A Complete Guide to DOTA 2’s Muerta

We always love it when a MOBA game introduces a new hero. With the latest one being Muerta, a lot of players have been figuring out how to play her. Mostly played as a Carry, Muerta is a very powerful hero when played correctly. Problem is, she is new and players are still figuring out how to play her optimally.

Well, we’re actually figuring that out ourselves. Even so, we want to help newer players as much as we can. So today, we will be giving you a guide on how to play Muerta and how she can impact your DOTA 2 games.

Explaining Muerta’s Skills

Explaining Muerta's Skill
Photo Credits: Valve

Fortunately, Muerta’s skills aren’t as complicated when compared to heroes like Earth Spirit and Morphling. Either way, here’s a break of how each of her skills works and when best to use them.

Skill 1: Dead Shot

Dead Shot is a vector-targeting spell that serves both as a nuke and a disable. Ironically, this is Muerta’s most difficult skill to land because it will require some form of skill shot. Successfully casting this skill on an enemy will inflict a Fear status on the enemy, essentially cancelling their actions. This is very abusable during the laning stage and practising this skill is your first step to playing Muerta well.

Skill 2: The Calling

This AOE skill is very powerful, especially when used during team fights. Enemies that are caught inside it will have their movement and attack slowed. Plus, the revenants circling the skill will damage and silence them. So if they want to escape, they will most likely be hit by the revenants, taking damage and being silenced in the process.

Skill 3: Gunslinger

This is a passive ability that helps Muerta farms efficiently. Every time Muerta right-clicks a unit, there will be a chance for her to get an extra attack off. This ability complements items really well and is also one of the things that makes her viable as a Carry.

Ultimate: Pierce the Veil

Muerta’s final ability changes her into Etheral form where she gains extra damage and is immune to any physical damage. During this form, she is nigh unstoppable. If you build her correctly, she can take down squishy heroes in a matter of seconds. Plus, it has a really short cooldown of 45 seconds at level 3.

Building Her Correctly

Building Muerta
Photo Credits: Valve

Honestly, there are many ways you can build Muerta. However, there are some items that we feel are a must.

For starters, Maelstrom is an item that spikes up her farming potential immensely. This is because Maelstrom works really well with her third skill, turning her into a farming machine. Also, the added damage from Maelstrom is also pretty nice as it also allows her to join fights during the early and mid game.

And we cannot stress this enough. Always build a Black King Bar (BKB). This item is crucial for her survival. Once you turn both BKB and your Ultimate on, you are essentially invincible. The magic immunity also helps avoid being stunned during Pierce the Veil which then allows you to continue dishing out insane damage.

Other items to contemplate are Blink Dagger for mobility and Hurricane Pike for some cheap escape and extra attack range. Raw damage items like Daedalus and Monkey King Bar are also great on Muerta.

When to Fight and Not to Fight

When to Fight Muerta
Photo Credits: Valve

When it comes to MOBA games, knowing when to fight and when not to is a crucial thing. So the question is, when is Muerta’s timing and when should she get into the fray?

The best indicator is whether your team is at an advantage or not. If your team is snowballing, even having items like a Maelstrom or a Witch Blade makes you very viable in fights. It’s a great time to pile on the pressure and extend your team’s lead even further.

On the other hand, if you are playing from behind, being a little more conservative during fights can be a wise thing to do. Be sure to get your BKB up and running as soon as possible and play around with its timing. Once you have that golden item, you will have a significant power spike and then can you take fights more confidently.

Muerta’s Allies and Enemies

Allies and Enemies Muerta
Photo Credits: Valve

The best heroes to complement Muerta are heroes that can assist her in landing and dishing out damage. During the laning stage, Support heroes like Crystal Maiden that can slow and root the enemy making it easier for her to land her Dead Shot.

Besides that, Ogre Magi and support-styled Invoker can also increase her attack speed tremendously with Bloodlust and Alacrity. Once she activates her Pierce the Veil, a blood-lusted Muerta with Alacrity is going to hit like a truck.

As for her counters, beware of heroes that can disable her during her Ultimate. Heroes that come to mind are Outworld Devourer with his Astral Imprisonment and Bane’s Fiend’s Grip. Also remember, Nyx Assasin can kill her quite easily as she is a squishy Intelligence hero. A simple combo of Vendetta, Impale and Mind Flare can kill her in a flash.

Final Thoughts

So that’s pretty much it! Muerta is still a relatively new hero and right now she is pretty overpowered. And as much as we would like to say that this guide can help you be better with her, at the end of the day, it is the real in-game experience that counts. Keep playing and you’ll see yourself improve.
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