Dodging and Rolling


Learn to Dodge and Roll


Veterans of the souls genre will know that dodging and rolling are fundamentals that are essential to not dying. These games are brutal and taking a couple of hits could mean that the Game Over screen awaits you. This is also true for Steelrising.

Make it a habit to always roll whenever an enemy is attacking. When you are rolling, you’ll be in an I-frame where you don’t take any damage. Abuse this mechanic and time your rolls to keep yourself safe and also maintain a safe distance from the enemy.

While the general rule of thumb is to roll anywhere that is safe from the enemy attack, it is actually recommended to roll towards the enemy. This is because if you manage to roll behind the enemy, you will be able to get off a few cheap hits on them. Of course, this is very situational, so you have to be your own judge for this.

As you play more, you will get a good feel for your roll distance and in time, you will be able to accurately gauge the time and distance covered for you to dodge an attack. Use this to gain an optimal positional advantage over your enemies.

Collecting Resources Steelrising


Loot as Many Resources as Possible


Honestly, Steelrising is arguably one of the best Souls games in rewarding its players by breaking random stuff on the screen. Not only is it so satisfying but it often gifts players many resources that they can use in their playthrough.

Therefore, whenever you see something that is breakable—break it. Most of the time, you’ll find very handy consumables that you can use in the heat of battle. For more valuable items, be sure to also break chests.

These breakables are situated almost anywhere. Be on the lookout as some of these chests and barrels can be in some obscure places. Take this opportunity to explore more around the area and experience the game to its fullest.

Weapon Infusing Steelrising


Make Battles Easier by Infusing your Weapons


At the most basic level, most of Aegis’ damage output is its physical attacks. While they are good, you can actually infuse your weapons to make them considerably stronger and more versatile.

By infusing your weapon with elements, you can add extra combat effects to your attacks which can help you tackle bosses much easier. For example, having a Frost effect infused onto your weapon will cause the Frost status that can limit the enemies’ movement. This can allow you to dodge attacks much easier and also better position yourself offensively and defensively.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a more offensive approach by adding a Burning effect on your enemies. Deals will cause enemies to take damage over time which is specifically great against high-health enemies.

Try out different combinations of infusions and weapons where you can experiment with which pairing is the best against a specific enemy. It’s all about trial and error, and once you get it right, the enemy fight just gets easier.

Modules Steelrising


Modules Are a Big Help


The above point highlights the upgrades you can do to your weapons. For modules, these are passive upgrades for Aegis itself. Equipping them can give you a much-needed edge during tight situations.

Most of these modules can be separated into offensive and sustainability. While some might suggest going for a more offensive path, we recommend beginners to go with survivability. This is because making Aegis a little bit beefier gives more room for error which is a common issue for starters.

As such, the Critical Repair, Longevity, and Reinforced Armour modules are all great for beginners to prioritise. These modules will allow Aegis to take more damage than usual before it bites the dust.

Assist Mode Steelrising


There’s No Shame in Accessing Assist Mode


We understand that the souls genre isn’t for everyone. These games are often extremely punishing and give no quarters to newer players. Fortunately, newer games of the genre have been more welcoming for beginners.

To make it easier for casual players, Steelrising has an Assist Mode option in the Pause menu where you can adjust certain settings to make the game easier. While some might say turning these settings on might spoil the fun, we say do as you wish! The main goal here is to enjoy the game!

That said, we do understand that some of us would want a balance when it comes to difficulty and easiness. For the best of both worlds, we suggest turning on keeping your Anima Essence when you fall in battle.

This option basically removes the punishment you receive for dying. So, with this turned on, you can keep battling and trying without the risk of losing your experience points upon death.

Well, that pretty much ends our beginner’s guide to Steelrising! Hopefully, these tips and tricks can help you in one way or another. It’s a considerably difficult game, but with practice, we’re sure anyone can overcome it. If you haven’t purchased the game, be sure to do so with our Steam Wallet Codes here!