A Beginner’s Guide to Wild Hearts

The Monster Hunter franchise holds some of the best video games out there. Unfortunately, these games do come to an end and there really aren’t many others that can take their place. Well, if you are a fan of those games, you really might want to give Wilde Hearts a try.

This is not to say that Wild Hearts is a direct substitute for the MH games but it has many resemblances to them. That said, Wild Hearts is a rather complex game and players who are new to the genre may face some difficulties.

Not to worry though, for this article, we will be taking a look at some beginner tips and tricks for Wild Hearts and hopefully, new players can have an easier time playing the game.


Let’s begin!


Training with the Bear

training bear

Diving into this game blind is the best experience, the thing is, there is a good chance that you might need to cope and adapt to the battle mechanics of the game. As such, you’ll need a training dummy to give you a general feel of how the attacks and combos work.

At your first camp, there is a big bear that you can train and test your attacks with. Training with the bear will get you accustomed to your attack time while also giving you an idea of your attack’s damage and range. That said, this training dummy isn’t exactly ideal to optimise your gameplay as real combat experience is needed to go the distance. Still, it’s better than nothing!


Play With Friends

play with friends

One of the best things about modern MH games is their multiplayer feature. Ganging up against titan-like monsters is a whole lot of fun. Plus, fighting with your friends makes your winning chance sky-high as you can coordinate your attacks more effectively.

This is the same with Wild Hearts. Taking down monsters together with your friends is what we strongly recommend if you want to beat the bosses easier. So, getting a reliable voice app like Discord is great for communicating and getting your orders across to your friends.

And if you want to upgrade your Discord experience even further, you can purchase the enhanced version of it, Discord Nitro here!


Use Your Hunter Arm

hunter arm

Resources are super important in Wild Hearts and Threads are up there because it is your gateway to upgrading your Karakuri.

If you keep your eyes open, you may have noticed that the monsters you are fighting have weak spots. Usually, players will just hit these spots, hoping to deal higher damage but actually, the main purpose of these spots is to give you Threads.

Whenever possible, use your Hunter Arm on these weak spots to get Threads for your upgrades. Make this action a habit and after a while, you’ll notice that you will have abundant resources to further upgrade your Karakuri.


Beware of Dying Monsters

low health

Great job! You’ve finally taken away 95% of the enemy’s health, victory is within reach but with one attack, you are in the grave. Yes, this will happen in Wild Hearts. Whenever they are cornered with low health, the monsters in this game will go crazy.

Always remember to be a little more defensive when you see the enemy in a low-health zone. These monsters will hit like a truck and they will use stronger moves more often. Therefore, try not to be too comfortable and always keep your toes even when you are winning.


Forge Multiple Weapons

forging weapons

Every weapon in this game is unique on its own with its own quirks. They are designed for different situations and having multiple offensive options with give your attacks more versatility.

Experiment with these weapons and see which of them suits your playstyle. Having the right weapon for you will make your gameplay go much smoother, giving you combat confidence. Upgrading and building your weapon differently is a good way to improve your gameplay as you will be given more options to approach a variety of enemies.


Invest in Your Tsukumo Companion

tsukumo companion

As we’ve mentioned above, this game is best played with a friend and even NPCs like the cute Tsukumo can really help you more often than not.

These mechanical buddies of yours can assist you for both offensive and defensive purposes. One of the most useful ways of using Tsukumo is having them aggro the monsters, allowing you to dish out more attacks safely. Defensively, Tsukumo is also great as a support with their Healing Mist and boost to your Thread storage capacity.


So there you have it! Hopefully, this beginner guide will help you ease your way through your first playthrough of Wild Hearts. If you fail during your first few attempts, do not get discouraged as with more experience, you’ll generally get better!