A Guide to All Characters in Gotham Knights

The Gotham Knights game is one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Everyone has been patiently waiting to get a look at the game, the characters you can play and the secrets you can unlock along the way.

We’re excited to announce that the game has dropped, and we have an amazing guide on all of the characters, their abilities, weapons and when to use them.

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Guide to Mastering All The Characters in Gotham Knights


Nightwing is a master of playing with others, but you can also play him solo. And he’s an agile character who will allow you to speed through the city as very few characters can. Once you learn about his abilities, you’ll see why we recommend Nightwing for multiplayer play.

Note: But if you just like the way Nightwing looks or his playstyle, he’s perfectly capable of being played solo.


Unique Abilities

Nightwing has quite a few unique abilities that you will need to master if you plan on playing him like a master. Momentum abilities are his speciality, along with:

  • Whirlwind: AoE that knocks enemies back
  • Elemental Shockwave: AoE that also knocks enemies back but also causes elemental damage


Keep in mind that the momentum abilities have an AoE effect.

When paired with the right skills and weapons, you’ll be more than happy with the agile gameplay of Nightwing.



Suit: Solve crime and puzzles with his mask. The mask comes equipped with augmented reality, so you can investigate the world in a new, exciting way.

Melee: If you’re jumping into close combat, you’ll use the escrima sticks that Nightwing uses. These are electrified, and they will be used in a variety of combat situations.

Ranged: When enemies are at a distance, you’ll use Nightwing’s wrist darts.

Crafting will help you get your hands on toxic darts, which will poison enemies and cause them to take damage over time.



You’ll have the option to choose a lot of skills to customize your character to the gameplay that you like best. The most popular skills are:

  • Evade chair
  • Aerial bounce
  • Revive darts


You’ll also want to look into the family ties, nest buffs and momentum regen. If you spend time picking the right skills, it will really help make playing Nightwing a lot more fluid.


Pros & Cons

  • Extremely agile
  • Rapidly switch between enemies
  • Awesome weapons to craft
  • Revive darts are game-changing
  • Traversal ability is clunky but allows for flying indefinitely
  • Excels as a supporting character when playing with others


When to use Nightwing

If you plan on playing multiplayer a lot, you’re going to love playing Nightwing. He’s agile, mobile and will hold his own with close-range combat. When paired with others, he can boost stats and move swiftly from one foe to another, helping to quickly dispatch them.



Batgirl is an iconic figure in Gotham, and you likely don’t need a major introduction to her character or what she’s about. However, her traversal is smooth, allowing her to travel Gotham in a similar way to Batman with her glide ability

However, she has a lot more to her than just this trait:


Unique Abilities

Some of the unique abilities that players will appreciate include:

  • Second Wind: When unlocked, you can revive your character to 50% after she has been knocked out. The ability really helps anyone playing solo and is a nice addition once unlocked.
  • Vigilante Resolve: An ability that allows you to use Second Wind twice.
  • Remote Hacking: She helps the Bat Family with her remote hacking, which gives her access to the entire city’s network of computers.


You can also get Second Wind+, which will add a 10% buff and add to your momentum.



Fists of fury is a good way to describe Batgirl because she will beat her foes down with her fists. You’ll also have access to her tonfa weapon, which we recommend that you upgrade.

Batgirl is powerful as is, but if you want to craft weapons for her, you may want to consider modular incendiary tonfa. These weapons, which are similar to fiery batons, will cause enemies to catch fire and take damage over time.

However, she has a few other neat items that you may want to consider crafting, including her overtime effect batarang, which does nice crit damage.



Beefing up Batgirl’s abilities is possible with the skills she can acquire. Remote Hacking is certainly something to consider because it’s one of her strongest abilities. You can hack into laser control modules, AR mode and even turrets and cameras.

Hacking is a skill that’s a lot of fun, but she does have others to consider, such as:

  • Critical Expertise, which adds to her chance to crit at a higher rate.
  • Beatdown is an ability that cannot be interrupted and will increase her defensive ability by 20% when activated. You can also upgrade the ability to interrupt armoured attacks.


Batgirl is the one character that is truly built to survive any situation that she finds herself in.


Pros & Cons

  • Insane survivability thanks to Second Wind
  • Awesome selection of outfits
  • Almost “overpowered” as a character
  • Drone is underpowered
  • Traversal lacks the fluidity of other characters


Batgirl is a character who has immense power, but the one thing that she has that doesn’t live up to the hype is her drone. Aside from the drone lasting for just 30 seconds, it’s also weak compared to other options.


When to use Batgirl

Batgirl is a strong character, and she truly excels when you play her solo. She does pair very well with Nightwing, but she’s very strong for solo players who want to kick off their shoes after a long day and jump into their own Gotham Knights game.


Red Hood

Red Hood is strong – really strong. However, he’s one of the characters that can really do damage with his pistols, yet he’s not uniquely stronger in all aspects. He might not live as long as Batgirl, but the damage output he offers makes him the strongest up-close and ranged damage dealer.


Unique Abilities

  • Human Bomb: A skill that allows you to turn enemies into a human bomb.
  • Large Grab: Empowers Red Hood to grab his enemies that have 50% or less health and throw them.
  • Focused Fire: Ideal for anyone who wants to remain ranged and do up to four times the damage with their shots.



Playing Red Hood means that you have access to an arsenal of weapons that you can use to take down foes, including:

  • Bombs, which can detonate when they’re shot with the pistol and attach to opponents that you throw.
  • Dual Pistols, which are a signature of Red Hood and fire non-lethal rounds.
  • Ranged Combat, fire non-lethal rounds to pin down foes and then beat them with your pistols.


Red Hood is a powerful character, but you can boost his power even further with gold pistols. These pistols are amazing and will pack additional cryogenic power. You will also love the overtime effect rounds, which are special bullets that offer a boost to health regen when evading.



Red Hood’s best skills are put into:

  • Human bomb
  • Large grab
  • Extended grab window
  • Focused fire
  • Mob justice
  • Iron grip


You’ll find that the skills you choose for Red Hood should match your gameplay. Focused fire is a ton of fun if you like to stay ranged and fire off rounds. However, it’s hard to overlook the human bomb element, which is just brutal.

Grab your enemies, throw them and damage everyone around the impact area.

For us, using the first three skills in this list is the best way to play, but it’s 100% up to you to play the way you want.


Pros & Cons

  • Overpowered and allows for pure destruction in Gotham Knights
  • Throw enemies like they’re nothing – it’s fun
  • Mystical rounds can deal a ton of damage to enemies
  • Mystical leap allows you to jump in mid-air as a traversal
  • No real complaints with Red Hood


When to use Red Hood

If you want to be overpowered, you’ll love the damage Red Hood can produce. He’s a true powerhouse who can be played solo and in multiplayer. In multiplayer, he can run in to finish off foes that his ally leaves behind for him.

Any player who just wants to run in and overpower their foes will love the unique skillset that Red Hood brings to the table.



Robin is the youngest of the group and is known for being a stealth specialist and somewhat of a tactical genius. However, he doesn’t have the power of Red Hook, although he’s a lot of fun to play and will be ideal for anyone who loves playing stealth.


Unique Abilities

  • Light Footed, an ability that is ideal for anyone who wants to sneak around. The ability allows you to move fast when crouched and also move around without making noise.
  • Cloak is an ability that further adds to your character’s stealth. The cloak will turn you invisible for ten seconds and is great when you need to find a way to escape.
  • Bo Spin, his best momentum ability, along with cloak. The ability allows you to get out of bad situations and inflict some damage on your enemies on the way out.



The iconic collapsible staff is what you’ll be using in Gotham Knights.

Robin will benefit from crafting the modular concussive Bo staff, which will stun enemies and allow you to unload on them. You’ll also love that there are multiple elemental slots included, which allow you to boost the power of the staff even further.

And if you like the “prankster” feel of Robin, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the cryogenic slingshot. The slingshot will help you keep your distance from enemies and will allow you to unload until an enemy freezes and you can perform massive attacks on them.



Robin has a lot of impressive takedown skills, which is what makes him such a special character to play. You’ll love:

  • Turnabout takedown which is a rapid takedown that can take any-sized foe down rapidly.
  • Vantage hanging takedown, where he performs an overhead takedown that suspends enemies from vantage points.
  • Slideway takedown is a fast way to take down any enemy that you cross paths with, but they need to be in sight to execute this skill properly.


When you play Robin, you’ll quickly find that he has few weaknesses when you play in stealth.


Pros & Cons

  • Offers the best stealth option in the game
  • Deals 20% additional damage if attacking from behind
  • Foes take longer to notice you, so you can explore and set up kills
  • Lacks the power of other characters


When to use Robin

Robin is a lot of fun to play, especially when you get his combos down. However, if you’re a fan of stealth gameplay and like to hide in the shadows when taking down your enemies, Robin is going to be the right character for you.


Crafting Considerations

Crafting weapons for your character will enhance their powers and is one of the elements of the game that helps you feel more invested in your character. While you don’t need to worry about crafting when you fire up the game for the first time, it’s definitely something you’ll want to explore shortly after.

Some of the best weapons in the game are crafted, and we’ve done our best to outline the best crafting options in Gotham at the time of writing this guide.

If you’re just starting out in Gotham Knights, we recommend reading through our Gotham Knights game guide to learn the ropes of the game. And if you’ve finished the game or are just bored with it and want to try out another superhero game, we have a lot of great options in our Superhero Series (Round 2) post.

Twitch and YouTube also have walkthroughs and game updates that you can follow.

We highly recommend checking on updates often, especially to learn if they nerf Red Hood, who is an immensely powerful character right now.