A Beginner’s Guide to Teamfight Tactics

Welcome to the exciting world of Teamfight Tactics (TFT)! Developed by Riot Games, TFT is a strategy-based auto-battler game mode set in the League of Legends universe. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the genre, this beginner’s guide aims to provide you with a solid foundation to start your journey in TFT. Let’s dive in!

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Understanding the Basics

Mechanics TFT
Photo Credits: Riot Games

TFT is a strategy cum team-building game where you compete against seven other players by assembling a team of champions and positioning them on a grid-based battlefield.

Your team automatically fights against opponents’ teams, and the last player standing wins. Here are some key concepts that you will need to get a hang of:


Champions are the units you collect and position on the battlefield. Each champion has a specific cost, origin, and class, along with unique abilities. Honestly, you’ll need to keep on playing to further understand the nuances of Champions.

Play more and more information will open up to you.

Origins and Classes

Champions belong to various origins and classes. Essentially, Origins grant special bonuses when you have multiple champions from the same origin on the field, while classes provide similar bonuses for having champions from the same class.


You can equip champions with items obtained during the game. These items enhance their abilities and overall performance. Understanding which items work well with different champions is crucial.

Similar to Champions, itemisation of Champions takes in-game experience. As you venture deeper into the game and you’ll know which items are better suited for certain Champions.

Experience and Gold

These two things are the two common resources that will improve your board’s power. Gold is the in-game currency used to buy champions and experience points. On the other hand, experience points increase your level, allowing you to place more champions on the battlefield.

Polish Your Team Building Skills

Economy Management TFT
Photo Credits: Riot Games

TFT revolves around creating synergistic teams that maximise the strengths of your champions. Here are three elements that beginners should look to prioritise to improve their overall gameplay.

Economy Management

Gold management is crucial. Resist the temptation to spend all your gold on champions early on. Instead, save up to earn interest and have more gold for later rounds. Of course, this is not set in stone because experienced players will know when it is the right time to spend their gold—early or late into the game.

However, as a beginner, being more conservative to prepare for the late game is generally safer. We have seen instances where new players run out of gas during the latter rounds.

Champion Synergies

If you’ve played games like FIFA, the synergy mechanic is like chemistry. Always look for champions that share origins or classes to activate their bonuses and perks.

These synergies can get extremely powerful and will significantly boost your team’s power. Experiment with different types of synergies as you play as they all encourage different kinds of playstyle. It’d be great if you can find one that suits you, which you can master and make it your bread and butter.


This is a little harder to learn, especially if you are new to this genre of game. The placement of your champions on the battlefield is an essential mechanic and at a higher level, they matter a lot.

Usually, the general consensus is the consideration of both Champions’ range and abilities. Protecting the squishy ones and positioning your tanks in the front line is the safe way to go.

Adapting to Changes

Synergies TFT
Photo Credits: Riot Games

TFT is a dynamic game where adaptability is key Pay attention to what other players are building and adjust your strategy accordingly. Look for opportunities to counter their compositions or find synergies they are neglecting.

As for Carousel rounds, they occur at the start of each stage and allow you to select champions or items. For beginners, it is best to prioritise Champions that fit your composition or items that complement your champions’ abilities. Again, this goes back to our earlier point of managing and implementing synergies for your team of Champions.

Also, be sure to keep up with the updates that this game tends to release. These regular updates sometimes introduce new champions, traits, and balancing changes. Stay informed about these updates to stay ahead of the competition.

Look for External Resources to Improve

While we would say that in-game experience is the best tutor, sometimes looking at experienced players on streaming platforms like Twitch can help a lot. These players can open your eyes to new strategies and help you improve your decision-making skills.

And if you are uncomfortable facing real-life opponents, TFT features a practice mode that allows you to experiment with different compositions without the pressure of competition. Use it to refine your strategies and learn how different champions interact.

Teamfight Tactics is an engaging and strategic game mode that offers a unique experience within the League of Legends universe. It is a game that is constantly growing and you’ll need to keep playing to get better and hopefully, this guide has helped you out, one way or another. And remember, you can always enhance your TFT experience using our Riot Points Gift Card here!

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